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  1. I have a lot of games on my account that are from PS3, when I bought it. I had it for less than a year and I didn't care about trophies or platinum trophies. In the end of 2019 I bought the PS4 and started to get some platinum trophies, but I have a lot of games that I'm not proud of (Energy Cycle, Drowning, etc.) and a lot of PS3 games that the platinum trophy is impossible and I have some 1% games from PS4 that I'll not play (Like Deus Ex, I have it on PC and I didn't like to play it on controller). So, my question is, with PS5 and 38 platinum trophies, should I start fresh a new account and only play games that I will enjoy and at least try to get platinum trophy? Or should I leave this behind and try to complete as many as trophies in games (not necessary get platinum)? I have a PC too, so, games that I know that are too hard to get platinum or with massive grind/multiplayer trophies, I could play on PC.
  2. I still need all co-op and play all multiplayer modes. If anyone is interest, add me. PSN: patrickdziura
  3. I thought about it, but I have a really long backlog and as I said, probably some game I'll not go for the plat and then I'll have the same problem. So I'll keep my current account and get as many trophies as possible from this older games
  4. It bugged for me too. Latest version of the game. The system took the screenshot and the video for the plat, but it wasn't appearing in the trophy list. Repeated the latest level and it didn't appear. Shutdown the PS5, waited for a hour and when I turn it on, it was there the plat
  5. Thanks a lot kinnyman and Nighcisama. I thought a lot and I'll not create a new account, I'll keep my account and try to get as many as possible trophies from PS3 games that I started. I didn't think about it as a history, but it is my history with Playstation. I'll never plat none of the Rock Bands, but I want to anyone who sees my profile, see that I played them. And thinking better, I'm sure that if I create a new account, in some moment, I'll have some game that I don't want to plat, but played on that account. So, why bother? I'll try to not bother about it.
  6. I need to join a lv 50 crew, please. PSN: patrickdziura