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  1. I don't have the game but I do have the pre-order bonuses now lol. Thanks man.
  2. Add me for Heartless Armed Angel. 1. Persona 5 2. Persona 5 Royal
  3. Great ! I'm gonna get these trophies surely.
  4. Across 4 playthroughs of P5 / P5R 1. Kylian Mbappe (sorry) 2. Ren Amamiya 3. & 4. Akira Kurusu
  5. The game released for PS4 yesterday, and I don't see a trophy list synced up on PSNProfiles... strange? https://store.playstation.com/en-in/product/EP5911-CUSA20344_00-RAJIANANCIENTEPI
  6. The game doesn't support cross save involving the PS4. So you can move save files between mobile and PC as much as you want, but not with the PS4.
  7. do you have to earn a trophy to see the changes?
  8. I played the beta, the issues I had were with performance, frames dropping here and there, the cameras shaking randomly and the overall missions feeling too linear at times. I did enjoy the combat, especially with Hulk and Kamala Khan. I hear that the final release plays much better in terms of performance, and I've heard good things about the story as you progress further, which makes me interested in the game once again.
  9. I'd rather prefer having a choice to play on NG+ if I wanted to.
  10. I shall give this one a go, anyone knows how much this costs?
  11. People like old game graphics because they started off playing those games in that era when high end graphics were technically not possible. New players (and some old) will choose better graphics given an option. If I ask my younger cousin who's 12 to play some of the old 1990s to early 2000s games he won't be impressed by those games as much as current/next gen games. This is always the case, and it's a matter of preference. The game has a very good aesthetically pleasing art-style that will impress not only new players but also "veterans", you can choose to not prefer it but it's there and it's good. It helps immersing into the gameplay. I can defend the camera lock-on option as well. To me, the option to have camera lock-on would mean simply button mashing and chopping away every enemy without any stress. Yes, I would prefer to have that option to lock-on, but I would not use it, because to me it doesn't work with the combat in this game. I prefer smart strategized combat than a button-mashy one. When you play the game on Lethal, you hardly ever have the chance to even lock-on, the option would not have done major impact at all.
  12. I'm so hyped, I'm crying
  13. To OP, when your title says Honest Review, it must contain pros and cons, unless the game is downright shit, which this isn't. When you give a "dick-riding" opinion, it's not honest anymore, more like biased. Still, I accept the story has issues, pacing has issues like every open-world RPG. I loved the combat and that's the saving grace for this game. Do I agree with 9.3 user score on MC? Well I don't agree with any score to be honest, 83 MC critic score, 9.3 MC user score neither do any justice to the game, same for 94 critic/~5 user TLOU2 MC scores. TLDR - honest opinions should have pros and cons, makes it less biased and never be influenced by user/critic scores for any game.
  14. Lethal difficulty isn't easy, it's a good challenge, especially with the camera angles in combat and no lock-on options.
  15. I'm very curious to see the difference in the base version and that of Ultimate edition. Unless the versions are different, have under-the-hood optimisations in the Ultimate edition, I can't see why the base version and ultimate version are considered differently here.