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  1. [Final Fantasy X] The journey to the platinum is getting shorter and shorter. I mainly just have filling out the sphere grid with a couple of other things such as beat the game, five more blitzball matches and kill all the special monsters in the arena but I'm kinda shocked how quickly the game has gone. I really have enjoyed the game and It's one of those instances I'm sad that it has to come to an end, I have X-2 so at least so there's that. Oh also, while I was farming some kills for Wakka in the calm lands I got the trophy for killing Penance so I don't have to kill any Dark Aeons besides Valefor for the Jecht sphere. I've heard it's only glitched on the PS4 version but it was perfect timing since I actually started to think about how to beat them not long before, it's shaved off a few hours. xD