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  1. [Final Fantasy X] I'm getting closer to being done with the game! I have almost four people fully maxed out but now that everything is filed in it doesn't take as long, Kimahri will of course be last to finish. Then all I need to do is beat Nemesis, watch Eternal Calm and dodge 200 lighting bolts. Out of everything I wasn't expecting the lighting bolts to be my last trophy, I'm not even sure how my younger self did it but alas I will put myself through the pain again :lol:

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    2. Sir_Bee


      Congratulations on your progress.  We all believe in you :)


      Not sure if you are aware, but there is a spot on the Thunder plains that allows you to guarantee a lightning strike, and thus makes reacting to it much easier.  


    3. LucileRosethorn


      @Arcesius He doesn't have his own path and is pretty useless, I never used him. I'm sowwy 😅 But seriously I generally don't like blue mages in Final Fantasy games and unfortunately he got that job, he also doesn't have any importance to the story so he really does get pushed to the side.


      @Sir_Bee Thank you very much! I did know about the spot and have given it an attempt but I get too excited once I hit near 50 so then I get hit, I'm trying to only counts in 10s to try and stop that from happening. 

    4. Froopy the Pogfish

      Froopy the Pogfish

      Hope your quest to the finish line is both fun and fulfilling :D 

  2. Really wanted a new game from the current Japan Sale so I decided to get Persona 5 Ultimate Edition. I could have gotten the game long ago but I really wanted the costumes, I'm not the biggest fan of the music so any chance to change it was great for me. xD

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Definitely a good choice.

  3. [Final Fantasy X] The journey to the platinum is getting shorter and shorter. I mainly just have filling out the sphere grid with a couple of other things such as beat the game, five more blitzball matches and kill all the special monsters in the arena but I'm kinda shocked how quickly the game has gone. I really have enjoyed the game and It's one of those instances I'm sad that it has to come to an end, I have X-2 so at least so there's that. Oh also, while I was farming some kills for Wakka in the calm lands I got the trophy for killing Penance so I don't have to kill any Dark Aeons besides Valefor for the Jecht sphere. I've heard it's only glitched on the PS4 version but it was perfect timing since I actually started to think about how to beat them not long before, it's shaved off a few hours. xD


  4. Congratulations on the Far Cry 2 platinum! :highfive:

  5. [Final Fantasy X] So many Blitzball games, so, so, so many. I've almost got the Status Reels but I really don't want to do another league for the Sigil, tournaments are find but doing 30+ matches is draining. Unfortunately I don't have much left to do on the side, I've almost caught all the monsters and I need to finish up the main story but I would love to start farming AP. It's just a shame that I need Wakka's ultimate weapon to kill one-eye in time and farm for the Triple AP weapons, I'll need it eventually anyway but I don't want to see another blitzball again. 😅

  6. [Final Fantasy X] I'm planning on making this game my 10th platinum due to a certain someone (@KaiserVendrix) but I reached the calm lands and I refused to carry on until I got Chocobo Rider. I've captured all the monsters in the area, I've started new games, I've worked on games while coming back here and there to keep attempting the trophy. Finally, after probably 100 or close to attempts I got it! 


    At 35 seconds, 15 balloons and 0 seagull I finally got it. My closest time before that was 0:0.5, which put me in a terrible mood since if I had just gotten one more balloon or one less seagull the torture would have ended sooner. But it doesn't matter now, I've tripled saved and ready to carry on!

    1. Spaz


      Final Fantasy X (aka Final Fantasy 10) is without a doubt my favorite 3D Final Fantasy game, second only to Final Fantasy 6 (in North America is was titled Final Fantasy 3 on the Super Nintendo). Played a lot of it back on the PS2.


      It's so goddamn long though. If I was 10 - 15 years younger I could definitely play through this game. But at this point in my life with job responsibilities, having to look after family and facing career changes, I just don't have that kind of free time anymore.


      Plus there's X-2, which is another long FF game.


      Go for it though. Final Fantasy X is a fantastic game and it was definitely a time when Square was doing their best.


      Real shame what has happened with the series.

  7. Looks like Moving Out is coming 28th April, Birthday Game! :dance:

    1. SinisterPledge


      Sounds like the perfect way to ruin the end of a good month. 😁

  8. Ah, that moment in a JRPG in which you're bearly getting past bosses but still manage, to then find they're 50 levels higher in the next chapter 🙃

    1. eigen-space


      Time to grind!!!!

    2. Beyondthegrave07


      I know that feel. Happened to me on FFXII recently. If a monster's name was red, it meant that they are too strong for you/difficult to kill... ALL the monster's names were red! xD

  9. :dance:Happy 21st Birthday!!! :dance:

    1. Distant


      Thank you!! :lol:

  10. The music from Journey to the Savage Planet really sounds like Borderlands and I love it, really looking forward to putting more hours into the game. :D

    1. KaiserVendrix


      Worry not, we will carry on later on today. It's always fun playing with you =)

  11. Managed to get Journey to the Savage Planet pre-ordered which I didn't think I was going to but I can't wait for this game! :dance:One of the few games I'm looking forward to this year, can't wait to kill some puffer birds!

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    2. LucileRosethorn


      @OhDearGodRun It's kinda like Slime Rancher and No Man Sky mixed, so you're in a space related planet and you have a hub I believe. You go around killing all the wildlife to collect things and that's pretty much all I know but the gameplay looks great and the actual game looks beautiful, along with the fact it has co-op. I'm hoping it's like a farm but instead you kill things to upgrade stuff, it comes out Tuesday. ^_^

    3. Distant


      Hmm, ok. Well, let me know how it is :)

    4. MidnightDragon
  12. Finally finished up the main story in Far Cry 5 and have a few miscellaneous trophies to earn before I can get the platinum, along with finishing up the DLC's and NG+. I've got to say that's its probably my favourite Far Cry ending, can't say I saw that coming 😅I guess that explains what New Dawn is about but I honestly didn't look too into it, which I'm glad about now! 


    I'm going to start working on Virtue's Last Reward and finishing up that trophy list as well. I've only just started it but wow the art style is dramatically different and I can't say I'm a fan of it, maybe it'll warm up to me but I found 999 design to be quite unique so to see that design now gone is upsetting. 

    1. Distant


      Yeah, going from 999 to VLR was a bit jarring. I eventually got over it though, and ended up liking it much more than 999. The jump to VLR to Zero Time Dilemma is also kinda rough.