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  1. is there a date on the patch?
  2. yeah i've had 2 crashes and a lot of dropped frames in about 4 hours of game time. it's also the loudest my ps5 has been while running a game i'd avoid for now
  3. yeah aiming is definitely weird but i'm getting used to it. the performance of the game is horrible though, think i might not carry on playing until a few patches which is a shame because the game is really fun
  4. no missables for me it was a 4-5/10 difficulty but only for the "Soul Restored" trophy which can be annoying if you get bad rng 20-30 hour plat id say with good rng
  5. think i'd rather wait for the patch, that seems tedious
  6. getting an A rank on all missions sounds like it could be a pain other than that pretty straight forward list. Looking forward to this one!
  7. didn't think this game was for me but the demo was fantastic, really looking forward to this one
  8. craft a 7 star weapon is not popping for me
  9. i thought turning off the narrator would just make it so he won't talk as you're exploring, that's good to know
  10. i think game play wise this game is really fun, i like the rpg mechanics a lot so far but i've only been playing for around 2hrs although mele combat feels off, idk why. the way the story is told is annoying as hell though. i'm usually one for watching/reading all dialog but i'm finding myself skipping most of it already
  11. Path of Exile & Diablo 3
  12. If you're into roguelites: Children of Morta UnderMine Wizard of Legend
  13. all scout logs and ciphers in each biome
  14. not for the platinum no which is what i thought you meant
  15. how exactly does it cut down time? not saying you're wrong but i'm generally wondering how because i can't see how you've made this conclusion