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  1. Will do. Now that I think of it, Fallout 3 had that same "problem".
  2. Thanks! Awesome, thanks
  3. Just got the Ultimate Edition, installed the game and all the DLC's, then I looked at the trophy list and the trophies are all merged together, main game and DLC's, not separated like every other game. Then I came here and the trophy list is divided, again, like any other game, but not on my PS3. So, I need the dlc trophies for the Platinum? Will it unlock if I obtain the Main Game trophies only? I have no problem with the idea of playing it to 100%, but with the amount of bugs this game is reported to have, makes me doubt.
  4. Finally reached the 1337 trophy: I Better Stay Inside, from Just Ignore Them. 

    Fitting name. 

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats on milestone!

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Nice milestone 🌟 

  5. A Winter's Daydream

    Platinum #27

    I have surpassed my old account @chatryan27 on Platinums, now I have to reach myself on the Leaderboard.

  6. PSN ID westerosi27 PS Systems PS3, PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests NO Please tell me if you're from PSNP