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  1. It’s the same, 210 and it’s resetting on 10/10 next week
  2. Just checked with a friend, the siege needed is part of the 3rd story line and a quest line called Duat. That’s a lot of optional stuff to do to get to the siege and then grind a few more for the oils. It gets rotated out on 10/10/22 so I’d rather wait and hope it’s at least in the 2nd story line.
  3. Cross saves work both ways but trophies don't on top of that you can only have 3 characters without the option to delete them so you've got to get the platinum for both stacks within those 3 characters.
  4. Guess I'm gonna have to find people to play this lol, the game is region locked so can't matchmake however I want
  5. I haven't been able to get this skill trigger for me either , any suggestions would be helpful
  6. yes that's the case, also I'm mildly surprised rt mode is also 60fps waiting for a deeper dive from digital foundary later for the resolution but this is really good for me
  7. My tv doesn't support it but I wasn't able to toggle high framerate for Re7 so I suppose it is 120fps
  8. Nioh Remastered (PS5) Nioh 2 Remastered (PS5) Identical lists from the PS4, includes all DLC. