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  1. Wow! Thats awesome! Thanks
  2. I emailed them. And I encourage everyone who is playing Cloudpunk to mail them too. The more people letting them know their game is broken, the more chance they will actually fix it. [email protected]
  3. Yeah. Im surprised how busted this game is. Straight off the bat, my first couple missions straight up repeated. Dialogue and everything. Now they are stuck in the top corner of my screen. Cannot complete them a 2nd time. So just gotta ignore them and continue on. Also 0.00% of people have unlocked the last story mission trophy. Its totally glitched. And No-one has gotten the plat yet lol. Im surprised the game was released in this state on PS4.
  4. Yup. Server is currently up and running as of this evening. Me and a group of players popped the trophy. Grab it while u can.
  5. No, that wont work. Iv downloaded a bunch of maps off other players. More than 25. And no trophy. I know a couple of people who downloaded around 30 and one guy who downloaded like 45. Still no trophy. Downloading maps off other players on ps3 wont work. Need to download them directly from the map menu. BUT ITS NOT WORKING. Its down worldwide. I sent a support ticket to Ubisoft. For everyone who wants the "Adventurer" trophy you need to take 10 minutes to sign up to their dumbass website and message them about this problem. Its the only way they will realise the server is not working.
  6. Trophy is unobtainable as server is down. All other multiplayer works fine. Its been down for a week now. Nobody seems to care. Every time u try to download a new map you are greeted with "There is a problem with the Far Cry 2 server" People all over the world are having the exact same issue. Platinum is now unobtainable. Unless Ubisoft become aware of and fix this issue.