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  1. None of the souls games are hard so that doesn't mean much, people really need to stop comparing dying a lot equals automatically hard.
  2. When I was playing Resonance of Fate on the PS3 it corrupted my save file and PS3, I had to delete everything on it 🙃
  3. Equipment is very important so you'll need to have the highest tier available to you at the time and accessories, they can prevent being frozen or give the "protect" thing more health. Basically you a actually need to start learning about everything available to you, only other thing you can do it watch Youtube guides.
  4. It's not an awful year in gaming, there's plenty of good games which have came out but you're only looking for Triple A games so there's your problem.
  5. I hate to break it to you but just because someone doesn't have said game on their trophy list doesn't mean they've never played the game. I've put in over 1000+ hours into Nioh since I adore the game, so I would say I have a pretty good understanding of the game along with what is required for the main game and all the DLC. I never said the game was hard, I said those who go for the easiest build because they looked it up find it difficult when they actually play the game. They're not playing the game for themselves but instead are just reading up what to do exactly, therefore never learning the game properly. You aren't losing 100 hours of progress just because of something getting nerfed, you can still use the build but it does slightly less damage or the abilities are weaker, that's it. Most games get updates to balance equipment, it's not a rare thing to happen. If you expect games to stay exactly the same, especially with DLC involved, then you probably shouldn't play those games.
  6. They nerf the game due to people abusing certain builds which they may have overlooked and the fact equipment may be unbalanced when the DLC eventually comes out, I never had a problem with the updates in Nioh. The only people who ever complained about them are those who found the game too difficult afterwards and couldn't just read up the easiest build to go with anymore, they actually had to play the game and that's a big no no in their eyes so they make threads like this.
  7. That's amazing! I was thinking about getting a switch and this would be one of the top games I'd buy but I'm more than happy to get it on PS4, Cooking Mama was such a great series to play as a kid.
  8. I have and wondered if that was the cause, is there any way to fix that?
  9. I've made a custom list but there seems to be an issue for me. Two of the games in this list are Killzone Shadow Fall and Final Fantasy IX but for some reason it has a trophy percentage, killzone is at 26% while FFIX is at 1% even though I haven't got these games on my profile at all.
  10. I've been thinking about getting PSNow for awhile now, ever since they dropped the price but I am curious of one thing. If I do get it, would a friend then be able to download now games and play them on his account? Or is it purely locked to the account which brought it?
  11. Danganronpa series Freedom Wars World of Final Fantasy Any Visual Novel Demon Gaze Mind Zero Dungeon Travellers 2 Persona 4 Dancing All Night Super Exploding Zoo Adventures of Mana Sound Shapes Best way to find what you're looking for is just to browse the game page and change it so only vita games show, or read lists online that suggestion games.
  12. I've never played Shadow and it's a game I've always eyed up so that's great! Sonic Forces is an amazing game, the platinum is fun to get (annoying at times) and it's definitely a game I can't wait to play again.
  13. The only stage I like the look of is one, stage two and three are extremely boring and games I don't care much for. I do wonder if there's special music to them and they change the menu colour, nothing is worse than a theme with no effort put into it.
  14. Hmmmm, I brought this game from the Christmas sale and have yet to play it but are you playing by yourself or with a friend? I plan on playing it with a friend so even if it is dull as you say that might make it a lot more enjoyable, co-op always makes bad games good!
  15. It would be a shame if everyone agreed to hide their trophies
  16. From what I know yes they are.
  17. (I need to play catch up) Platinum #6 Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Enjoyment: 8 Difficulty: 3 Would I recommend? Definitely The Tomb Raider series is something I've always seen people play and praise but I had no interest in it myself, then I decided to give a game which I wouldn't normally play a chance and this was it. And I can tell you I'm glad I did! Not knowing anything about the games I went in completely blind but if there's something I love then it's bows and playing as a female, same reason I thought Horizon would be good but that was a disappointment. Either way it had the formula to make me enjoy it, it just needed to execute it well. Most games start of pretty slow but from start to finish but it had a steady pace and ramped it up here and there so I was never left bored, which is quite a rarity with how repetitive games can be. It managed to keep the areas fun, different and make you use different tools which you unlock gradually throughout the game. I know some people may not like it but I love going back to the start of a game to see that one secret area I couldn't unlock before. So with that in mind, I knew that even once I did unlock everything I had some cleaning up to do. The story itself was decent, definitely not a stereotypical story so that's more than enough. It's about Japanese Mythology which is something I love to learn about so again it had something to keep me interested, not much more to say on the story since it wasn't heavily story based and more gameplay. Grim definitely had the best line, "This is nothing pal, I grew up in Glasgow!" Once you finish the game (or maybe you did it before) you have the multiplayer to deal with, which honestly wasn't that bad. Of course you have to set up a bossing session since it's dead but to start a match you need 4 or 6 people? I can't remember and to get that many people to listen to you in a chat is oh boy, an experience. After three hours of torture fun it was finally done, this wasn't even for all the multiplayer trophies, this was just for the ones which require multiple people. So after all that I still had many hours of grinding up to level 60 which would have been worse if I didn't have @KaiserVendrix helping me out so thanks for that! Overall it's a great game and as soon as I finished this game I got the next one in the series, so once I clean up my games it will be time to see how the sequel is!
