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  1. Good to know. Here's hoping the fact my ps4 crashed and had to have the power cable removed didn't mess anything up either. Good thing it auto saves.
  2. This has probably been asked before, but does the 4 hour speed run trophy still count if you die, reload, save, and quit? I started a story mode run last night, about an hour in and just starting chapter 2, but I have died once already at the infamous cave jump.
  3. I've sort of put this game on hiatus. I still need to do messiah, and beat the game in 4 hours. I hope to do it some day, but I'm not in any rush. Though it is good to see people analysing every single detail of this game to meticulous detail.
  4. They did release a patch, not sure when exactly, that removed a lot of chase elements and enemies I think. But it possibly changed other stuff, so it's more balanced but easier. Though people have said that insane is random, and is harder than nightmare, things happen on insane that never happened on nightmare, even after rigorous testing. I can't prove this. But I do know that microphone no longer uses battery, which helps a lot.
  5. Yeah I really don't get why you can't skip cuteness, or why night vision comes on automatically at certain points. The only thing I can think of for the cutscenes is because of the 4 hour trophy, but if the cutscene is a specific length they could easily just add this time in and let you skip the cut scene, or pause the clock timer in the cut scene?
  6. Yeah I deliberately don't. There is no need any way as you have to use one battery, and on my story mode run through I replaced the battery often when picking it up, but this never happened on nightmare, I don't know why.
  7. I'm not sure, I swear I've had many times when it said that I can't carry any more bandages. But I've never had the case where I couldn't carry more batteries, so does anyone know the limit? Yeah I can only assume I didn't push it enough. I guess for future insane runs the thing to remember is to lock the door and push as far as I can, since you get enough time to push and once in the tunnel you're safe. It is odd though how the wardrobe magically moves back to block the tunnel.
  8. I know that you lose some, but it is nice to know that no matter what you always have about 70 percent after getting it back. I just assumed it was what you had minus 30 percent or so. So I tried again earlier. I got to the same point first try, no real problems. But then you know that wardrobe you push out of the way? I swear it is cursed because I've died there in the past. I know you're meant to push from the left as you look at it, not the right, but it seems Blake doesn't push far enough which ever side I push from, because I died whilst pushing. I even locked the door behind me. Though I do have to give praise, the guy only seems to open the door once you hide under the bed, and he seems stupid enough that he doesn't notice you. So that plan worked fine, I was even quite slow to hide under the bed as I didn't see it at first and it still worked as described. Though it is very strange how that bandage is sometimes there and sometimes not. After that I tried from the same point on nightmare, apart from some darkness and chase scenes it is easy after that up to the hay cart part with Marta. Where I died a few times, even with my "strategy" I got from walkthroughs. I believe the strategy works I just have trouble pulling it off. I hate that part, but after a few deaths there I quit the game. I reckon on insane assuming no unexpected screw ups I'm ok up to the hay cart. I did use a few flashes of battery to get through dark parts but I don't think I used even a bar of battery. Not sure as it is hard to tell though. But now I know this about the nick and laird checkpoint always being the same, I'll be less worried in chapter 1.
  9. I had to use the night vision to exit the heretic cave. Not entering. Entering I could just about see the lights on the ceiling and get through, but exiting even going backwards I kept going into circles and getting lost, ending up back in the cave and not leaving. The part I died is after you knock down the down with barricades, hide under the bed and run down the stairs and open the door, there was a guy who killed me. After this you lock the door behind you I believe, then push the wardrobe and go through a tunnel, and so on. Hard to describe so I hope that makes sense. This is the walkthrough I used. Unfortunately he keeps saying how he will make a more detailed walkthrough, but as far as I know he has yet to do so, and given this video was made over a year ago, it seems unlikely he ever will. But I died at the point 37 minutes in on this video.
  10. Just died on my first proper Messiah run. Technically my second of tonight, the first I died to the first guy in the corn field after it says to turn on your microphone. No idea how or why but he came into that little house and killed me, which has never happened before. Second time I died after the school sequence where you're dragged into the well, then phase into reality and are hiding from a guy who pushes you down the stairs. In the second part of the chase, he is still chasing you, but you open a door and another person comes after you, so you have to go back up and drop down. Well, I grabbed a bandage and opened the door and he came in and killed me. Not sure what I did wrong, maybe I was just too slow, or maybe I'm meant to hide behind the door or something? Also, I had to use some night vision to escape the heretic cave, since I spent like 5 minutes and kept going in circles. It is completely black. I was playing on full brightness with the lights off, and it surprisingly helps a lot, especially for messiah. But if it is pitch black, there's nothing you can do, the game is pitch black. Just annoying that I basically wasted like 40 minutes or so (I wasn't timing so idk), and I'd used basically no battery.
