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  1. 14999 congratulatios mate!!!
  2. Of course. You will need it later on when fighting valkyries, cleaning trials and for some hard enemies. Only costs 10k. and money its not a problem to buy those stones.
  3. Portugal may not make great games in terms of exhibition but believe me thats not easy to win against us. Spain had the ball but Portugal had and has a heart.
  4. Maybe dragons dogma... a great game
  5. I liked it ... in the end you just forgot to mention the names of the two soccer players. by the quality of both they seemed to be Christiano and Messi... good luck for everyone in the future
  6. Shame... that sucks mate.
  7. Lucas is right...I had the trophy before I finished the event. after fulfilling the requirements the trophy should unlock. Good luck with that
  8. all on PS3: 1- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 2- God of War III 3- inFamous 4- Assassin's Creed II 5- Killzone 3 6- HEAVY RAIN 7- Dead To Rights: Retribution 8- Duke Nukem Forever 9- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 10- DEAD ISLAND A little of everything...
  9. Ok, I just watched both movies ( The Protector 1 and 2) and you were right... Good fight scenes but I liked the first one more. Thank you for your referral.
  10. Nope... Maybe it's a good movie to see tonight. In ong bak movies the fight scenes look so real.
  11. Maybe "Ong Bak" and 2 & 3. really good fighting scenes on those movies.
  12. Maybe darksiders 1 & 2... Silent hill downpour and try this one Hunted: the demon´s forge and i completely forgot Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut. a good game
  13. you will find good people and sometimes bad people ... this is how it works. try to add these people to your friends list and maybe you ll have success in your future sessions boost.( its how i try to do ). Good luck with that
  14. I have a few Battlefield 4 Gta V Dragons dogma Resident Evil ORC
  15. they should make a contract with NOS tv... with that, its possible to repeat the final otherwise i ´ve bad news for them. the cup is already in our museum/federation and will not get out of here...