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  1. It's like the GOTY/Complete editions vs base edition akin to The Witcher 3. No as of today's announcement, you need to first buy the Director's Cut which costs $20 and comes bundled with the Iki expansion. You can't only buy the expansion.
  2. The fact that you cannot buy the DLC alone without the need for purchasing the DC first (which is for the most part the same game I already own) is concerning, both for Sony's practices and for the dlc itself being very short and not completely worth to stand on its own to be charged a price.
  3. Need confirmation on two queries - 1. I see there are 3 stacks for the PS5 version but just the one for the PS4 version. Does this mean there's some sort of conversion of uploaded saves to match the store region you bought the game off from and pop 1 plat or does it auto pop all stacks? Afaik, it should pop just one plat but then this is the first time I am seeing something like this. 2. I think in Spiderman Remastered you got the plat on PS5 based on the trophies you got for the PS4 version and not just the progression of the uploaded save file (correct me if I am wrong). Does FF7R pop trophies based on the uploaded save file progression or does it tie in with your profile?
  4. Just because it's your favorite game, doesn't mean it's unnecessary. You always have the option to not transfer your saves, options are always good :-).
  5. Yes it's confirmed to run at native 4k and 60fps on PS5. For the Series X, it even supports 120fps but I suppose PS5 doesn't support higher refresh rates above 60fps for backwards compatibility games, since these are PS4 games.
  6. This is the first line in the article. "Their Souls franchise" Dark Souls is owned by Bandai Namco not Sony. I call it fake, don't need to read further.
  7. That was the whole point, people judging the difficulty of a game based on a trophy list when it was clearly expected to be a challenging game from the previews.
  8. If they put a save system where it auto deletes when you die, and when you reload the last save - I think it does the business of keeping to the genre and also prevents save scumming a little bit since the items you get as drops is very randomized so you're not guaranteed a good run even after doing a save at a point.
  9. fastest achievers are for 100%
  10. I don't trust Fextralife either, but it's good to see the game get the love. Wccftech's review leaked too, another 9.3 .
  11. Fextralife broke the review embargo and leaked the first review for the game. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:QWbCg2DeWZkJ:https://fextralife.com/returnal-review-impressions-phenomenal-cosmic-fun/+&cd=1&hl=it&ct=clnk&gl=it&client=firefox-b-d
  12. I know a few stuff you ask without playing the game, so let me answer them for you. If you've played Demon's Souls you should be familiar with archstones. They're called biomes and that's where you spawn when you die. You always spawn at one of the tier 1 biomes when you die, tier 1 being a set of biomes where you can beat the first boss. If you have beaten the boss of this tier, you can teleport to the next tier of biomes almost instantly, and that's how you go to the biomes where you haven't beaten a boss yet. Biomes are procedurally generated but there's a set of rules that define the kind of biomes that are generated for the boss you fight in that tier, hopefully I am making sense here. There is no checkpoints system, if you die you spawn at first boss biome. If you quit the game, you lose progress in the current biome and start off at biome 1 again. There might be a few items and upgrades that are permanent if you encounter them and close the game, but most of the stuff are lost when you quit the game. I am yet to understand what the permanent upgrades between runs are. That said, you can always put the PS5 in rest mode and continue off where you left at.
  13. On the contrary, I think they have marketed the game enough, shown enough gameplay for a rogue-lite to keep it fresh for day 1 players. I just put it out there as PowerPyx is reputed and he voiced his opinion that I think everyone should know, especially those who were going with the seeming difficulty of the platinum being 1-2/10 because it's a Sony game and reading the trophy list.
  14. I'll just leave this here for everyone
  15. You should definitely checkout these videos