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  1. Says in the guide if you can change your psn Id and your account will reset? I beleive ur first psn name change is free and then u can revert back to ur real name anytime.
  2. Thanks for your help that's a really easy way to understand thank you.
  3. Well they say that at rank 19 u cant get any less negative xp. But by going to exclusive content then exclusive it deducted 60 points logging back in but I didn't get any minus points when I did it. Trying to hit rank 20 before doing the warlord glitch. But if I cant get any less xp from 20 its gonna ruin it. Maybe I'm missing something but supposedly can get negative points after 19. This true?
  4. The glitch where you derank with diamonds from level 20 to 1. Does anyone know if this still works with ps3. Dont wanna do it and realize it doesn't work and lose all the xp. Can anyone simply explain the step by step in simpler terms then the old guides explain as it would be greatly appreciated aswell.