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  1. It’s the same, 210 and it’s resetting on 10/10 next week
  2. Just checked with a friend, the siege needed is part of the 3rd story line and a quest line called Duat. That’s a lot of optional stuff to do to get to the siege and then grind a few more for the oils. It gets rotated out on 10/10/22 so I’d rather wait and hope it’s at least in the 2nd story line.
  3. Cross saves work both ways but trophies don't on top of that you can only have 3 characters without the option to delete them so you've got to get the platinum for both stacks within those 3 characters.
  4. Guess I'm gonna have to find people to play this lol, the game is region locked so can't matchmake however I want
  5. I haven't been able to get this skill trigger for me either , any suggestions would be helpful
  6. yes that's the case, also I'm mildly surprised rt mode is also 60fps waiting for a deeper dive from digital foundary later for the resolution but this is really good for me
  7. My tv doesn't support it but I wasn't able to toggle high framerate for Re7 so I suppose it is 120fps
  8. There's still a week between now and the game's release date...
  9. Yes it's possible. There's 2 valorplate cores that always spawn in the same place in Azure Enclaves in Dreamstones that I farmed 15 times. If you want, add me on PSN and I'll show you how it's done.
  10. I got the PS+ Challengers Edition version and upgraded to the Deluxe edition with $15. I want to play the Fire and Darkness Expansion to get those trophies, but apparently I have to play the entire campaign to access the dlc, even though I was given a fully leveled up character. Question - Can you fight the 5 dlc bosses in dreamstones similar to the main campaign bosses?
  11. Someone needs to test this out
  12. Please ignore it, I got the platinum just now. It's a visual bug that the chest is closed but the rot was collected; as you can also see, there are mushrooms all around the chest .
  13. I think I might have found the glitched 24th rot?
  14. There's a 1.005 now on PS5
  15. I'm gonna suggest a game that I completed 100% just today, it's called F.I.S.T. do try it out, I think it's a very good metroidvania.