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  1. I need to talk with You for this way 😐 @TheCrimsonJoker Battleborn 👏
  2. Driveclub (%100) I wish I could get dlc on time.
  3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 5 in a row ? pff imo you can play this game just for fun , no need for this grind trophy.
  4. Platinum #62 : Thief (PS4) 5 years ago, I got platinum the game on ps3 and I missed this game so much so decided to play again on ps4. Although a lot of people found the game bad and boring, it was really fun for me. This game reminded me again what attention and patience really mean. it's never a difficult game, but it's your decision to show that patience for platinum lol.
  5. Modesty Denied Score an epic 5,000,000 or more in a Challenge Map 2 hours ago in Thief 4.53% ULTRA RARE Something to Prove Finish the game with a custom difficulty of 700 points or more 22 hours ago in Thief 4.51% ULTRA RARE Hard Times Finish the game on Master difficulty 22 hours ago in Thief 6.54% VERY RARE Moral Victory Finish the game without a single kill or knockout 22 hours ago in Thief 5.09% VERY RARE This will be my second time platinum for Thief and I have only one missing trophy that more heist less speed. I must play 15 hours or keep the game open. Well, who will wait 15 hours ? lol
  6. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 It sounds like a tough game.👏
  7. The Last of Us Part II I am waiting for discount to buy it 😑
  8. #61 : Heavy Rain (PS3) When I first played this game in August 2020, it had a strange effect on me. I'm happy to finish it again, it was great to watch all the endings, to see different endings, the game gives you very different emotions. (not recommended for trophy hunting)
  9. Medal of Honor : Frontline 👏
  10. #60 : Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End. One Last Time Collect All The Trophies I really wanted one of my milestones to be this game but I didn't think it would be so painful. For treasuremaster trophy, I had to play the digital version twice for treasue master, a chain of bugs that still haven't been fixed and haven't updated the game. I played it also three times for speedrun, this was my bug lol. D 4: A THIEF'S END
  11. Treasure Master Find all Treasures 14 hours ago in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 14.25% RARE this masterpiece game started to be troublesome because of bugs and missing updates.(Digital copy) I attempted to this trophy two times and had no trophy. Thanks to God, there is only speedrun trophy for the platinum. I'm starting to see Nathan Drake more than my colleagues, so that's enough. This relationship will end with platinum.
  12. COD MW3 👏
  13. I played my first playthrough without guide and spoiler, it was absolutely great game. However, when I compared with the Heavy Rain I liked the Heavy Rain a bit more. B2S platinum road was really grind and boring ( especially playing again the Navajo ) but I am still willing to play it again on ps3. I didn't play Detroit Become Human yet. I hope it will be more enjoyable.
  14. #59 - BEYOND: TWO SOULS™ MASTERCollected all trophies! Difficulty : 2/10 Enjoyment : 10/10 (first playthrogh) Platinum Enjoyment : 1/10 Time : Around 40 hours There is no doubt that it was great game, I wanted to play my first playthrough without guidance and spoiler but some trophies were starting to get really boring because of many repetittions. Anyway, I'm going to play it again on ps3.
  15. All Endings... Saw all endings. 16 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 7.53% VERY RARE Teammates Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden. 15 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 27.88% UNCOMMON Portal Shutdown Successfully shut down the condenser portal. 14 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 53.45% COMMON Stealth Apprentice Completed all stealth training without being spotted. 13 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 46.59% UNCOMMON Possessive Spy Finished the mission using only the Sheik. 12 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 16.12% RARE Houdini Got arrested three times and escaped each time. 12 hours ago in Beyond: Two Souls 11.19% RARE Beyond : Two Souls painful trophies are over. A few steps left for platinum. 😑