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  1. Looking great so far - might be my most anticipated game of the year.
  2. I used a shotgun and electronic grenades only and I have done this about 5 or 6 times, never used the launcher.
  3. #12 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Platinum Difficulty 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Holds up well enough for a 12-year-old game, some mechanics and enemy spawning can be frustrating, especially on Crushing or Brutal where you die in a few bullets. But this is the first Uncharted and should be played to make sense of the rest so I would recommend for that. Plus this can be platinumed in 10 hours.
  4. #11 Marvel's Spider-Man Be Greater Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I really enjoyed this game, the combat was fluid and you traversing the city was really fun and enjoyable. The characters were all rememberable, acting was top notch! The DLC also added a new villain and was also well done. I recommend this to anyone who likes 3rd person action games as well as comic book stories!
  5. Far Cry: New Dawn Conqueror Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 7/10 If you like Far Cry you will like this. Just more of the same albeit on a smaller scale. I believe this uses some of the Far Cry 5 map but set 10 or so years after the end of Far Cry 5 so some parts may look familiar.
  6. Saints Row IV: Re-elected Kingpin Difficulty 2/10 Enjoyment 6.5/10 The enjoyment of this would be an 8 or 9 if it was a 15-hour game but it takes about 25 hours to 100% it and a further 15 hours idling for the 40-hour trophy. The superhero stuff wears off after 10-15 hours at which point you are just mindlessly doing the side content but alas it was an easy platinum trophy and still fun for the most part - if you played 3, it uses the same map so some familiarity to the game.
  7. Watch Dogs 2 Graduation Day Difficulty 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 8.5/10 I got this straight after I got the platinum in the first game, I feel the environment, the gameplay is much better in this game but I enjoyed the seriousness of the story in the first game better. Overall I recommend this to play and the online trophies are still very much attainable in both games. I look forward to playing Watch Dogs Legion!
  8. Watch Dogs 100% Clear Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 7/10 I did enjoy my time with the game apart from grinding for the side missions as that just seemed to give you more for the sake of there being more! But I enjoyed the story and the game play and I am unsure why people hate the main character he seemed fine to me. Someone in his position is not going to be outgoing and bubbly! Onto Watch Dogs 2!
  9. I actually like that design, nice and sleek and easy to put on a desk. I am sure Senua's Sage will come to PC so I will look forward to that!
  10. Grand Theft Auto 3 King of Liberty City Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 6/10 Most of the enjoyment for this game comes from nostalgia, I remember playing this a lot when I was a kid, this game was a pioneer for opening world 3D games at the time but it has aged badly so I cannot recommend to new players unless you play on PC with some visual improvements.
  11. I haven't got traced yet but this is easily boostable, but as you can see I got the other online trophies last night and it took about 2 hours to get them all maybe 3 hours. It is still active, I can find a person to hack or tail in less than 30 seconds.
  12. Titanfall 2 is an excellent game, I recently platinum'd it and recommend to anyone who likes fast paced shooters!
  13. Dathomir was a nightmare to go back to and get the collectibles!
  14. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Difficulty was a 3/10 but enjoyment was an 8.5 / 10. I did like the game, it combines a few tricks and ideas from other games such as Dark Souls, God of War, Uncharted and has many skills you can unlock and abilities in a metroidvania style where you go back to unlock items you couldn't before. Without spoiling the story I found it great, I enjoyed all the characters and the character building, you actually care about the people here and can interact and talk with them whilst not on a mission. There were a few bugs and glitches as well as freezing on a certain planet but this will not affect my enjoyment too much. Overall I would recommend this to any Star Wars fans!
  15. Not on PS4 but I got No Man's Sky on launch and that was terrible on PC but I heard it's a lot better now. I am very picky about games I buy so I don't tend to play many terrible games.