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  1. Hi all... looking for help on multiplayer as i've been unable to find players in ranked lobbies for "the climb" and "first strike" trophies. Was in a gaming session tonight with 2 British players (I'm in Australia) who had no trouble getting into lobbies together when searching at the same time but i ended up in lobbies by myself. I even had a second account and when searching at the same time with both of my accounts (both with lvl 275+ cars) each would launch into a lobby by itself! Any ideas??? Thanks in advance for feedback update - Just got into lobbies without issue. i had been loading into lobbies in my drift car on one account and offroad on the other. Changed my preferred race car so this was the default and got into lobbies together. Still took and age for other players to join but all good. Doesnt seem like this should be the fix but seems to have worked.
  2. They probably realised that they forgot to increase the cost of all the cars so doing that now with 'server maintenance' :\
  3. Sorry i meant does the difficulty setting make any difference to the payout. Patch notes state payout adjusted by "driving time and difficulty" So if you put it on hard difficulty do $ change or just the laptimes of the AI?
  4. I'm locked out atm for ongoing server maintainence... anyone know if difficulty makes any difference to the payout now? Patch notes kind of indicated it would. Thanks
  5. Hate to nitpick but this said "determined to win' not ' destined' Thanks for the info though I think we have to wait on this one.
  6. Just a heads up... either i'm really unlucky or the windmill track method has been nerfed in patch 1.06. In 10 races today the AI hasn't spun or crashed even once Still totally winable but have to be more careful not to lose control on the jumps!