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  1. Bumping this. Hoping to get a resolution! 😀
  2. @Sly Ripper I lost my lifetime premium as well. I was one of the folks who donated when the site was still being built. I can provide a screenshot of the PayPal transaction if needed.
  3. thanks for the ac syndicate guide

  4. Do Luminous Visages carry over to NG+? I am nearing the end of my initial playthrough and I have all 16. Ideally, I'd like to get another 16 in NG+ and then use them all when I hit level 68. If they're going to reset though, I'll use them before I finish.
  5. I did "buy" the DLC and in the store it says installed for all of them. I have 100% completion on my save file, so I'd hope I'd be ready to access the new tombs! I saw your post on this, but when I go to addtional content, the only things I see are the Croft Edition Extras and the Digital Deluxe Edition Extras, neither of which I've purchased. It's like the PSN Store doesn't recognize that the DLC packs I purchased are for my version of the game. It's insane. I figured it out. My dad got me this for Christmas this past year, from Amazon. He accidentally bought me the UK version and not the US version. It finally hit me when I was looking at the cover and saw the PEGI rating. Ugh.
  6. I bought the season pass this morning and installed all of the DLC. However, none of it is showing up in-game. There are no new tombs or missions available on the map, and selecting the DLC tombs from the main menu gives me the message above. I've tried restarting the system, restoring my licenses, and playing offline. Nothing works. Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. This happened to me twice today. The issue seems to be if you die after a collectible before the auto-save occurs. When you respawn the collectible icon appears greyed out on the map, but the counter and percentage does not reflect it. EDIT: Confirmed that quitting and restarting the game fixed the issue.
  8. Score Attack in Rise of the Tomb Raider is just the latest example of a bullshit challenge mode that ruins a game.

    1. ddracarys


      Really, you didn't like it that much? I rather enjoyed Score Attack. I also had a relatively easy time fulfilling all of the requirements.

    2. simula67


      Most of the levels were easy enough, but I didn't have a great time with it. The Endurance co-op mode was far more fun to me.

    3. ddracarys


      @simula67 Oh for sure! Endurance was super fun! I thought it was really well done, and the fun just continues with another person at your side. I’d probably even go as far as to say that, Endurance was the funnest Multiplayer / Co-op mode I’ve ever played. Followed by The Last of Us’ Factions.

  9. Having finished the platinum in the original Wipeout HD, my thoughts are.... that you couldn't pay me enough money to attempt this platinum again.
  10. TFW Sony says the sale will go until "9AM PST" but then says, "Screw it, we'll end it a half hour early TROLLOLOLOL"

  11. 8 years ago, I earned my first platinum trophy in BioShock. Tonight I achieved a milestone:


    Platinum #200: BioShock Remastered.

  12. Friendly reminder that Clash in the Clouds is one of the worst DLCs ever.

    1. KingGuy420


      That it is lol. Normally I love the whole challenge maps thing but those weren't even fun.

    2. simula67


      There's just so many little things they could have done to make it better:

      1. Challenge select. Why do I have to play waves 1-14 just to get to 15 again?
      2. Blue Ribbon challenges fail because failure criteria aren't clear... this is infuriating when you have no idea why a challenge keeps failing, and then of course you have to replay most of arena to get a second chance because of #1
      3. The game sends you right into an arena from the lobby instead of the armory
  13. #197: Unravel. What a beautiful game. Hit me right in the feels.

  14. @Sly Ripper Are the rarity percentages calculated on page load, or are they saved in a database and updated every 24 hours or so? If it's the former, why not implement a user preference for how they want the percentage to be calculated? I'm guessing it's the latter and that's why this option has not been considered. This has always been a divisive issue on this site and it seems like the only way to make everyone happy is to let everyone choose what they want to see.
  15. #196: Telltale's Batman. Really liked how it intentionally messed with my predispositions towards characters and events in the DC universe. That said, I felt that the story really stumbled toward the finish line. The road to #200 continues. 

    1. StrickenBiged


      Nice one! Yeah, I agree with your little review. Pretty much my feelings about it - last two chapters felt really rushed from a story perspective. 

    2. Condemned09
    3. DamagingRob