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  1. Awesome! Thanks
  2. I picked this up on the PS4, with cross-buy on Vita. However, I can't find it on the Vita store. Anyone else have this problem or know where to look to download on Vita?
  3. I want to thank @ShogunCroCop for restarting the league and allowing me to participate. I really enjoyed the competition, especially with all that is going on in the world right now. It was a welcome escape from the stress and chaos of real life. Unfortunately, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are impacting my local community extremely hard. The effect on my work life and family life is going to prevent me from participating in the upcoming season, so @ShogunCroCop, please remove me from the upcoming season. I hope to participate again in the future, when life gets back to normalcy. Thanks, best of luck next season Well played @GTA_Darren. The final of the CWC was a fun 24 hours of gaming. Good luck next season.
  4. At the time of this post, I have 13,337 trophies and my opponent this fixture, @GTA_Darren, has 13,337 trophies.
  5. AX400 android from Detroit. It could do chores for me, giving me more time to play games. Until it becomes deviant and murders me..
  6. I want to thank @jemmie for hosting another holiday special. I really enjoyed the simple format and competing with a teammate. It gives me an excuse to binge trophy hunting for a few days. Hopefully there will be another holiday contest next year.
  7. @Cjshai's back must be tired from carrying his team the first 2 rounds.
  8. “The road of excess trophies leads to the palace of wisdom (and a spot in the semi-finals)..You never know what is enough trophies until you know what is more than enough.” ― William Blake, Proverbs of Hell and trophy hunting, 1789.