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  1. I recommend Pocket Fighter for this one. Put it on the lowest level and go ham on the CPU! Set to two rounds for safety and try to finish each round with a super finisher. Pretty much, yeah!
  2. Nice dude and glad to be of help!
  3. I'll do my best! Basically what I did was to repeatedly dash twice then press square at the same time my opponent attacks. If successful your opponent will fly all over the screen. In order for this trophy to trigger you need to do this the moment they get dizzy as well which will show a sequence where your opponent literally flies around the globe and back on screen. So to sum it up, hit your opponent a few times then dash twice (which you do by tapping the directional button left or right depending on where you're facing) and press square the same time the moment your opponent throws a punch. It is best to do this with a second controller so you can control everything but as I stated before, it CAN'T be done in training mode so be aware! Hope it helps my guy, get back to me if it works out for you!
  4. Ok, so I just found out how to do it LOL! I thought for the training trophy you had to deal a 1000 damage in a single attack, turns out it's the accumulative damage that matters here. Simply keep hitting your opponent in training mode and the trophy will pop! As for the Marionette trophy simply highlight the random slot (question mark) on the character select screen, press the start button 7 times and then any attack/kick button. Note that you need to finish at least one match in order to unlock the trophy. In Red Earth when the credits roll you can use Mobi-chan and shoot down the credits by moving with the left stick. Note that instead of rapidly tapping the triangle button to attack, it's better to hold in triangle for a charge up attack which makes shooting down more than 50% of the credits a cake walk! Red Earth also features multiple endings so in case you thought you did all of them by playing through once with all characters then unfortunately that's not enough. Fortunately though, here's a guide on how to get all of them: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/arcade/564207-red-earth/cheats Another fairly obscure one is found in Super Gem Fighters where you need to execute an "around the world" counter. It's a bit difficult to explain and you might get it by accident, but in case you don't here's a description on how to achieve it: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/583736-pocket-fighter/68990200 It is easiest to obtain using two controllers however do note that whichever method you choose you can't obtain it through training mode! Hope these tips help out some of y'all, I'll see if I come across anything else!
  5. Do you know how to pick the secret characters in the darkstalker games and how to do 1000 damage in training mode? Kinda stuck on those!🤣
  6. Go full karen bro because this needs attention and needs to be fixed ASAP! This is one of my favorite ps4 titles and I want as many people as possible to enjoy it with as few issues as possible!
  7. Bro, so I just recently tried it and it works fine! Honestly shocked and happy that so many people are still playing! Has this been a long time issue for a lot of people?
  8. Really!? I haven't played in a while so I don't know the state of the game, but will definitely check it out once I get home. If it is as bad you say it is then it needs Capcom's attention urgently! Are you able to stay online so that you're at least able to do the event quests or are you getting disconnected completely?
  9. Fellow completionist? Nice to meet you brutha! :D 

  10. Now THAT is a beautiful plat! I don't care if I have to grind, I'll take grindy trophies over online trophies any day! Perfect for my 100th plat!
  11. Glad to help! Now get that trophy bro!
  12. For the first game you only need to get SSS for a match, not an entire arcade run. Here's a video showcasing how to obtain it:
  13. Nice dude! I'll be sure to try this one out once I get the game! Quick question, are there any online trophies in this game? Or can all of them be obtained offline in local multiplayer?
  14. I think your best bet is to fight randoms on ranked because I had the same issue! You could try to ask some of your ranked opponents if they need the trophy as well, that's how I found my boosting partner!
  15. I figured as much, streaming games is still ass! I'm sticking to digital and physical. I'll still be getting the premium because it is quite the steal if you take into account what you get in return.