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  1. Other than the colour, it's identical to the PS4 box art. It still looks nice though...
  2. Probably gonna be a 2/10 difficulty. But if it's anything like the first game where each collectible is unique and adds to the story, then I wouldn't mind at all. It's much better than collecting 300 of the same meaningless shit in games like Assassin's Creed, Infamous, etc.
  3. You were just complaining in the first post about the part before the plane arrives and now you're saying it's easy? Anyway, the final section only lasts a few seconds and there's a checkpoint right at the start of it allowing you to retry instantly. Just strafe like I said and you'll be fine.
  4. Trust me, hiding in the popcorn stand/ticket booth DOES WORK 100% of the time. Make sure it's the leftmost one when facing the direction the enemies start coming in. Just stay prone in the corner near the door under the counter. No grenade will ever come near you. Don't exit until you reach the next checkpoint. Don't even pop out to kill enemies. When you're carrying Macmillan to the chopper, continuously strafe left to right, the enemies will miss most of their shots and you should make it to safety. Hope that helps!
  5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  6. Just Cause 3 Baker's Dozen Liberate 13 Settlements.
  7. #37 Call of Duty MW Remastered Just another day at the office Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 I'm not really big on fps games but this was great and a perfect example of what a remaster should be. And it was nice practice for WWII, which I'll be starting soon... The trophies aren't too difficult, all missions on Veteren were manageable apart from Safehouse, which caused frustration. Even Mile High Club is doable with some practice. I managed to do it three times after developing a good strategy.
  8. Anyone know which game mode grants the most xp?
  9. It helps to take notice of how many bonuses/skillshot indicators you get on screen after each set of enemies. Memorise how many enemies are in each set and if your number of bonuses don't correspond with the amount of enemies there were, then you've missed someone. The second set is the tricky one, I recommend using the charged flailgun on them, or if that doesn't work you could try thumping them instead.
  10. The Witcher 3
  11. That's some impressive gameplay there man, well done!
  12. There's a few in the Picus dlc for doing some miscellaneous stuff and for sending and completing 3 challenges. There's also an easy one in the Tier 4 dlc for completing 3 data sphere deliveries. The rest of the trophies take some effort.
  13. 36 Deus Ex Mankind Divided #CantKillProgress Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 I love stealth games and this was an absolute joy to play. At first I didn't expect the mix of fps and tps gameplay to work out but it did, wonderfully. The augmentations are what sets its gameplay apart from the rest and the open-ended level design adds loads of replayablity to the game. I do feel like the story was cut short though, what should have been the middle of the game was actually the end of it. But the interesting side missions more than make up for what the main story lacks. And the "A Criminal Past" dlc was amazing. Trophy wise, it's a very complicated platinum for sure. With so many missable trophies and major consequences for small mistakes, it can become stressful at times. Luckily, you can save the game just about anywhere and you're allowed 40 save slots, so that makes things a little easier. You gotta love that platinum name though
  14. I do this all the time when I'm cleaning up miscellaneous trophies or grinding for something after finishing the game's story, or sometimes even when I'm attempting a hard trophy or doing a second playthrough in certain games. I usually listen to my favourite channel, Playstation Access, on Youtube. I specifically find Rob's Friday Features to be very relaxing..or pretty much any video where he's speaking. It calms me down which is very helpful especially when I'm doing something tedious or difficult within the game.
  15. Very strange. What error message are you getting exactly? Edit: I've read a bunch of info on different forums regarding this, and everywhere the solution seems to be restarting your game. But that doesn't seem to be working for you. You could re-install your game perhaps?? Very unlikely for that to work since it's a server issue, but it won't hurt to try.