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  1. The agressive fauna in Far Cry Primal felt much more annoying than this. At level 2 resistance in John's region the woods have been a relatively safe place to be so far, and fortunately there's plenty room for progress off the roads.
  2. Let's say you can't decide whether to give in to the temptation of popping trophies or whether to enjoy the freedom to play your games however you want to—which  obviously won't happen once you agree to do what the trophies tell you to do. If you end up stuck in this kind of limbo, what then?

  3. I don't understand why the additional trophies decreased my completion percentage but not the average completion, which is still 21%. Edit: Never mind. I guess it takes a bit more time to recalculate the average percentage.
  4. There must be an additional transaction fee your bank attempts to charge you with.
  5. Where they put themselves is a constant fear of being caught and humiliated any moment, otherwise they would not bother to conceal that they've taken a shortcut. This must be much worse than making (or losing) progress with a clear conscience.
  6. I had Borderlands on my previous account and it would've been my 10th platinum. I cleared every trophy except "You're on a Boat!" because I was stuck on that one, and I said to myself, if I can't deal with it on my own then that platinum is not mine to have. So it wasn't. And I intend to steer clear of guides in the future as well, I'm perfectly fine with A ranks (or B's).
  7. Aside from one blue screen somewhere in the middle of the Hades campaing in my first playthrough (single player) there were no problems worth mentioning. The update history speaks for itself. They gave this game a grand health potion.
  8. Special treatment was not among the perks when I subscribed to premium.
  9. No worries, they teach this in pre-schools already. Kids will know this even before the alphabet.
  10. Boy, you've played 27 games in the last two weeks, no wonder the system can't keep up with you.
  11. You need to earn S rank in every segment.
  12. The other day I picked up my extended English dictionary and started to type random entries in the ID search box on PSN as I was curious if there are any words that are not already taken. After about a hundred page turns I could not find one damn expression that was not already used up in some form. I honestly can't recall how many words I tried but it started to become really ridiculous.
  13. Butterflies is a great offensive but it may waste useful orb pairs, and that's why I avoid it. I'll attempt a few more tries on hard survival and then leave it at that. Anyway, whatever made you bring up this topic out of the sudden, it was a relief. Struggling with a hard game that practically no one plays anymore is quite depressing.
  14. I played through hard mode with a fix set of spark shot, backwards, double wild orbs, color blast, fireflies and frost ray and they worked out just fine on every level without the need of replacing any of them. Day 103 was tough but that had nothing to do with the power-ups, you just can't do anything about so many lava orbs coming at you in one chain. I'm curious how this setup will work on nightmare. I started survival mode after the normal playthrough but I was stuck on the third level, so I thought hard mode will be a decent training in order to go back and beat survival too. Not true.
  15. That someone is me, I guess, thanks for the update. This means that you, too, believe that orb patterns depend on what power-ups you have. I'm not alone with this crazy theory then. Are you still trying to finish the nightmare campaing?