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  1. Apex Legends 100% Not sure why this game doesn't have a platinum? Either way, another completion ticked off the list!
  2. Now working on the Trophy for reaching rank 50 in Apex Legends to tick off another completion before starting something new!
  3. Seeing LoG live is nuts. Some of the maddest pits I've experienced. The energy when they perform is insane!
  4. Platinum #11 Ultimate Fall Guy This one was awesome. I met some cool new friends and we played so hard together for many hours over this last week to get the Platinum! We lost so many streaks due to random crap whilst going for: When it finally popped the celebration in the party chat was insane! A gaming memory that will stay with me for a long, long time. We actually ended up winning 7 episodes in a row on this run, just missing out on 8 in the final. At that point I had just bagged the last trophy I needed to net my Platinum by finishing 1st in 20 racing rounds: So I think we lost focus and just wanted to hang out on the main menu screen and talk about what we are all going to play next and how we were all going to spend our evening now that this was done. A very special Platinum for me. Looking forward to playing more games with my new friends in the future. This journey was epic!
  5. The first time I saw that face, followed by hearing that voice. Melted my brain!
  6. I think with my account being relatively new (under two years) and it not having a big list of awesome feats. It's too easy for me to think, fuck it, I'll start over. My xbox tag has much more history, hence why I never could bring myself to start over because of the same reasons (playing games with friends, who get bored and then move on). You'd think I'd learn, right? But here I am pretty frustrated again. Yup, even though I've felt like I need to really just get over it and stick with what I've got. I still had to fire up the alt at the weekend and finish Spyro. OCD is not limited to one account. So having an alt to play rando games on and not care, just wouldn't work for me. I'd still have overwhelming urges to finish what I've started. Like I mentioned before; it's 100% a personal issue. Would never matter to me what's visible to other people etc. Me knowing is enough for the OCD to act up again. Lol. I also can't see the fun or challenge in maintaining a perfect profile if it's littered with rubbish games. Can't say I've actually ever looked at a perfect profile on here, but it I've seen plenty in the xbox achievement hunting community. Each to there own and all that but it's certainly not for me. I like the challenge that is hunting trophies. I enjoy it most when it is exactly that, a challenge. I'm always down to give something hard a shot. It's an element of gaming I've always thoroughly enjoyed. I like how you talk about separating desire and ability. This is why I'd happily (whilst being an OCD maniac completionist), load up something like Super Meat Boy or Wolfenstein II. Because, A) those games look awesome. B ) if the ability wasn't there, but the desire was, I know it's likely a matter of time investment to gain said ability. Which if fueled by desire, mostly because the games are awesome, is not a terrible chore. Granted the two games I've used as an example here are notoriously difficult and I may never be able to see them through, even with all the desire in the world. However, I genuinely believe that I would be ok with that.. Because I would of had the desire to play them in the first place.
  7. That's it dude. You see, my OCD has never really been forgiving of spontaneous decisions. Living in the moment and all that jazz.. Its cool, I dig it. But it's not how I typically live my life on a day to day, even though some of my fondest memories have been created that way. Hats off to you though mate, huge respect for your 13 years sober. I say this not as someone who has battled with alcoholism. But as someone who's family has been torn to shreds through a battle with alcoholism. Unfortunately, a battle I fear will never be conquered. May not mean too much coming from a random guy on the Internet, but it's heartfelt. I feel you on that last statement too. I think a positive thing about being a completionist - is starting up something that you don't know if you can beat. It's a pretty sweet buzz when you do pull it off. The negative is definitely when you start a game for the wrong reasons and then are left feeling as though you have to slog through it (or have a mini meltdown)... That's where I'm at. This is why I would never play a game purely for trophies. Its just a shame it makes me hesitant to play games that my friends want me to play with them.
  8. Interesting. I look at the trophies I've earned for MH and I genuinely wouldn't even know where to start. It seems like it would be a hell of a grind Solo. It's not that I didn't enjoy what I've played of the game either. It's just I can't imagine it being much fun without my friends who dropped the game. I may do some research as to how long this would take and how bad of a grind it would really be.
  9. That's the biggest thing for me. I'm not willing to accept my more obsessive tendencies. I just really struggle with them in certain situations. I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about overcoming them in these situations. You're also right, cherry picking games and never really having freedom to play just for the love of gaming.. Sounds fucking miserable. I also think starting over with a perfect profile would probably be detrimental long term. Let's say I did, and then I run into some of the issues you've mentioned in your post regarding glitched trophies or server closure etc.. I'm more likely to just fuck it off again, then constantly be recompleting the same games over and over in a viscious cycle, every time I run into a problem. Also sounds fucking miserable. My obsessive traits have definitely lead to a lot of success in other areas of my life. I'm stubborn, driven and always work hard. It certainly isn't always a bad thing. I think it's just when it seeps into a lifelong hobby that has often been my escape from real life/every day stresses, it kinda sucks. I want to change that, for sure. I do like to think that if these games were actually games that I myself wanted to play, it wouldn't bother me as much. To be completely honest though, I wouldn't know because that's not how they ended up on my profile.
