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  1. 300 points is more than zero, the last time I checked.
  2. You may find this drawing when you crawl through a long tree trunk east to the gate you need to open to escape the swamp lady in the second forest section. It might seem like a glitched collectible because of the nature of it's location and the fact that you can't interact with it, but it's just one of the many non-collectible drawings that are lying around in the game. The chances are slim that anyone will ever need this info but who knows.
  3. Promotes violence to whom? If someone wants to play these games that's because they're okay with it. If not, then no trailer or demo or leaked concept art will make them suddenly be into killer boobs.
  4. It's called adjustment, and that is a great thing, but it only has a meaning if it has a starting point, and the more it contrasts what came after, the better it looks. Your current progress is just as valid as a fresh start would be, there's no point in flipping the kill switch now.
  5. I'll give you two if you give it a try without a guide.
  6. You just challenged a scenario their approximation was based on.
  7. Suppose you don't know about this intel location. The bottom line is that you have a wounded captain you need to stay close to and you have a spot you were ordered to defend but instead you start running around in the enemy spawn zone because... why exactly?
  8. Why do I see people sending PMs to someone on their status updates?

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Because they are writing on their wall. So PM stands for "public message" in this case.



  9. Imagine that you get 3 gold trophies and 1 silver instead to make it look more appealing. What's disappointing is the 24$ price tag, but if you liked Portal, this game is just as much fun.
  10. Feel free to explain why there's only one way to interpret this and mine was not it.
  11. There are games people enjoy playing with, games that happen to have common trophies. Replacing the current rankings would mean that everyone who's somewhat interested in the leaderboards should just forget having fun and go for the uninteresting chore to keep up. There's a diverse world outside OCD Island, you know.
  12. The ram/boost doesn't do shit. Maybe it helps in the corners but see what happens when you move the L stick and press X at the same time. Bad idea.
  13. It's a short race, it's not like a Driveclub platinum that takes a year to obtain. Yeah, you may struggle with this one for hours or days, but it's just a 5 minute struggle—or less if you restart a lot.