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  1. Here is the list of games I finished for this contest. I will let the official scorekeepers decide the rarity and time multipliers. Mecho Tales (Vita) - (1170/1170) Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2 - (315/315) Doodle Kingdom (ps4) - (30/315) Murdered: Soul Suspect (ps3) - (1155/1155) Gone Home - (315/315) Wheels of Aurelia (NA) - (1140/1140) Syberia 2 - (315/315) The Deadly Tower of Monsters - (1140/1140) Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom - (1170/1170) The Sexy Brutale - (1140/1140) Planet of Eyes - (1140/1140) Uncanny Valley - (315/315) Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition (1200/1200) ICEY - (1140/1140) Doodle God (ps4) - (300/300) The Walking Dead: Season 2 (vita) - (1035/1035) Twin Robots (vita) - (1230/1230) Squareboy vs. Bullies (vita) - (1230/1230) The Wolf Among Us (vita) - (1155/1155) Dear Esther: Landmark Edition - (300/300) 36 Fragments of Midnight (ps4) - (1170/1170)
  2. That was exactly it. thanks. It looked as if it was downloaded and allowed me to start playing, but it was only about half way done. After it completely downloaded, it works.
  3. All options from the Main Menu are grayed out except for Quick Mode and Options. Within Quick Mode, I can only select Time Trial and Tutorial. I have tried deleting the game file and reloading it, but it didn't change anything. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
  4. Congrats to What's in a name anyway? Well done. We knew we were huge underdogs with the 3 boosts you had available, but we were going to go down fighting. It was a fun tournament, great competition, and another fun holiday special. Thanks Jem for putting together an awesome competition, looking forward to next year's event.
  5. Please add our team to the contest. Team: Fear and Ignorance hibpshman SxyRxy22
  6. Please sign us up TEAM Name:The Anti-Social Network Hibpshman SxyRxy22 REALDEAL_8 BurningKestrel
  7. Thank you jem12345 and MStalker58 for putting on another fun holiday special. I love the opportunity to trophy hunt competitively once a year. Unfortunately, I believe my score was miscalculated, and I should have a few hunderd points fewer than the posted score. I could be wrong with my calcuations, but I would not want to have the highest individual score if I didn't earn it. Congrats to the winning team, and I look forward to next year's event.
  8. Damn girl, it's a trophy hunting contest, not a forum posting contest.
  9. Please add me. Golden Game Suggestion: Magrunner: Dark Pulse
  10. Lord of the Rings: War in the North