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  1. I hear everywhere that this is a very easy platinum. But i keep on dying. When i hit the crook with 4 points then he hits me with 11 points. How can i win those puzzles? Or is it just luck based everytime?
  2. A YouTuber that i follow for years made all the soundtrack of this game. Enjoy
  3. Thanks for the great video
  4. Trailer looks cool. I hope you can play it in co-op on the couch.
  5. I hope that the PS5 don't get these titles so soon.
  6. Wow ... just wow ... Now anyone can release games for Playstation?
  7. Do you know the difference of the Vita only version and the PS4/Vita combined version?
  8. Also on PS Now, so i am going to get it there. But sure it's a nice price
  9. This is for the PS2 game. Not the PS3/4 version
  10. Looks like a free sponserd game. Just like Island Saver.
  11. They don't have multyplayer trophies (on PS3) so i don't think a server closure is a thing.
  12. Working on this trophy now, but man what a management. If you reset the puzzle the 4 puzzles on the rock change by wich first. I thought i only got 4 black screens but one puzzle in the back only was lit up. After that one the other one is possible. All random. This will also take away a few seconds going for the 6:30 minutes run.
  13. Life is Strange
  14. Why is this game not a PS5 exclusive?