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  1. My favourite song of all time!!! (I have a few favourite songs of all time, I just really love music!) 🤘😁
  2. Sekiro - All trophies have been unlocked 27.82% - Uncommon Damn... Everytime I finish a game, I just can't decide what to play next. Especially after a fucking phenomenal game such as this.
  3. I haven't played Detroit but I can relate to what you're saying. I feel as though some games requiring multiple play throughs for the completion, work better than others. For example, games that are more gameplay focused (From Software games fit this pretty well imo) are quite fun to beat multiple times, as opposed to predominantly story driven experiences like Detroit and similar. My guess is that a lot of developers out there aren't trophy hunters, so I'm not sure how much thought gets put into the trophy list. Some games have a list that compliment the experience quite nicely. Others feel like a total miss match.
  4. This can technically be my favourite video game song too! Sleeping Dogs ❤️
  5. Platinum #9 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Oh, From Software you never disappoint me. Whenever your name is put on a game, I know for certain of two things: You're taking my money and I'm going to git gud. This game boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in a video game, such a vibrant and immersive world. The combat is up there with the very best. Gameplay is both fluid and responsive, resulting in every death being down to my own mistakes. Every triumph being a progressive understanding and a firmer grasp on the games mechanics. Truly enjoyed my time with Sekiro. Some of the best boss fights I've overcome in a while. Difficulty: 7-8/10 Enjoyment: 10/10
  6. Such an underrated album!
  7. I only bought 2 games in 2019 that were released in 2019. Sekiro, which I'm yet to play. Crash Team Racing, which I've just finished. I still would like to pick up Resi 2 and Outerworlds. Crash Team Racing was fucking phenomenal though. So I'm happy with that being my pick. Out of the games I've listed above, I feel only Sekiro would rival Ctr for me personally. I'll be letting my thumbs take it easy for a game or 2, before I even think about starting Sekiro lol. Will check out the podcast for sure. I'm still pretty new around here and new to the platform so I'm eager to find more PlayStation centric content to enjoy! Happy New Year!
  8. I'm really interested in getting involved in this, if it's not too late? I need to have a think about how to make the games I have access to fit the categories. Should be doable. Seems pretty cool. As someone who is new to the platform and the forum, it could be an awesome way for me to get to know some of you. Happy New Year to everyone too! I hope 2020 is a rad year for all!
  9. How many platinums have you gotten this year?: 7. Would of been 8 but got side tracked just before the clock struck New Year! How long have you been hunting trophies now?: A little over 1 month. My first trophy was 26/11/2019. I did hunt achievements for years on Xbox though, before I decided to move to PlayStation back in November. What was your proudest platinum this year?: Shadow of the Colosuss. Not tough by any means but is now mine and my sons favourite game of all time. So it's super special to me. What was your worst platinum this year?: N/A as I haven't yet played anything that I didn't enjoy. I'm sure I'll fuck up this year and start something I regret lol. What game are you most looking forward to getting the platinum for in 2020? Torn between Sekiro and Bloodborne. I have many games to play this year so one can't complain. I'm just excited to play and platinum a bunch of games 😁
  10. New to PlayStation. Always had Xbox up Untill a couple months ago. You're probably right on the Completionist bit though haha. As for your profile: Amazing taste in games! Clearly someone who likes a challenge and strives for the ones that are lower in rarity. 🤘
  11. Loves Trophies, loves Bioshock and clearly a skilled gamer with some impressive completions!
  12. Spyro! Nice list of games my dude! Also, 🤘🤘🤘