  10. Appreciate your reply. You're right, hiding them would do nothing for me. Others not seeing them wouldn't change me knowing they're there and incomplete. It's definitely a personal issue. I'm not sure how boostable these games are because Monster Hunter has some huge RNG elements and Fall Guys, well, I looked on the boosting section and it seems it's a requirement to do very long sessions with people, which I'd likely struggle to commit to because of work and family. Thanks for your comment about SoTC. It's my favourite game, ever. It's probably also worth mentioning that I absolutely love my psn account name. I couldn't think of anything more perfect for me. I'm a massive metal head and I love games with swords. My name makes me think of that. I like the idea of maintaining above 90%. That's sustainable. I hate that my OCD makes me hesitant to play games with friends and then end up regretting it. It kinda sucks but it's just how I'm wired. I had the same problem on xbox. Started games with friends for them to just get bored and stop playing. Resulting in me having incomplete games on my list, with no real interest in them. Just touching back on the 90% convo - I guess one option would be to just clean up MH and FG a little by grabbing the low Hanging fruit and then move on. Still though, knowing me, it's one thing liking the idea but a different beast when it comes to actually doing it. OCD is just a bitch.
  11. So to be honest I've been feeling pretty bummed out for a bit. I haven't really played much for a while and I'm reluctant to fire anything up. One of the biggest reasons, which I know is kinda silly, is my horrible OCD. Another is just not having alot of free time because of work. Since moving to PlayStation (whenever my first trophy is dated) - I've told myself "I'm not a completionist".. Truth is, I kind of am. Just not a very good one lol. Long story short: I have three games on my account that I will never complete. Fall Guys and Monster Hunter/Ice Borne. Reason being is that I would never want to dedicate enough time to them, as I only put them on my tag to play with my friends who lost interest in these games pretty fast. I knew it would happen (they're very casual gamers), I told myself I'd be ok with it and that I don't care. But man, it bugs the living shit out of me. I think if I had started the games because I wanted to play them, it'd be fine honestly. I'd have no problem starting up something super hard that I may not have the skill to pull off.. I'd go at it pretty hard but inevitably move on and be proud to have it on my tag, because I wanted to play it. But my OCD is kicking my ass and I'm struggling to be at peace with it. Thus, I just haven't really been able to start anything new. I've even made a new profile. Earned two platinums but struggle with having the motivation to replay the games I've already platinumed. It's worth noting that my account is a baby account compared to some of the absolute monsters on here haha. I'm just torn to be honest. Do I just suck it up and replay the games on the other tag.. Or do I just get over it and Bury those games by playing new games on this one. I fucking hate OCD. I've always struggled with it, not just with gaming. Would be interesting to see if anyone else has struggled with stupid shit like this. Not like I can really talk to anyone about it at work and that. Pretty sure my wife couldn't give a fuck either lol. Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and drop a reply. Edit - Think I posted this in the wrong section. Thanks to whoever moved it!
  12. Guys, so many awesome replies and suggestions! I'm looking up lots of the games rn. I'm all repped out for the day but I will be sure to dish some more out tomorrow. So far, games I'm definitely interested in picking up out of the recommendations (still looking other games up though): Invisible Inc, Hollow Knight, Downwell & Nex Machina. So pumped with all the quick and well thought out replies! Appreciate it.
  13. Hey people! As the title suggests - I'm looking for recommendations for games that kick your ass but have fun gameplay. I recently had a birthday so I've got a little birthday wedge to treat myself to a few new games. I haven't had a bunch of time to game this year and gaming time is still limited more than I would like it to be. So definitely not looking for games with a huge grind involved. I've recently picked up Cuphead and Thumper. Are there more games quite similar to these? In the way of not being huge time sinks (skill dependant ofcourse) but have a good challenge to them to in order get the platinum. If it helps at all: I love games where a big part of the gameplay loop is constantly restarting to get the perfect run or nail a tricky section (what's wrong with me lol), definitely need more of that haha. I also love games with retro vibes. For me, boss fights, gameplay and then story in that order, are the kind of games I dig the most. I came across a thread on here earlier that has given me the itch to have my ass handed to me lol. Not looking for extremely difficult stuff, just good old hard but fun games. I'd like to get to 20 platinums this year, hopefully. Would be cool to have a few to be proud of along the way. Thanks in advance for any replies!