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  1. I know not many people even know about this game so i'm not expecting an answer lol but i loved this when i tried it on steam ages ago but before i buy it on the ps5 is the performance good? how does it feel with a controller?
  2. Slay the Spire is finally finished, my god what an RNG nightmare that was
  3. Adjustable trap damage, enemy damage, and enemy health in % increments Option for slower parry window and trap speed no way does this not disable trophies right? btw its not in alpha anymore on pc its in beta as of may 3rd iirc so this update could be close
  4. did the update add new armor/weapons for ng+?
  5. Had no idea this was even added, i am definitely going back to platinum this game now but i'm curious if its any good? its a struggle playing this with a controller
  6. how is the stability of this game now?
  7. i've given up on going for cheap, quick and easy plats but i'll make an exception for this one considering this was where it all started for me!
  8. After dipping in and out of this for a year or so i finally got my Rogue Legacy platinum! Definitely my hardest plat so far, hopefully the 2nd one comes to PS in the future!
  9. took me about 30 minutes to do it, felt like a free update. what is gearbox thinking? their DLC's are usually filled with content (good and bad but still filled) and am i correct in thinking the other 3 DLCs will also just be another dungeon and 1 new class? kinda regret buying the season pass now
  10. this looks pretty cool, anyone who has played it on steam shed some light on the difficulty of these trophies?
  11. Been playing for about 6 hours, runs flawlessly, phenomenal game so far
  12. i like the look of this but these sort of rpgs hardly ever run well on console so would be nice to know before i buy it
  13. do my eyes deceive me or is there no "100% map completion" in a borderlands game?! chaos levels i think are similar to mayhem levels but apparently it doesn't suck and it's tied to a new end game system called chaos dungeons/chambers. it is randomly generated levels that get harder and harder from what i understand
  14. I did have all the glyphs fwiw, don't know if its needed or not though
  15. ok i got it, you just need to beat phase 3 again after you've got the trophy with the flowers and visit the hospital for another ending