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  1. i think i'll hold off until the ps5 release
  2. so what is actually the end game for godfall? is it actually good and fleshed out or just like NG+ ?
  3. hmm, have they fixed this by any chance?
  4. I played this ages ago but i can't remember is the first hero the first boss? if it isn't than beating him without rescuing any NPC's is going to be hard as you get no meta progression the no hit trophies are going to be annoying especially for the twins. the game is ridiculously fun imo so i'm buying it regardless but not expecting to get the plat
  5. Skyrim. My first time ever playing this lol, can see why it is so loved
  6. Heard great things about this, at first glance it seems a pretty do able list but haven't played it yet so i have no idea what some of these trophies mean
  7. pretty sure it's a free update
  8. Bit of a shame the game is so short but still looking forward to playing this one.
  9. It's on psnow now, is the game still full of bugs? will probably try this once i'm done with DOS2
  10. For me it goes - Chaos Gates > Hammer > Double Boon > Boon > HP > Poms My favorite build type is the um "secret" sword(don't wanna spoil) with attack speed and doom effect or knock back + rupture
  11. around 20 hours played and i've had 2 crashes so far. PS5 digital and both crashes came just as i entered the 3rd boss arena. it does suck that it rolls you back before the run so you lose all the meta currency that run, hope a fix comes soon
  12. Is there a reason more trophies haven't been added or just one of those things no knows why? I love this game and would love it if they started added more trophies with every big content patch similar to minecraft and other time sink games. Every time i return to this game i always think "i wish it had more trophies to grind out"
  13. according to some steam threads this game is really hard solo once you hit day 10, unless they balanced around solo play expect to not get very far without a group
  14. yeah that method finally worked thanks to the new patch
  15. is there a date on the patch?