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  1. I played my first playthrough without guide and spoiler, it was absolutely great game. However, when I compared with the Heavy Rain I liked the Heavy Rain a bit more. B2S platinum road was really grind and boring ( especially playing again the Navajo ) but I am still willing to play it again on ps3. I didn't play Detroit Become Human yet. I hope it will be more enjoyable.
  2. #59 - BEYOND: TWO SOULS™ MASTERCollected all trophies! Difficulty : 2/10 Enjoyment : 10/10 (first playthrogh) Platinum Enjoyment : 1/10 Time : Around 40 hours There is no doubt that it was great game, I wanted to play my first playthrough without guidance and spoiler but some trophies were starting to get really boring because of many repetittions. Anyway, I'm going to play it again on ps3.
  3. All Endings... Saw all endings. 16 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 7.53% VERY RARE Teammates Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden. 15 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 27.88% UNCOMMON Portal Shutdown Successfully shut down the condenser portal. 14 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 53.45% COMMON Stealth Apprentice Completed all stealth training without being spotted. 13 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 46.59% UNCOMMON Possessive Spy Finished the mission using only the Sheik. 12 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 16.12% RARE Houdini Got arrested three times and escaped each time. 12 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 11.19% RARE Beyond : Two Souls painful trophies are over. A few steps left for platinum. 😑
  4. I did everthing like trophy guide for saved all trophy and after the last ending finished, trophy didn't pop up. I turned off the ps4 and watched the epilogue again the next day, trophy poped up, fyi.
  5. RPG is indispensable for You. 👏
  6. Trackmaina Turbo it seems very precious & shiny platinum.👏
  7. Saved All Saved every character that could be saved. 12 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 10.86% RARE Chose Afterlife Entered the Infraworld. 12 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 14.29% RARE Beyond : Two Souls There is no doubt it's a great game but the way of platinum is really troublesome.
  8. Metro Last Light (Ps3) Willpower and now %100 completion the tower pack dlc was really tough.
  9. #54 My Name is Mayo 2 #55 Slyde
  10. #53 Platinum Trophy ( Metro Last Light) PS3 ( Ultra Rare 4.13%) Completion: %72 Difficulty : 4 Enjoyment : 7 Time : Around 24 hours When I bought the game 3 years ago, I had no idea why I waited to play this game but it's become more meaningful to play in the pandemic conditions we're in. The game has outstanding story. The difficult situation for me was moving forward without killing any human rather than surviving.(Shadow Ranger Trophy) I wonder if I killed someone or not over 31 chapters in the game, it was a bit stressful but it was nice to get it in my first playthrough. Your first or second playthrough will be almost entirely dedicated by following a guide for Shadow Ranger and Redemption trophy. Beyond the collectible items, many trophies can be collectible with chapter selection. I've no idea about dlc part but I need to forget this game for a while to complete %100. I am not ready for now to play in Ranger Hardcore lol.
  11. My ps3 list on process : NBA 2K12 ( %20) - max will be %66 (mp unobtainable) PES 2012 ( %27) - max will be %88 (mp unobtainable) THE LAST OF US (%33) - max will be around %60 (mp unobtainable) GUITAR HERO METALLICA (%37) - not sure about max percantage (mp unobtainable) GUITAR HERO WARRIORS OF ROCK ( %72) - not sure about max percantage (mp unobtainable) PES 2015 ( %85) - I missed one online trophy, it will be around %97 :/ CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS ( %57) - will be %100 SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV (%50) - can be %100 but it is really hard. METRO LAST LIGHT ( %64) - will be %100 not started but I've plan to start : HEAVY RAIN SONIC UNLEASHED PROTYPE 2 BEYOND TWO SOULS after receiving all the trophies that can be obtaianble, my ps3 can be retired, but it will never close due to super street fighter IV. lol
  12. Uncharted 4 There is a treasure master trophy buggy so I am not willing to play again from beginning for all treasures right now.
  13. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood You need to get just a few online trophies for your platinum. I hope you will also enjoy mp. Great profile, good luck.