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  1. Hopefully the remake will keep intact everything from the original RE4 and build oupn it and not blatantly censor it like the VR version for being too "problematic" and not fit today's standards.
  2. Advent Children should not exist and I'd like to think that it doesn't! 😫
  3. Rematches count so don't worry!
  4. Don't worry about the co-op as online is not required for that trophy however you do unfortunately need a second controller. The original is still waaay harder but this one is no walk in the park. I would say that this one is hard but in a fun way whereas the classic is just pure rage but gives you that immense satisfaction once you beat it. Either way you can't go wrong with this one, grab it while it's hot!
  5. Go for it dude! It's a frustrating yet great game!
  6. Imagine trying to appeal to a tiny minority that don't even play games, couldn't possibly go wrong there! If Sony keeps going down this route then they'll soon learn of the ancient saying which goes; GO WOKE, GO BROKE! Star Ocean lit though!
  7. Bruh, they shouldn't have made a sequel at all IMO. After arguably the most beautiful ending to a video-game EVER you don't just make a half assed sequel that nobody asked for. And now there are rumors about a potential x-3 and a FF9 remake being in the works. Damnit square! You already have 3 games to finish up first them being FF16, FF7 REMAKE AND Strangers in paradise.The last time you had to deal with multiple triple AAA projects they turned to shit, I'm looking at you FF15! FF6 is the darkest FF in the entire franchise. If you can look past the outdated graphics then I think you will consider this one one of the heavy hitters trust me! 💪
  8. The black sheep, or should I say, black sheeps of the franchise are FF7: Dirge of Cerberus, FFX-2 and the entire FF13 trilogy!
  9. That one totally went under my radar! Time to binge all POV'S! It's a mystery as to what her past identity was LOL! Risu's new costume was NUTS! LOL! Get it? No? I'll see myself out then! Been catching ID working on their minecraft server, it's coming along quite well I should say! Bruh, you're not a fake fan just because you can't watch all her streams, especially with real life stuff so don't be too hard on yourself! Just watching the VOD and commenting, liking and sharing is more than enough to support!
  10. Oh I see! I thought it was weird that they had to write an entire article about it LOL!😂 Not at all dude, there was no joke or misunderstanding I was just confused as to why they had to write an article about it which led me to believe they were promoting the gamecube in some capacity! 😊
  11. Was Korone promoting the Gamecube by "holding" the entire console when she played Warioware, hence the article? 😅
  12. Yes you can spend money and it won't affect the trophy, so just go nuts! I did that and it worked for me so no worries dude! 👍
  13. What a kick to the dick, eh my guy? Meh, there's always next time! I saw Sana's tweet this morning, I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to opt out from the sunday collab. I'd rather have her at 100% than on the down low. Bro, btw, I found this image on twitter that I found really funny but couldn't figure out it's roots, your thoughts? 😅 Is it from a member's minecraft?? Artist: @harayamanawari
  14. If you have the Champions Edition it'll save you a LOT of time! Do every characters story, trials and survivals for money. I suggest doing the story and trials first before doing survival. Survival is now fairly easy because you can use FM to continue in case you die. You get a 1000 FM each time you level up a character so by doing everything you should easily get to 1000.000 FM. It's still grindy but like I said, do the survival for a lot of XP. Even the hardest difficulty is now doable thanks to the continue option. Do keep in mind that you have to pay I believe it was 1000 FM for each continue so make sure you rack up a good chunk before you start. Don't be afraid to spend money as it doesn't afect the trophy. You can also check your progress on your fighter's profile. Best of luck dude, I know you can do it! 💪
  15. Gamecube promotion?