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  1. I personally do have two theory´s: 1. We´re missing something, like the last platform I am working on, to find the D and exit this level. Or something elsewhere. 2. The game is unbeatable and unfinished, which won´t surprise me, to be honest.
  2. Actually managed to get to the platform we´ve talked about after bringing about 5 or 6 enemies to the top of the spike wall, but nothing. There is one more platform in the absolutely last part of the level, so 2 more from our initial thought. Where the ground ends, I think that´s the last part. But haven´t found a way to get there. Bringing 4 enemies with super jumps, and even the glitch jump that occurs sometimes, but nothing, so far unreachable for me. Even bringing enemies to there going up the wall and after down and 15 minutes of frustation, to the last part of the map and jumping above them, but nothing. The platform is too high. Will try more times to get to it and finish this troll level. Thanks @A1rPun
  3. 1. Could you show me or let me know exactly where? Will try some things with them tonight, never noticed that hidden spawn. 2. So there´s nothing there.... hm...I guess then it´s what I said, the unreachable plattforms you showed in the video. We need to get to the last one, I don´t know why, but I think the D icon is there, that´s why nearly ¨ impossible ¨ to get there. Thanks dude!
  4. Yeah, definetly, that invencibility thing will help out! 1. We can bring enemies to the last part of the map? If so, how? Because we have dozen of spinning balls and they´re super stupid following you. 2. Before the infinite enemies spawn in the middle of the map, there are a lot of ball spikes in the air, it feels like they have something in the middle and 4-5 rounds of spikes around it, but never managed to go so up. Even jumping from the last wall with spikes.
  5. We´re talking about the same Platform? At the end of the level after the walls. Anyway, I will go back to the game after a few years and see if I can help out with more progress. You can go up in a wall in the centre of the map and once you clim to the TOP you´re in front of the UFO, but you can´t do anything here. I remember that I jumped to the left and you go back to the start of the map, and to the right you eventually find the run power - up. I know we´re missing something, maybe you can go inside the UFO with some secret code with the dualshock? There are not more things to explore, apart from that platform which is unreachable. Also, I figured out that you need to find a ¨D¨ symbol, because on the trailer you can see in other map that symbol floating around, so I guess is the exit. But anyway will try to go inside the UFO and see if we can work out to finish the first level, it´s been a few years.
  6. I went to the end of the level 3 years ago for around 50 + times, but never found the ¨D¨ letter to exit the level. There are some platforms at the end, after you jump down from the spike wall, but you cannot reach the further ones by simply jumping and I am 100% that the exit is on the last platform. Maybe will get back to it and we can help out each other to finish the first level.