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  1. How??? I've been refreshing since it showed up at 12am. Keeps saying unavailable.
  2. Trophies are not made so everyone can get them.. That is the whole point of the system. It is an achievement that requires effort. You're pretty much asking for a participation medal. Which should not exist btw.
  3. Could not agree more. I cant relate to buying games I dont like.
  4. This feature should never exist. Everyone would delete the games they weren't good enough to 100%, and everyone would have perfect profiles. Suck it up, and own the games you played, finished or not.
  5. I've died twice already on the Patrol mission lmao... Idk if I'm missing something, or being too conservative with ammo or what. I "stealth kill" a runner, which alerts the others, so i lay down. Seems like every time I try to go prone they end up running into me thanks to Dina or whatever.. Maybe I just blow. Edit: Problem solved, I forgot stealth kill was triangle and not square. Crisis averted lol.
  6. Agreed. Deleting trophies is a complete joke of an idea. The entire premise behind trophies/achievements is to show what difficult (or non difficult) tasks you managed to complete during a game. The whole idea breeds a sense of competition, thats what it's all about. Everyone would just delete all of their games under 100%, so they have a perfect profile, thus masking their failures or ineptitude to complete tasks. This all just seems to fall under the same trend you see in the "real world". Everyone wants what everyone else has, for free. But that is a whole 'nother discussion.
  7. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the feature shouldn't even exist. Remove it from PSN entirely, problem solved. If you need to hide a game for whatever reason, oh well, make better choices next time.
  8. I havent even played the game, and I dont plan too. I dont understand the hype. Looks like something my 4 year old niece would enjoy. But to say that there is no luck involved at all seems completely foolish to me.
  9. Personally, the only time I ever have a backlog is when DLC comes out for my already finished games. It sounds obvious and maybe kinda stupid, but I only buy games that I know I will enjoy. I can usually tell based on trailers or sometimes pictures alone if the game suits me or not.
  10. Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
  11. That's strange.. Trophies are literally mentioned in the trailer for this DLC. Also, Sony made platinums easier for the exact reason of making their games accessible. They are very aware.
  12. Yea, I know about that unfortunately. I'll just never agree with it. They don't want to hurt sales. Gotta cater to everyone now days, I suppose.
  13. I only buy and play games that I know I'll like. I've never had a backlog and never plan too. I play a game until its finished, then move to the next. Quality over quantity for me.
  14. The Witcher 3. Seems like a really amazing game.
  15. I've been in the top 50 a few times. I managed to be the "First Achiever" on Call of Duty Ghosts for Ps4.
  16. Mortal Kombat, definately.
  17. Completely agree. Although unique, the multiplayer was a complete chore in the first game. Happy to see this Platinum is rid of online shenanigans.
  18. FF XIII was the first final fantasy game I ever played, followed by the rest of the series. So without any nostalgic fanboy bias, I think they were all great games.
  19. Any idea how difficult the Joustus feats will be? I've read the mini game is luck based.
  20. Awesome thread man, I like the short reviews you have of each game! I have a similar approach to my trophies. I also like to concentrate on 1 game at a time (pending DLC).