  18. Probably Final Fantasy XIII, I've been playing the game almost every year since I was 10 and now I'm 20 so it has a special place in my heart. Plus the platinum actually requires some sort of effort and understanding of the game.
  19. I actually really hated this game. I had heard so much praise and "if you love cats you'll love this!" Over and over again so I caved and gave it try and it was such a struggle to finish, it really surprises me just how many people enjoy it due to there being nothing to the game.
  20. There's a bunch of bullet hell games on PS4 and some are very different to each other while some are similar, so I'll post the ones I suggest you to check out first along with them linked to their trophies. There are others but they're more for once you run out of games. Sky Force Reloaded Shine Mora EX Enter the Gungeon (more on Rogue-Like side) Furi Shikhondo Ghost Blade Jamestown Azure Reflections Binding of Isaac (more on Rogue-Like side) Ikaruga Resogun Nex Machina Geometry Wars 3
  21. Recently played Zero Escape 999 and Tomb Raider in which both gripped me greatly. Gameplay is a major thing for me and then story so as long as it has good gameplay I tend to get hooked easily, but I'm also very fussy and if there's even one thing which bothers me about a game or annoys me due to glitches then I'm not interested at all.
  22. Platinum #5 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Enjoyment 999: 9 Enjoyment Virtue's Last Reward: 4 Difficulty: 2 Would I recommend? Yes but only for 999, you can live without the other game I brought this game awhile ago but never actually played it and recently I've been on a VN kick so I decided to go for it. After playing 999 I was extremely happy and content with what I just played, a game hadn't satisfied me with it's story for a very long time and everything about this was perfect. I loved the few multiple endings, I loved all the characters, I loved the subtle hints here and there and even though I didn't find the ending perfect it was unique without making it a fail. Throughout the whole thing I was thinking about all the possibilities and what might happen next, some I got right and others I was completely off which is good because it wasn't predictable. It's also the first game since Final Fantasy IX in which I actually enjoyed all the characters, that definitely gets brownie points. This game is on par with Danganronpa with enjoyment and I want everyone to experience the joys of this game, especially since it was a DS game. Now coming from the first amazing game I had high hopes for the sequel and oh boy was I in for a disappointment. I wasted so many hours on this game and in the end I didn't get anything out of it besides, play our next game to see what happens! The characters were all bland and uninteresting, the area had no real threat and was pointless, there wasn't a risk, there wasn't that horror aspect, the plot was terrible, far too many endings and it was very predictable. The amount of endings and 'twists' this game had felt like it was trying to beat the first game and not be better than it, more than half of the game is just repeating the same path with a slightly different ending. It didn't take long for me not to care about what happens, in the end I was still reading but trying to speed things up as much as possible.
  23. I can't wait for this game, I've been wanting it ever since it got announced! You barely need a co-op partner, which is good since I don't think I have any friends who would also play this game. Besides that it seems like you can just enjoy the game and not worry about anything, same as Slime Rancher. Lets hope there's no bugged trophies
  24. The games really aren't that hard, it you get stuck you can always have a co-op buddy (besides Sekiro). All it takes is being patient and attacking when there's an opening and not rushing, not a lot more to the games honestly. I would always suggest Code Vein as a good start to Souls-Like games since its the most easiest one but since you already have Bloodborne then go for it! There's so many guides and information that's its kinda hard to not know where to go or even how not to have a good build, just enjoy the games and there's a lot of games in the Souls-like category if you want to branch out as well.
  25. Haven't played DMC:DMC that much but I thought the gameplay was alright, not amazing but not the worst. It's the story which is the problem, if we just just skip it and blank all those part out then it can maybe, maybe be a 5-6/10 game. Also I never reached that part in the game but I really don't see why that's a problem, It's a just a game and killing anyone is seen as a good thing (depending on plot) so I'm not sure why this is so different.