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  1. I know that story missions cannot be done in co-op but does anyone know whether you can with the quests for going into a domain to ascend the adventure rank? Many thanks if anyone knows!
  2. Due to the need to play online for the wins and multiple titles is this still doable?
  3. Does anyone happen to know what enemy it is that drops the gloomy scale? I just need one to finish all the community requests but seem to be running low in luck on finding it.
  4. After how long it took to get through these on 0 I’m actually finding these much tougher, I’m struggling just to get past proving grounds 3. Even after watching videos on it, before I’m even able to grab anything I’m already surrounded— does anyone have any hints on how I could get past this? I know the enemy with the gun is priority, most times I can get him but the biggest problem is Kiryu really likes to grab the air instead of a weapon I’m standing right next to and in that moment I’m again surrounded.
  5. #67 - Yakuza 0. As this was my first yakuza game, at first I felt completely overwhelmed with how much the game offers and all the tasks you are assigned to gain the 100% and upon completion I must’ve clocked in over 200hrs so I’m very proud of this one.
  6. In the mail list it shows I’ve got 100% I’m assuming that means I’ve supposedly seen all the mail, but I never got the trophy for reading all of Mayuri’s mail anyone know what I could do without starting from scratch?
  7. Just to clear it up, is the max level 5 or does it have to be in the bonus?
  8. Since it’s in sabo’s skill tree does that mean the skill can only work on the mission with him or would it work on any?
  9. That’s good to know thank you, know what map that skill would be in? I never played PW3 so it’s quite new to me.
  10. Is there a quick way to get this or does this just require you to grind missions out?
  11. Thank you, after the original post sometime after I realised there was the points you could assign which I didn’t notice and the cards that I already held were enough to get me through the remainder. The biggest problem I had with that Mirio mission was the 7 second interval where you couldn’t deal damage to them.
  12. Would you happen to know what mission would give you the recover health dropping below 1 symbol? pretty sure I’m already using the others you mentioned
  13. Does anyone happen to have any recommendations on how to get through the five star missions in mission mode? I’ve gotten most of the way with just chisaki got him at about level 82 and still no luck in getting past these last few