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  1. #393 Hades.
  2. Persona 4 Arena for obvious reasons lol.
  3. Am also a celestial Zato-1 / I-no main with zato at level 460 and i-no at 502.
  4. This could be harder than before. it all depends how on doable are the tag missions solo.
  5. Platinum #375 Resident Evil Village
  6. Same issue with echoing ruins survey trophy. It shows on activity card that i have 98% and missing a scout log even though i have them all in the area.
  7. #372 Persona 4 Arena
  8. Well, when i think about difficulty rating i don't think of my personal rating of the game difficulty, you have to to take the average gamer/Trophy hunter and not just judge solely on personal experience. As for UMVC3 for example i think its absolutely 10/10 for an average gamer which might take them months to get used to it let alone finish it, but for me personally it would be 4/10 or 5.
  9. Probably big fan of resident evil series.
  10. Probably No more heroes paradise i really don't see it that often.
  11. Having issues with multiple games I hope this gets fixed asap.
  12. SF4 trophies are more skill based than grind based so its harder.
  13. Pretty straight forward and easy except the tedious bond grind in the end.