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  1. That depends on your definition of quality bud. For me, quality is measured by one thing and one thing only: my own personal enjoyment of a game. So by that metric, yes, quality is the most important to me. As for numbers, well, the only numbers that motivate me are the ones next to the game icon in my trophy list. I like them mostly (if not always) to show 100%.
  2. That's fair enough. You made the right decision if you enjoy your hobby more. I too value completion and direction. I want my profile to reflect my interests. The games and genres of games that I enjoy the most. I aim to shape it with those things being the focus.
  3. Okay that right there has peaked my interest in Vanquish much more. I'm all for brutal but fair. As in, its on you to get good enough to conquer. Then it's just down to practice and perseverance. Like I've mentioned, If the gameplay is fire and the game is well designed, then count me in! Curious as to why you started over? I very nearly did the same thing a few months ago because of completion and ocd. At the time I had Fall Guys, Apex and MH all incomplete and started all of those games to play with friends who tend to game hop (totally my own fault). Either way you have some nice Completions on both accounts. Obviously as someone with a touch of completion rate ocd, your new account is awesome! Hats off to ya fam
  4. An oversight on my part hahaha. Easily fixed though! Testing Metal I like alot. Thanks dude. As are you my friend. Three of my favourite games, ever. Indeed, all of a sudden I have a massive list of games to play! Luckily I don't think I've picked anything too challenging or too time consuming to stand between me and Demon's Souls. Aiming to rip through that little list! Appreciate the recommendations. House Marque are deffo up my street. I have Nex Machina on my wishlist and plan to get that at some point. Their other games look dope too. Did they recently put out Returnal as well? Also looks like my kinda jam. I don't think I've ever played a platinum game before. I will check them out. I've heard of Vanquish though and that scares the shit out of me hahaha. Although I'd still play it. I don't mind getting my ass whooped by a game. Although I think it's just one or two specific challenges that crank the difficulty up no? Thanks man, I shall keep that in mind and maybe give MH another shake. I mean, it does have epic boss battles which I love. Just not sure if I love them enough to repeat the same ones 1,762 times to get the crowns 😂 Yeah there are some insanely skilled and dedicated gamers on this site! It's pretty cool to be honest. Also, about the low hanging fruit.. ima change the thread title rn. Lol
  5. Thanks man. Your trophy list is pretty sweet! It's good to see Souls games get so much love around here! I'm torn on this one to be honest. I started playing Monster Hunter with a couple irl friends last year. Ofcourse, they got bored and moved on before we even finished the Iceborne campaign. The RNG crown trophies put me off, massively. I was more up for it when playing with friends but obviously they're not trophy hunters so I'm not exactly surprised with how it's worked out lol. I could potentially chip away at it between games going forward. 🤔 Undecided. I'm all for recommendations buddy! Appreciate the reply
  6. So, decided to create my own trophy checklist in an attempt to keep track of my gaming and trophy hunting activities. I don't have a huge amount of trophies, I jumped into the world of PlayStation late into the PS4 generation. I've been gaming for many years but primarily played on xbox since the original, not really by choice, but back before I could afford my own systems - it was a get what you're given kinda thing lol. Then as you can imagine, I kinda stuck around as it was the platform most of my friends played on. Anyways, many of my friends started gaming less and less over the recent years as our interests started to drift toward other things, so it seemed a perfect opportunity to jump into the PlayStation eco system which suits my individual tastes much better. With the boring bits out of the way, let's talk games! I'm mostly into Souls games Souls like games, platformers, rhythm games and hard-core indie/arcade games. However, I'm open to play anything really. My criteria for super awesome games is as follows: gameplay and boss fights > story. I do really enjoy a good story though. But the former is much more important to me personally. I'm also a sucker for anything that makes me go for S Ranks lol. So deffo need to play more games like this going forward. I've kinda just played a bit of this and that so far on PlayStation to be honest. However, it's time to knuckle down and set some goals. I recently got lucky and snagged a PlayStation 5. Man do I want to jump into Demons Souls so bad!! But I think I'll make it a milestone Platinum. My next milestone is a staggering 20 Platinums 😂. So my first goal is to set that up. Once I finish Demons Souls, I guess its road to 30, which I'd like to potentially be Bloodborne. I've been holding off on Bloodborne purely in the hopes it gets a PS5 update with a 60fps option. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing with this kind of thing but after looking around at a few other threads in this section, I will attempt to atleast make this somewhat presentable, just incase anyone actually ends up reading it. Bare in mind that this is likeley going to be a work in progress as I figure out how to add things etc. I think I'm also going to write mini reviews of games after I've beaten them. Just as a way to document my experiences with these games and the ups and downs of going for completion. Could be cool. By the way I'd just like to add that there are some seriously impressive trophy lists around here! I've got some catching up to do! I will put all the games I have finished right here: Road to 20 Platinums here:
  7. Kicking off the new generation with Platinum #12 Astro's Playroom: What an awesome experience this was. So wholesome and such a great little platformer. So much love in this game for PlayStation fans! The speed run levels are also a nice little touch. Thoroughly enjoyed this one, look forward to playing Astrobots next outing! May even have to see if I can get hold of a VR headset and play through Rescue Mission!
  8. Apex Legends 100% Not sure why this game doesn't have a platinum? Either way, another completion ticked off the list!
  9. Now working on the Trophy for reaching rank 50 in Apex Legends to tick off another completion before starting something new!
  10. Seeing LoG live is nuts. Some of the maddest pits I've experienced. The energy when they perform is insane!
  11. Platinum #11 Ultimate Fall Guy This one was awesome. I met some cool new friends and we played so hard together for many hours over this last week to get the Platinum! We lost so many streaks due to random crap whilst going for: When it finally popped the celebration in the party chat was insane! A gaming memory that will stay with me for a long, long time. We actually ended up winning 7 episodes in a row on this run, just missing out on 8 in the final. At that point I had just bagged the last trophy I needed to net my Platinum by finishing 1st in 20 racing rounds: So I think we lost focus and just wanted to hang out on the main menu screen and talk about what we are all going to play next and how we were all going to spend our evening now that this was done. A very special Platinum for me. Looking forward to playing more games with my new friends in the future. This journey was epic!