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  1. I finally got it using Copanele's ground based throw strategy. I tried the jumping strategy from the trophy guide, but he would randomly catch me with an anti-air. After about 45ish attempts, I switched to the ground one, and got it after about 9 more attempts. Dang ol' Guilty Gear superbosses.
  2. Mine was quite late (latest so far): #2,576 for Bloodborne. I didn't even really start platinum hunting until the pandemic started; I got my 10th platinum in late March of last year, and currently have 66.
  3. It's good to know that it's still working. I'm at 85/99 skills right now, so probably just more grinding for me. EDIT: It ended up being 97 skills for me.
  4. The platinum is going to be longer to get. I'm working on getting "Padded Resume" for the platinum, but it's now changed to "get the original 74 skills". "Working from Home" added 25 more skills, and they are all mixed into the purchase pool, so there's a decent chance, based on luck, that you'll have to get all 99 skills. That's if the trophy isn't bugged; no one's received it since before the update release.
  5. I was able to get really lucky on my 6th or so solo survival run attempt. The first 5 I died to the first boss. Using the typewriter and iron sentinel, I just barely beat the bell-spear dude in Yaesha. However, around the 3 wave, I was able to get two pieces of Leto and the nightmare spiral, and I was basically able to outheal damage dealt to me for the rest of the game, especially once I got the third leto piece and the alchemist's jewel. Hot shot/beam rifle definitely helped too. Again, while the item pool does seem to be somewhat limited, I got really lucky to get what I did as early as I did.
  6. I played this for a while after it came out, and started it again recently to play with a friend. I rolled a new character to play with them, and I found out that the scrap count for the scrap-based trophies is cumulative across characters, as I got the 200,000 scrap trophy on my new character, who definitely hasn't found that much yet. Does this work with traits too? If I find traits on my new character I don't have on my old, will they both count towards the 30 needed? Or does it need to be 30 traits on one character?