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  1. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, it's fairly quick and easy.
  2. I don't believe there's any actual way of increasing the chance of one appearing, however after a super long web search when I played on my previous account, I found that by entering the game, doing 1 or 2 battles and then exiting and starting over again. I was able to get it very quickly... But I don't know if I just got lucky or if this actually works 😂 hopefully it helps.
  3. I know 4 easy 100%'s on the PS4, they are: HiQ Ace, Paraiso Island, War Theatre: Blood of Winter and Minefield.
  4. Ok awesome thanks for that.
  5. Hi, can anyone please tell me if online play is required for the platinum in this game and if so are servers still up?
  6. Click on the link in my previous forum post and it will show you which campfire to travel to. When you travel from this campfire the glitter trail won't glitch and you'll find it very quickly. Edit: My bad I didn't realise that you had clicked it already, I have just approved you for the Google drive sharing so you can look at it now.
  7. You can get this trophy by doing the story mode using the highschool and school union teams.
  8. There's definitely a good chance that it was the same reason, probably licensing issues or something.
  9. Thank you very much, I have got the disc for 2 already but I'll make sure to get a North American PSN account to buy 1.
  10. Has this been delisted from all stores or was it disc only? I would really like to play it
  11. Ok I found it thanks to a few people who I messaged personally and had completed the game. If you use the golden glitter trail from this campfire it is easy, if that doesn't work start from the beginning town and it will take you there.
  12. It's the exact same situation for me 😢
  13. Can anyone help me find the Shadow Skeleton Sword bounty in Beast Quest? I found this list on 1. Shadow Valley Wolf- Forest of Fear2. Shadow Wind Golem- Forest of Fear3. Shadow Bandit Rouge- Forest of Fear4. Shadow Spear Goblin- Forest of Fear5. Shadow Skeleton Sword- Northern Mountains6. Shadow Bandit Assassin- Northern Mountains7. Shadow Mountain Hawk- Northern Mountains (2nd fire from top)8. Shadow Frost Spider- Icy Plains9. Shadow Poison Spider- Northern Mountains (area w red spiders and torches in ground)10. Shadow Skeleton Archer- Northern Mountains11. Shadow Arctic Wolf- Icy Plains12. Shadow Ice Golem- Icy Plains13. Shadow Earth Golem- In temple where you get your father's armor above Forest of Fear 14. Shadow Fire Hawk- Stonewin Volcano15. Shadow Ice Drake- Icy Plains16. Shadow Mountain Wolf- Stonewin Volcano (room w blue crystals in wall) However I cannot find that particular one as the gold glitter trail leads to nowhere.
  14. Does anyone know the location of the Shadow Skeleton Sword bounty?
  15. Does anyone know the location of the Shadow Skeleton Sword bounty?