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  1. Thank you, game is stupid, it's just a sample demo game, I wouldn't have gotten this if it wasn't for the guy who I messaged who has it. Was only able to play it offline, there's no games list to be shown on my profile because of that.
  2. I've managed to find the user who has 2 trophies for this though there's another user still unknown. The guy earned his 2 trophies on Oct. 20th 2013. I checked out his PSN profile on PS4 and saw the Test Game Application on his Game's List.
  3. yeah me too! I've tried it on my profile but can't seem to get the all white color.
  4. hi psnp, i don't know if this is the correct place for this topic but anyways, I wanna know how these 2 PSN users that I know of have their entire PS4 profile white. Everything is all white and you can't see anything else other than their avatar. If it's that simple, would someone please show me? I've tried checking on mobile for a white color, can't find. here's the 2 users that i know of XPX and DY07, you can only see what i'm talking about searching on PS4, not the mobile PS App. lol imagine they got the invisible avatar and all you can see is just a white screen. idk if it's modded? Though there's nothing i can find on the web. EDIT. Here's pictures of what their profiles look like when viewing them on PS4. this user is XPX ^ this user is DY07 ^