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  1. Elden Ring easy!
  2. Bro, Xiaou, Hwoarang, Bryan, Leroy, Kuma/Panda, Feng, Asuka, Lili, Eddy/Christie, Nina and Steve are 100% guaranteed or I'll have someone kick me in the balls!
  3. Thank you, but are you 100% certain? I needed clarification on this and sorry if I posted in the wrong thread! The game in question is GTA5. I don't own a PS5 but due to unexpected circumstances I have the GTA5 trophy list (PS5 version) added to my name. I was thinking I would just unlock all the trophies on the PS4 and then let the rest autopop on the PS5 once I finally get my hands on one!
  4. Hey y'all! Got a question regarding autopop. If I earned a couple of trophies for a game on the PS5 but then go and earn all trophies on the PS4 version, will the rest autopop when I go back to the PS5 version?
  5. Guys! I got a question regarding autopop. If I get all the trophies for this game on my PS4 will it autopop the rest of the trophies on the PS5 despite unlocking a couple of trophies on the PS5?
  6. For anyone wondering I can confirm that this method 100% works on the PS3 version as well! Huge respect to the guy that came up with this method! What would've taken me half a week was done in half a day! Just follow everything EXACTLY as demonstrated and you should be fine! One thing to note for the Sea Neon you need to roll 6 times instead of 8, other than that everything else worked out just fine!
  7. I'm sure you just missed a room somewhere, show us an image bro so we can help!
  8. I imagine a big reason as to why the playerbase is so small is because a lot of us don't have a PS5.
  9. Good riddance! Now if only NFT's could disappear as well then we'd have ourselves an early christmas!😭
  10. Oh shit! I had that issue with some of my PS3 games! Sigh...at least there IS a solution this time around! Sony get your shit together!
  11. By delete I assume deleted from your HDD, right? Or is it that you can't access the DLC at all even though you purchased it? Or is it the worst case scenario where they deleted all the DLC from your purchase history because then there'd be a riot! I haven't had any issues with any system updates as of yet but I feel like it's only a matter of time before the large mass gets hit by some BS because Sony don't bother to fix it during the beta stage.
  12. Thanks for confirming! Don't mind if I add you bro?