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  1. AX400 android from Detroit. It could do chores for me, giving me more time to play games. Until it becomes deviant and murders me..
  2. I would be interested, depending on the format.
  3. I want to thank @jemmie for hosting another holiday special. I really enjoyed the simple format and competing with a teammate. It gives me an excuse to binge trophy hunting for a few days. Hopefully there will be another holiday contest next year.
  4. @Cjshai's back must be tired from carrying his team the first 2 rounds.
  5. “The road of excess trophies leads to the palace of wisdom (and a spot in the semi-finals)..You never know what is enough trophies until you know what is more than enough.” ― William Blake, Proverbs of Hell and trophy hunting, 1789.
  6. Please sign me up. Any chance this will be a 2-man team tournament? @SxyRxy22 and I want to avenge our defeat in the 3rd annual holiday special. This year @Wdog-999 and @MrUnknown625 won't be able to hide behind their boosts to beat us.
  7. Sony InterKNACKtive Entertainment should produce a Virtual KNACKality game where the protagKNACKist discovers hidden talents which allow him to incorporate ice, metal, and other substances into his body, giving him new KNACKbilities from level to level. For example, he can incorporate more relics into his body as he finds them, which allows him to transform from a three-foot tall creature into a KNACKgantic KNACKing machine. Sounds like a fun VR KNACKxperience. I'm sure @ChernobylNinja (Chernobyl-KNACKja?) would play it.
  8. Not this weekend, but I may contact you in the near future to catch a ride.
  9. Can I get on the wait list for the next season?
  10. I love a good word find.
  11. I hope this comes to vita
  12. Fingers crossed for new trophies
  13. gotta love the flash sales.