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  1. Happy birthday! 😄

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I'll just tag along on this. 


      Happy birthday!

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Happy birthday! :) 

    4. MidnightDragon


      Happy birthday!

  2. None of the souls games are hard so that doesn't mean much, people really need to stop comparing dying a lot equals automatically hard.
  3. When I was playing Resonance of Fate on the PS3 it corrupted my save file and PS3, I had to delete everything on it 🙃
  4. Equipment is very important so you'll need to have the highest tier available to you at the time and accessories, they can prevent being frozen or give the "protect" thing more health. Basically you a actually need to start learning about everything available to you, only other thing you can do it watch Youtube guides.
  5. It's not an awful year in gaming, there's plenty of good games which have came out but you're only looking for Triple A games so there's your problem.
  6. I hate to break it to you but just because someone doesn't have said game on their trophy list doesn't mean they've never played the game. I've put in over 1000+ hours into Nioh since I adore the game, so I would say I have a pretty good understanding of the game along with what is required for the main game and all the DLC. I never said the game was hard, I said those who go for the easiest build because they looked it up find it difficult when they actually play the game. They're not playing the game for themselves but instead are just reading up what to do exactly, therefore never learning the game properly. You aren't losing 100 hours of progress just because of something getting nerfed, you can still use the build but it does slightly less damage or the abilities are weaker, that's it. Most games get updates to balance equipment, it's not a rare thing to happen. If you expect games to stay exactly the same, especially with DLC involved, then you probably shouldn't play those games.
  7. They nerf the game due to people abusing certain builds which they may have overlooked and the fact equipment may be unbalanced when the DLC eventually comes out, I never had a problem with the updates in Nioh. The only people who ever complained about them are those who found the game too difficult afterwards and couldn't just read up the easiest build to go with anymore, they actually had to play the game and that's a big no no in their eyes so they make threads like this.
  8. That's amazing! I was thinking about getting a switch and this would be one of the top games I'd buy but I'm more than happy to get it on PS4, Cooking Mama was such a great series to play as a kid.
  9. [Final Fantasy X] I'm getting closer to being done with the game! I have almost four people fully maxed out but now that everything is filed in it doesn't take as long, Kimahri will of course be last to finish. Then all I need to do is beat Nemesis, watch Eternal Calm and dodge 200 lighting bolts. Out of everything I wasn't expecting the lighting bolts to be my last trophy, I'm not even sure how my younger self did it but alas I will put myself through the pain again :lol:

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Congratulations on your progress.  We all believe in you :)


      Not sure if you are aware, but there is a spot on the Thunder plains that allows you to guarantee a lightning strike, and thus makes reacting to it much easier.  


    3. LucileRosethorn


      @Arcesius He doesn't have his own path and is pretty useless, I never used him. I'm sowwy 😅 But seriously I generally don't like blue mages in Final Fantasy games and unfortunately he got that job, he also doesn't have any importance to the story so he really does get pushed to the side.


      @Sir_Bee Thank you very much! I did know about the spot and have given it an attempt but I get too excited once I hit near 50 so then I get hit, I'm trying to only counts in 10s to try and stop that from happening. 

    4. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Hope your quest to the finish line is both fun and fulfilling :D 

  10. I have and wondered if that was the cause, is there any way to fix that?
  11. I've made a custom list but there seems to be an issue for me. Two of the games in this list are Killzone Shadow Fall and Final Fantasy IX but for some reason it has a trophy percentage, killzone is at 26% while FFIX is at 1% even though I haven't got these games on my profile at all.
  12. I've been thinking about getting PSNow for awhile now, ever since they dropped the price but I am curious of one thing. If I do get it, would a friend then be able to download now games and play them on his account? Or is it purely locked to the account which brought it?
  13. Really wanted a new game from the current Japan Sale so I decided to get Persona 5 Ultimate Edition. I could have gotten the game long ago but I really wanted the costumes, I'm not the biggest fan of the music so any chance to change it was great for me. xD

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Definitely a good choice.

  14. [Final Fantasy X] The journey to the platinum is getting shorter and shorter. I mainly just have filling out the sphere grid with a couple of other things such as beat the game, five more blitzball matches and kill all the special monsters in the arena but I'm kinda shocked how quickly the game has gone. I really have enjoyed the game and It's one of those instances I'm sad that it has to come to an end, I have X-2 so at least so there's that. Oh also, while I was farming some kills for Wakka in the calm lands I got the trophy for killing Penance so I don't have to kill any Dark Aeons besides Valefor for the Jecht sphere. I've heard it's only glitched on the PS4 version but it was perfect timing since I actually started to think about how to beat them not long before, it's shaved off a few hours. xD


  15. Congratulations on the Far Cry 2 platinum! :highfive: