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  1. Skate heaven is ok because its a very quick around 10 or 15 seconds. Only 4 jump grinds. Tricky timing but it's alright
  2. Try doing the banana jump first, that's the only way i could do it
  3. Thanks for this im gonna give it a try
  4. Mall is a pain. Best tip i can give it try and jump as much as possible so balancing is easier Sadly there's harder ones namely the bullring. I struggled on a few others didn't though so i guess some people are better at different ones. They're just muscle memory really. Some will take a lot of practice, I've literally just finished all the hard get there's 5 mins ago
  5. There has to be a way to cheese this a bit to get to 100 using a turbo controller. This is the first thing that's made me want one 😂😂😂
  6. I started with the banana grind because the hardest parts are jumping to that then getting on the next grind. Then manual/grind right around the corner, run up the slope. Grind, wall plant grind for the rail kiss then manual to the stand jump
  7. So I've done school 2 finally. It really is just muscle memory that one. You get to a point where you can get to the rail down the stairs half way through every time (which is a pain as you jump over it a lot from the ramp). My tips are to jump as a lot so its easier to hold grain and manuals. Wall ride after the first rail. Play in free skate so you can knock the post down after the rail down the stairs, don't restart so this rail stays down and becomes a handy grind (you'll generally have more problems keeping manual so this is good) Jumping over the red rails need the end after the long manual and grinding on the ledge near the wall seemed easier to me. Instead of grinding on the lockers and wall planting back at the end I just jumped off the rail and turned back around in a manual then went back down the rail.
  8. So anything missable does anyone know? And hows the length about
  9. Nowhere near to be honest. Around 75
  10. Yup you do get better. I'm just worried about officer dick knocking me over mid way through 🤣 bullring was awful. Best tip i can give is start with the banana grind jump first, because i couldn't make that jump at all mid run
  11. School 2 one is beyond frustrating. After several hours on bullring I'm worried 😂
  12. Ugh i wish i knew that before 🤣
  13. Ok this should help people. You can use a guest to read greens as long as your character is on legend
  14. Finally get a bit of luck and chip in on the first, then 4 putt the 2nd from a 3yd birdie 😂 honestly the worst/most random trophy I've ever attempted