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  1. 3 of my favorite games: The Last of Us, Dragon Age Origins and Fallout 3 (soon to be replaced with New Vegas) Skyrim and RDR 2 are my absolute favorites but Skyrim is already in the Milestones, it was my first plat, and RDR 2 well... I just can't. Love the story, but I dislike the Online mode, so I probbaly won't plat it
  2. Only Saints Row 3 and 4
  3. Bought it exactly one month ago. My aunt help me with the credit card and I've already paid the rest. Here in Chile it still hard to find, I found it by pure chance: I was browsing different sites just checking if the PS5 was available, found one, told my aunt if she could buy it for me, cause I don't have a card in that particular store, she did it, I paid her in cash later, console arrived 3 days lates.
  4. I used the cheat just today, I defeated the Shor Fortress legit last year, on another account, and I just couldn't be bother to do it again in this one. Once you finish the battle with the Inmortal cheat activated, either get out of your Animus and return, or just turn off the cheat, this will grant you the trophy.
  5. PSN ID: westerosi27 PS Systems: PS3, PS4, PS5 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Yes, I do
  6. Tomorrow I will sell my PS4. It's been an amazing ride.

    I will hold onto my PS3 and I'll try too wrap up all the games I have left.

    PS5 coming soon

    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I could never do that. lol I still have an N64.

  7. Just got my refund, this was really a life changing lesson.
  8. Platinum #52: GTA San Andreas (ps3 edition)


    Not a good remaster to be honest. The original version is better, smoother, but it still is San Andreas, wich means fun as hell.

  9. Angel Pine is ridiculously easy
  10. Death Stranding: I think you all know why God of War (2018): Something about the story and combat system. Couldn't spend more than 3 hours in the game. Probably will get to it later, maybe on the ps5. ICO: I seriously don't udnerstand this game, maybe I'm too simple minded or impatient. But it's a no-no for me. And there's for beating it in 2 hours? What the hell. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind : OK, not PS, I know, but I really wanna love this game. I try to. Maybe it's because I'm not used to computer gaming, maybe the game didn't aged well (although I've played some even older games). A remaster/remake would really help me with this.
  11. 5 days past its official release, FIFA 21 sits with a 0% of Platinum achievers. How far are you into the game? Are you planning to be the first? Who do you think will get there before everyone else?
  12. Will do. Now that I think of it, Fallout 3 had that same "problem".
  13. Thanks! Awesome, thanks
  14. Just got the Ultimate Edition, installed the game and all the DLC's, then I looked at the trophy list and the trophies are all merged together, main game and DLC's, not separated like every other game. Then I came here and the trophy list is divided, again, like any other game, but not on my PS3. So, I need the dlc trophies for the Platinum? Will it unlock if I obtain the Main Game trophies only? I have no problem with the idea of playing it to 100%, but with the amount of bugs this game is reported to have, makes me doubt.