  11. Finished my nightmare run tonight. Oh boy I'm not looking forward to insane, or messiah. Started tonight mid way through chapter 3. Chapter 3 there isn't much that can kill you, though the swimming pool killed me somehow. I think because it was pitch black I either sprinted into the wall and died, or Loutermilch killed me, but once I used some battery it's easy (though doing it with no battery would be very tough I imagine). I also died to a heretic just before this part, but I now realise you're essentially meant to just run past them until you get grabbed. I don't think it is one hit kill, and I think you start the pool scene on full health any way, not sure. Chapter 4 was mostly ok. I actually beat the library first try, but then died at least once hiding in the toilet cubicles, I think he grabbed me as I wasn't fast enough. Not sure if closing doors as you run towards the bathroom helps or if he can just morph through walls and doors (he reminds me of SCP-106, a dark figure with the corrosion effect). As for the library, I think I just got lucky, but like I said I did it first try with some night vision as it is completely dark. But I think it is pre determined so it should be at least some what learnable. As for the rest, it is scary, and often dark. I died in the final part after you call the elevator, but I think so long as you're quick it is ok. Though I did die to fall damage (I was weakened as I got hit but survived). So that is something to keep in mind. But after a while the enemies kinda give up chasing you, which is useful if not strange. Chapter 5. Wow. What a mess. Did here a lot, used lots of batteries, got lost a lot. Need to look at a walkthrough seriously. And or a map of the mines. The only somewhat easy bit was the fuse boxes part, as there is only one enemy, who is kinda slow and has a torch, but even so it is very dark, and difficult. Chapter 6? The Marta chase I forgot where to go, and it isn't even there on story mode, she just appears through the wall she breaks, then dies in the cut scene. Saying that, I sprinted all the way through and did it first try. It seems like on chapter 6 you gave unlimited sprint, which is very handy. Nothing else can kill you, so after Marta you've essentially won. Also managed to get the "good" ending with Jessica at the end. In my story mode run, I was too slow and she looked like a corpse (I didn't know what to do but knew there were 2 "endings", but I didn't know what I had to do to save her). Oh and this is weird. In the mines I hid in a barrel twice by accident, but I still got the Prophet trophy. The only assumption I can make is that I must gave died on both these runs, so the game reverted to the checkpoint save where I hadn't used the barrel. It is very odd, but I'm not complaining, I got 3 gold trophies in a row.
  12. Made it into chapter 3, which from memory isn't too bad (Or is there something I'm forgetting)? Chapter 2 was bad though, the Nick part after you come out the closet after the school part was tough and I think I got lucky to be honest, I can see myself dying a lot on insane there. Then I died a few times when he shoots you as you run along a path from afar, then I died once more after he shot me after I got the rope from the hanging man (thankfully I beat that part in just 2 tries). The roof school part was ok besides being dark, I did not die at all there, the demon on the stairs was the same as story mode. Run back up then go over the balcony and drop down then run down stairs and outside. The microphone part with Jessica is annoying but thankfully the microphone uses no battery so other than taking awhile you can't die or lose here.
  13. That strategy seems the same as in a walkthrough I found, post 1.05 patch, by PersNikity.
  14. Good news everyone! I finally managed to get past the Marta hay cart part, but I think I got lucky, I would not want to try that on insane. She actually grabbed me at one point which did damage, then grabbed me again as I climbed the fence, but this is scripted so you can't die. So I made it but had to use a bandage. Plus it still took about 10 tries (today, not in total), before I got over the fence. After that, the next main issue I had was the (surprise, surprise) next Marta part, in the abattoir. The chase is in 2 parts, sort of. The first is getting the hook, then the 2nd is getting to the shed and escaping. At this point I got lost completely, and kept forgetting where to go, so this is something else I need to revise and study. Hiding from Marta is difficult even if I knew where to go. I was also scared she would kill me as I was pulling the chain to open the escape, fortunately she did not. Next tough point was the first encounter with Nick and Laird, you essentially have to run past them but they block the way, so I sort of crouched by a tent and sprinted past them. It worked, but required luck, so maybe there's a better way. Naturally I got lost the first time I tried and died. Fortunately the solution is simple, you just slide through a small gap in the wall. Can't really remember exactly what happens after that, but the part after you get crucified was tough until I figured out a strategy, sort of. There is a hidden enemy by a fire you can crawl past, get a bandage, heal and then crawl past a woman, she'll attack you, fight her off then sprint to the cliff and climb up before another man with a knife kills you. Took a few tries, mainly because I didn't see camp fire enemy, and got lost running to the exit. I think on story mode there's no enemy by the fire. I actually got kinda lucky in a way, I got hit by the man with the knife, then jumped down the cliff to escape and died, but it saved. So as I reloaded I was on full health with no bandages, essentially as it should be since you get no batteries or bandages after freeing yourself from the crucifixion. Found the camera okay, from memory there aren't many enemies any way, then the school sequence wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, main problem really is that it is quite dark, and I died trying to get in the locker (margin for error seems very small, you have to get the exact locker). Which then brings us to the Nick and Laird part with flaking arrows. That's now where I'm up to, and stuck. There is a bandage and a battery thankfully (not that the battery is of any use for the messiah run). But I actually got to the cliff where you have to walk slowly through to escape, hugging the cliff, twice. Both times about 2 seconds in Nick got me and killed me. I actually didn't know they could grab or kill you at that point, so I'll need to find a strategy besides crouching slowly towards the exit, and then sprinting to the finish, staying in the darkened forest.
  15. Thank you. I've seen several tutorials now, it's just a case of determining the best plan and being lucky in pulling it off. Fortunately, if everything goes to plan, this game doesn't scare me. At this point if I die I'm either frustrated or laughing.