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  1. Basicly title, I have about 24 achievements unlocked on Fall Guys (epic games launcher) including Infallible. Can I login with this account on Ps4 and get the already unlocked trophies or how does this work?
  2. Afterbirth+ has a reset button (L3+R3)
  3. Afterbirth (not afterbirth+) adds Greed mode, putting ~800 coins in the greed machine gives the lost Holy Mantle on spawning. This gives u another hit in every room. The downside to having Afterbirth is having to do all of greed mode + The keeper (I hate this character) So you need to choose between restarting a million times on The Lost for a good start (Rebirth) or Having to do Greed mode+keeper aswell. (Afterbirth) or Having to kill Delirium+Ultra greed+all other stuff (Afterbirth+) I personally recommend Getting Afterbirth first then completing the game on Afterbirth and if u do, buy Afterbirth+. Afterbirth+ is harder than Afterbirth.
  4. Might want to hold onto it as the brutal difficulty is only glitchable with the physical copy iirc.
  5. Cyberpunk is probably my only pre-order this year. Also my first one since Horizon Zero Dawn actually.
  6. 100% on the uncharted remastered games.
  7. Best method for Matriarch is solo/normal/4waves and rushing the boss, leave if not Matriarch. Skipping trading pods (when done shopping) in menu with triangle speeds it up. Took me 4 tries. I saw on Youtube that the pc version of KF2 can predict the boss with console access. But I have no clue how to acces the console on PS4.