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  1. One Punch is definitely missable.. Just beat the final boss and did not recieve it. Edit: You can still get the trophy post game by returning to the past. So its missable, but not completely missable lol.
  2. I wouldn't say the game ruins the value of platinums; only the profiles of the people that play it.
  3. Crate escape is absolute trash when it comes to time trials.. Cortex controls like ass. Multiple time boxes in that level are labeled wrong also. After grabbing a 2 second box the timer immediately starts afterward.
  4. Who skips a gen?
  5. Anyone experience Crash not Wall running during food run, despite jumping directly on the wall? This is the section where the trucks are moving towards you.
  6. First to platinum Call of Duty Ghosts on PS4. First person in the world to 99 attack at level 35 combat in Runescape. First person to FC Le Grange and a few other songs on Guitar Hero 3 with a standard controller. And a few others.
  7. That's what I do. I buy games that are awesome, and I achieve the trophies regardless of difficulty/rarity. Side note: in rock blocked and other chase levels, does the dinosaur destroy every single box?? Currently going for the perfect relic and wondering if I can afford to leave some boxes behind.
  8. That was my comment, and I'm sticking to it.
  9. Annoyed.. Depending on the time it takes to reach level 20, and the difficulty of said activities. Nothing I hate more than relying on other people.
  10. I agree with the others that mentioned this. The hitboxes on the polar section are an absolute joke. I've spent hours on Building Bridges. One box short several times.. Can't wait to be finished with this shit stain of a level. I'm excited to move onto the prehistoric world.
  11. Can't wait to start playing, but im not looking forward to the depth perception problem again >.>..
  12. How??? I've been refreshing since it showed up at 12am. Keeps saying unavailable.
  13. Trophies are not made so everyone can get them.. That is the whole point of the system. It is an achievement that requires effort. You're pretty much asking for a participation medal. Which should not exist btw.
  14. Could not agree more. I cant relate to buying games I dont like.
  15. This feature should never exist. Everyone would delete the games they weren't good enough to 100%, and everyone would have perfect profiles. Suck it up, and own the games you played, finished or not.