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  1. Is there a method that any of you guys used to obtain this trophy? I completed the whole story and I am on 10min out of 30min for the Iron Lung trophy. So is there a way that you could farm or cheese this trophy?
  2. PS2 (2006-2010) PC (2010-2017) PS Vita (2017-Now) PS4 (2017-Now)
  3. I rarely get angry if I can't get a trophy at a game because most of the time it's just the lack of your skill! I would just try on improving myself or takes a short break from the game No need to be smashing controllers or destroying TVs 🤗
  4. Do you know if the glitch still works tho?
  5. Actually tell you how many hours you've spent playing a game just like how Steam does it
  6. Mine updates fine but they keep asking if I am a bot
  7. this game is ass period.