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  1. thanks i'll check it out!
  2. Is there a release date for this game? Seems fun imo
  3. Hey guys i see there are online trophies in this game, does this mean i can't get them using PSNow?
  4. Thanks for your help just got the platinum!! I had to use family 1 instead of family 2 to pop the rosebud trophy. noticed it in the video. Ps. A BIGGGG thanks for al the family downloads you guys are awesome!!
  5. hey guys im having some trouble popping the rosebud trophy ($1,000,000) im using the second family by Malachen but the trophy won't pop. already deleted/redownloaded the families and tried different lots. any tips/advice?
  6. Thanks for the awesome families! Made things a lot more quicker!!
  7. that's a poop indeed!
  8. I've been around goats quite some time and seen in person that goats poop alot… so where's the poop in this game?!
  9. You're welcome, good luck with the search! Think it took me about 20 gameplay hours to get the trophy so don't give up hope!
  10. Etzna (Mexico) was the place i got them, otherwise try driving around named locations… its mostly getting lucky tho… (played it with a duo mate and ran 2 different ways on the map to cover the most distance possible)
  11. Glad I 100% the game but will not be playing it anymore, the 100hour trophy was too much of a grind after completing all other trophies at around 30 hours into the game