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  1. Trophies for this seem straight forward... it will be the online trophies that might be the tricky ones. For those that are asking... Combo Trophy - Unless they changed it, the combo builds up by doubles... so 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, then Max I think, or 32 could be the max, the timing window was fairly relaxed, so finding a screen with alot of enemies will be no issue. Also... the original game had a 16x Combo trophy, which over 80% have obtianed. Secret Level - There is also one in PJS2, the level wasn't anything to bad, think it was partially time based (needing to progress through the level or you die), I did die alot, but that was from rushing too much or doing stupid things. If it's the same level, this won't be an issue.