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  1. # 131 - Those Who Remain (PS4) Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 5 / 10 (Those Who Remain is a thriller that is set in a place called Dormont, as the game begins your control a character called Edward and everything looks like a completely normal day but it's soon revealed that the town is cursed by a demon, which has shrouded everything into darkness. You play from a first person perspective trying to piece together what happened whilst you look for an escape, along the way you have to solve puzzles i.e. finding keys, doorways to a parallel dimension to progress your search. Every location also has a person who is trapped due to the crime they caused, you listen to their story when reading notes found around the levels and it's your decision whether they should be 'Forgiven' or 'Condemned', naturally this creates multiple endings based on your choices. Overall is was borderline okay, the story was interesting to learn more about in parts but other areas or certain puzzles felt really unnecessarily long. Thankfully if you make a save backup after reaching Mark's House, you can at least use this save to skip the first few areas for when you going for the different endings 😃) Time Taken - 1 Days 1 Hour 28 Mins # 132 - Chronos: Before The Ashes (PS4) Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 7.5 / 10 (Chronos is a souls-borne like game set before the events that occurred in Remnants: From The Ashes, you play a hero that is tasked with saving their home from a great evil. Now when I noticed this game a few months back I just thought it was other adventure RPG that was inspired by Dark Souls, it wasn't until I started playing when I soon realized the game was actually made my the same devs as Remnant: From The Ashes cause it had the same crashed boat beginning and red crystals! I was just like "Ohh! Well damn what the chances I never twigged before 😂 As you progress through the game you will find hidden weapons and elemental stones whilst you explore the areas, all weapons can be upgraded using Dragon Shards that have a chance of dropping from mobs you kill. There is four main stats to rank up each time you gain a level, Strength / Agility / Arcane / Vitality. Eventually you will begin finding and fighting the bosses, to be honest they were pretty decent and on Heroic difficulty a few can cause you a problem, looking at you Dreamer! 😅 Overall I was happy with how it played out in the end, it's still not as good as Remnant: From The Ashes but still I solid little game to play through. If you play on Heroic straight away and find everything on your first run, the second play through will be just a breeze to complete.) Time Taken - 3 Days 22 Hour 20 Mins (Two play through's required, one on Heroic and another for cleanup trophies)
  2. # 129 - Eldrador Creatures (PS4) Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 6.5 / 10 (It's basically a very simple form of a turn based game, you choose between four realms which determines your choice of creatures. You play through very small battles one by one until you have conquered one realm and you continue this until you have completed all of the realms, along the way you'll collect miniatures from packets that you obtain by successfully winning battles. Overall the game was pretty chilled out, which was simple yet nice in a way after some of the annoying games I've played recently. The only reason I grabbed it was cause it reminded me of collecting mini figures from my local newspaper shop when I was younger, I would only try it if you find it cheap enough, for me it felt nostalgia in a way and made me think of when I collected magazines each week/month! ) Time Taken - 1 Days 21 Hours 23 Mins # 130 - Battlefield V (PS4) Difficulty - 4 / 10 (Everything is pretty straight forward, trying to destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with an airplane is another matter! This almost drove me insane, constantly leaving people on <5%HP was rather annoying to say the least If it wasn't for the 'Death From Above' trophy then this would easily be a 2 for difficulty. Enjoyment - 8.5 / 10 (I'm a big fan of the Battlefield games, the online chaotic playground is just for me personally unmatched. I picked it up on launch with the early access stuff and had great fun coordinating on attack / defending, crazy tactics to clear out areas or remove a vehicle from the field. Overall I would definitely say give it a go, it's much more fluid now and there is some really good maps to choose from. The only thing that stopped me from achieving this platinum earlier was the 'Death From Above' trophy as mentioned above, now i'm not great in the air as I do prefer ground combat but i'm soooo glad that it's finally done! 😌 Another Battlefield plat to the collection, looking forward to BF6! 😀) Time Taken - Way too long 😂
