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  1. Pay attention to the arrows, you see how the first part has the arrows all going forward like > > > >? The second part's arrows were something like > < > <, so you're just swapping the notes.
  2. I actually completed both of these before I saw your post, got both the achievements so I'm positive. However it still says there are many secrets so yeah I have no idea what else I could be missing in terms of exploration.
  3. I was able to get the rooftop rune orb before seeing the ending, I just walked up the stairs after completing the staircase and I got it so I'm not sure what's actually required to get the rooftop rune. As for the tiles in the loft room, there's always a sound when you walk on the left side but nothing actually triggered for me until I turned off all the lights then walked over that same spot
  4. I got all the music sheets and completed all the puzzles (I got the achievement for it so I'm pretty sure I did), but when I open the map, the journey section still says "This place holds many secrets". Is it normal for it to say that or is there things I'm actually missing? The only thing that catches my eye is the book I can't lift up in the book room, the shelf with the broken handle in the loft room, and the ticking noise in the upper bushes of the rooftop.
  5. It took me a bit to figure out even with the explanation, it says C Am G on top of the numbers on the safe so you have to look at the book and turn to the second page where it'll show you C Am and G. On all 3 of them you'll see 3 keys that are marked with 1, 2, or 3 dots. The number of dots tells you what position in the safe code it's supposed to be at, then you need to count on what key those dots are on. So example I believe for C there was 1 dot on the first key, 2 dots on the third key, and 3 dots on the fifth key, so the first three numbers of the safe code would be 135. Then repeat that for section Am and G.
  6. I think my problem is that I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what exactly each symbol is, I actually thought the A button was the metronome, didn't know it was the mark next to the painting.
  7. So I'm just supposed to put the symbols in order of how they appear in the room? I tried that before but I guess I'm not putting it in the right order
  8. I'm stuck on the two puzzles in the loft room, the one with the table and the one with the buttons. I see they both have the mask imprinted on one part and I realized on the table that the symbols are all items in the room but I don't know how I'm supposed to place them nor what buttons to press on the other puzzle. I also don't know what to do for the conductor in the basement if anyone can answer this as well.
  9. I'm stuck on this puzzle too and I don't really understand the answer?