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  1. Probably was a coincidence then. I tried that and the pivot was still bugged on save file 2 and when I went back to save file 1. I tried to make a backup and do the first mission on a complete new game and it didn't work too. Just the method to put the pivots around the bugged one, force the resync and wait
  2. I tried The strategy of starting a new game on the second slot and it didn't work. I tried deleting the save, starting a new one and then switch back to my old save (with a backup) and it didn't work too. Probably the other strategy was just a coincidence. I tried to "brute force" the resync sometimes, but mainly because I didn't know If I placed right the other pivots. In the last one it updated.
  3. After a day, the pivot was still bugged. Then I repeated the process to force resync and it updated. Got the trophy now. Thanks
  4. Did you delete the first save file (after a backup)?
  5. So, after I did it, I just have to wait? I put some pivots on trees (Same height as the troll pivot), does it have any problem? And while I wait, I can play normally?
  6. Tryed after 12 hours after the first sync and with elevated pivots. Didn't work. I sign out of PSN and I'll try again tomorrow
  7. Got the troll pivot on Boston too. I tried the method but it's only 1 hour after the first sync. I'll try again tomorrow. Hopefully it'll work tomorrow
  8. I had that problem too. The score went to over a quadrillion
  9. Are the servers working fine?
  10. Good news, Ubisoft removed the warning about Watch Dogs servers from their page
  11. So servers are back online?
  12. Servers still offline?
  13. I need the color too. It's the only thing left to get
  14. Thanks. So, if I find it on EU and download it from there, it'll not work with my game that's from my USA account? I'll need to buy the whole bundle then?
  15. Damn, I just need the legendary body color...