  3. # 127 - This Is The Police 2 (PS4) Difficulty - 3 / 10 Enjoyment - 7.5 / 10 (Came into this game not really knowing much about it other than it was a blend between a Police sim and I saw a few images of what looked like some turn based combat. Overall the game was fairly decent, especially considering the price. The story was okay but needed improvement, but the tactical missions was a lot of fun and it's a shame there was only like 12 of them. I would personally say the most enjoyable part about this game was planning out the missions and coordinating the cops to take down gang members and criminals, you have at your disposal a wide array of item such as flash grenades / baton / shocker / stun gun / pepper spray and great perks such as 'Freeze Buddy!' to safely incapacitate offenders or you can choice to run and gun the missions, though I wouldn't advise it! 😅) Time Taken - 1 Week 3 Days 8 Hours # 128 - Oninaki (PS4) Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 8 / 10 (Never heard of this game until I picked up online and I'm glad that I did because the story was so interesting, yet had many plot twists of which I didn't see coming! Overall I would say that it was a great game, the action RPG combat felt smooth, the variety of Daemons was nice to see as they all offer different skills and play styles of which you can swap to at anytime. The soundtrack and visuals was so beautifully made for this game, pair that with the platinum image that looks so well made! 😊 The only downfall this game had was the post game content, once you finish the game they open up a new area to explore which sounds great to begin with, until you realize that it's just a dungeon with 101 floors! 😨) Time Taken - 1 Week 5 Days 8 Hours
  4. # 125 - WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania (PS3) Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 6.5 / 10 (I was a big fan of the old school WWF especially the Wrestlemania events, so when I saw this game I thought that it would be great to re-experience some of the past events that I use to watch back on VHS...ahh makes me feel old saying that format 😂 Overall the game was pretty decent for it's age but very simplistic at it's core. There was a few annoying moments in the relive events when attempting to recreate special moves using the surrounding environments as things got buggy, for example trying to use the ring side canvas to grab a chair or something simple like grabbing a water bottle from the commentators table that was only useable for a brief who came up with that rule! 😩) Time Taken - 3 Days 4 Hours 45 Mins # 126 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PS3) Difficulty - 2.5 / 10 Enjoyment - 8 / 10 (I enjoyed the films based around Wolverine, I believe he has a great backstory and provides some great visceral combat due to his Adamantium claws, so naturally when I saw this game I had to pick it up. It's a hack 'n' slash styled gameplay and it be honest considering it came out in 2009, this game surprisingly felt very well put together and I would even state it's close to being on God of War 1 / 2 level! Overall I enjoyed playing it for the first playthrough, the second run on Hard wasn't really necessary as it felt no different then normal. Ah well it's done now and it has one great platinum image! 😃) Time Taken - 1 Week 2 Days 15 Hours (One full playthough on Normal mode / Clean-up of any remaining miscellaneous trophies including a tad bit of a grind to master reflexes and get the remaining upgrades. Finally one full run on Hard for the last trophy )
  5. - 100% Borderlands 3 w/ All Downloadable Packs - Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 9 / 10 (I platinumed the base game within the first two weeks of the launch and I processed to ticked off each of the DLC packs as they were made available to download, but...when they decided to make the Season Pass 2 I was pretty disappointed to find that they locked the additional skill trees behind a paywall! 😒 Recently for the first time the second Season Pass went on sale and I bite the bullet and brought it just because I love my Borderlands games. After completing the content I was kinda left with a mixed reaction, because I was delighted to finally have the 100% again but the dlc wasn't worth a single penny and I wouldn't recommend the Season Pass 2 if you don't want the 100% )
  6. - 100% Jetpack Joyride Deluxe ( PS4 / Vita version) - Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 4 / 10 (I thought this was the original PS3 / Vita version of which I was trying to 100%, but I soon realized it wasn't 😰 It was at this moment I knew it created an additional trophy list!) Time Taken - 1 month and 2 weeks (Would have been completed earlier but obtaining the 10 daily prizes was a pain to say the least, it requires 50 real time days to get! )
  7. # 123 - Monster Jam: Steel Titans (PS4) Difficulty - 2.5 / 10 Enjoyment - 6.0 / 10 (Went into this never playing a Monster Jam game before, I expected it to be chill but the head to head races were pretty annoying cause without a perfect start the A.I just raced ahead even with a fully upgraded vehicle. After playing the game for a few days straight my R2 finger started to get strained due to the amount you had to hold the button down, so I decide to play the rest of the game via remote play on my Vita and I wish I did it sooner cause you only have to use the top right of the screen to accelerate completely making it less of a chore I highly recommend doing it this way if you encounter any fatigue in your wrist or finger!) Time Taken - 1 Weeks 4 Days (Would have been completed earlier but having to grind out the same old Rhythm race just to make 1.4k every 30 secs was utterly boring ) # 124 - Remnant: From The Ashes (PS4) Difficulty - 4 / 10 Enjoyment - 9 / 10 (I have been being to purchase this game since it launched, i'm always down for anything souls-borne styled! So when it was given away with PS+ I was delighted and got started as soon as I finished with Monster Jam. I never played it in coop but I could definitely see it being fun with friends, even solo I enjoyed my time playing.) Time Taken - 1 Weeks 2 Days (Two full playthrough's of the base game, two runs of the Subject 2923 DLC and a few adventure runs of Earth for armor and miscellaneous items for NPC's. I am finally done with the platinum and I enjoyed it from start to finish, would recommend giving it a go if you would like to experience a souls-borne game but with ranged weaponry instead of melee.)
