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  1. Only jessica survived. The one that I thought I killed first ended up to be the only one who survived... I was shocked when I saw her waking up, and more shocked that I managed not to screw up the "don't move your controller" part. However, the others weren't lucky enough to survive. Some of them I tried to save & others I killed them on purpose 😈. Here's the order of deaths: 1. Matt: Killed in the mines because I tried to save that ungrateful bitch Emily. 2. Chris: Died outside because The other bitch Ashley, didn't open the lodge's door. I was really pissed when that happened. Chris was my second favourite character. 3. Emily: Shot in the eye by Mike. (I'm not sorry). 4. Ashley: Killed when she opened the trapdoor. (Did it on purpose. That's what she get for killing Chris). 5. Sam (my baby! 😭💔) : All I have to do was to run to the switch! But I thought the Wendigos would catch me if I did, so I kept on hiding until I fucked up the last "don't move". Dammit! I should had run toward the switch! 😓😢 6. Mike: I failed the first "don't move your controller" with Sam. And after Sam died he blew up the lodge killing the Wendigos & himself in the process. (I was glad he died, he really pissed me off with his attitude & his ridiculous plot armour). I was so mad at Sam's death but I claimed down after I saw Jessica's ending. "There's something in the mines" is the best closing line for this game. Oh! And Josh survived too...I guess?