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  1. Don't own a PS3 anymore but for you I recommend finishing up MW, it's pretty easy
  2. Dark Souls
  3. Kingdom Hearts II
  4. Miles Morales
  5. What song are you using? I used Wave of Darkness I cause Dark Domination was way to fast
  6. Sorry man. I didn't it legitly from the beginning, I didn't wanna do anything else. I wasn't sure if it would fuck it up or not.
  7. You like going for those challenging platinums!
  8. You love going for those URs!
  9. So I have a question, Level History is gonna be affected by this new trophy leveling system. So his is it gonna be re-worked or fix? Or is it going to have to be scrapped entirely? Even if it is re-worked, wouldn't it take some time to get the levels fixed?
  10. I think Razor is voiced by Todd Haberkorn (Known as Death the Kidd in Soul Eater, Ling Yao in FMA:B) And Diluc sounds like Matthew Mercer (Known as Levi Ackermann in Attack on Titan, Yamato and Pain from Naruto after Troy Baker couldn't do it anymore, and Jotaru Kujo from JoJo's) Ningguang kinda sounds like Laura Bailey, but I'm not entirely sure (Lust in FMAB, Young Trunks in DB, Keiko Yukimara in Yu Yu Hakusho) Then again these are just assumptions, but I have a good feeling that Razor is voiced by Haberkorn
  11. I rewatched the best super-hero movie ever, the dark knight
  12. I been really depressed lately so I been listening to this alot it makes me feel enlightened
  13. Too bad I platinumed the game before Lethal mode came out
  14. Atleast you got him in the end😂
  15. do Spider-Man it's a fun and easy game
  16. You like yourself rare platinums
  17. of course you would reply to this thread im sorry bro it happens all the time, you just gotta make yourself not vulnerable to being hurt
  18. i don't know what they'd do because the ending shows the conduits living in peace, i feel like SP would try to bring Cole back which tbh i dont truly want; but maybe instead someone else gains powers like Cole's
  19. To each their own I guess lmao
  20. Infamous is pretty much a forgotten franchise