  8. - 100% Jetpack Joyride (Original PS3 / Vita version) - Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 6 / 10 (It was a fun little game to begin with, but once you realize that you need to play plenty of times until all items have been obtained...then it starts to drag on) Time Taken - Too long (Re-downloaded this about a month ago from my vita list and played most days for the first 2 weeks until boredom kicked in! 😅 but you could easily do faster if you don't mind playing nothing else 😨)
  9. I would pick: Table of Tales The Crooked Crown - Kingdom Come Deliverance - - Divinity: Original Sin - or
  10. # 121 - Uncharted Golden Abyss (Vita) Difficulty - 5 / 10 Enjoyment - 8.5 / 10 (It's another great addition to the Uncharted franchise, so glad I did return to finish it but like others have stated before it's definitely the easiest of the Uncharted games to beat on crushing difficulty) Time Taken - Too long (I accidentally played on normal forgetting you need to play hard first to unlock crushing, so I had to play the game three times! Ah well it was still a good time ) # 122 - Ziggurat (PS4) Difficulty - 7 / 10 Enjoyment - 7.5 / 10 (Would have been higher as I like roguelike games, but the luck dependent needed to beat hard kinda drained me near the end 😰) Time Taken - 2 Weeks 3 Days (The playtime dragged on whilst attempting to finish a run on Hard difficulty. If your attempting to complete this game on hard definitely play Seer, the extra levelling he gains provides more chances of getting the really good perks to beat the game)
  11. Hello MMDE, thank you for your post concerning this flagged game. I completed 15 different missions with all stars but suffered a system freeze right as I was finishing mission 15 that glitched the 'Professional' trophy, I did check my in-game data in Spec Ops after seeing that the trophy didn't unlock and was confused to see that indeed I had earned all stars across 15 different missions. I carried on playing Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops mode straight away in hope that completing more missions with all stars would help to fix the bugged trophy, but it didn't. A few hours later I had finished the remaining 8 missions with all stars giving me a total of 69 stars and to my surprise the glitched 'Professional' trophy decide to unlock with the 'Star 69' trophy. I fully understand that it looks suspicious that both trophies unlocked at the same time, I would kindly appreciate if this game could be unflagged as this whole situation was due to a glitched trophy from a system crash.
  12. kRiZz_93 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I am guessing this is being flagged due to the trophy 'Professional' and 'Star 69' being obtained next to each other. <br /> <br /> Back in 2012 I had obtained roughly 35 of the stars, I then left the game unfinished and later returned in 2019 where I got the star count up to 45 which is where I was suppose to unlock the 'Professional' trophy for earning 3 stars in 15 different spec ops missions, but not long after completing the mission my PS3 completely locked up on me. <br /> <br /> Once I finally got my system back up and working properly I noticed that the trophy didn't pop, yet the mission list in-game was showing 3 star completion. At this point I was left confused on what to, I decided to carry on and hope the missing trophy would proc after completing the next mission with 3 stars but to no avail it didn't fix the issue. It wasn't until earning all 69 Stars that made the missing 'Professional' trophy unlock, which is way it looks like they was obtained within 10 secs of each other.<br /> <br /> I hope this helps to resolve the flagged game.
  13. # 119 - Need For Speed: Heat Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 8.5 / 10 (Better than NFS: Payback in terms of everything and on par with NFS:Reboot but with alot more content to play) Time taken - 1 Week 4 Days 2 Hours # 120 - Colour Guardians Difficulty - 3 / 10 Enjoyment - 7 / 10 (Reminds me of playing Guitar Hero, only difference is there are less colours and its side scrolling camera) Time taken - Too long haha! Took me just over 3 years to return to this game, had to wipe off some dust from my Vita it's been in my draw that long 😂 Technically not a platinum, but still nice to finish off the 100% for that completionist-itch - 100% Completed Games - Borderlands GOTY (PS4) Welcome Park (Vita)
  14. #116 - Terminator: Resistance Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 6 / 10 (Surprisingly decent compared to Terminator: Salvation) Time taken - 2 Days 2 Hours #117 - Aces of the Luftwaffe: Squadron Difficulty - 4 / 10 Enjoyment - 5 / 10 (Probably would have been more if it wasn't for the unnecessary grind for the skill points) Time taken - 1 week 2 Days #118 - Star Wars: The Jedi Fallen Order Difficulty - 2 / 10 Enjoyment - 8 / 10 (Total blast to play through, just wish they didn't add so many tediously hidden collectibles) Time taken - 5 Days 2 Hours
  15. #115 - The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep Difficulty - 4 / 10 Overall enjoyment - 7.5 / 10 A surprisingly enjoyable game considering I had never heard of it until I picked it up. Reminds me of an old school CRPG blended with a turn based styled combat. The game also allows for a grid based movement similar to a game like Legends of Grimrock, which was a great addition as I found your character seems to move faster in this mode compared to being in the free movement setting that the game defaults you to. Overall the game was good, with the odd exception being when the game's audio broke or completely crashed and that was only partially due to me going a tad too fast for the game 😂 Time taken to complete - 1 Day 3 Hours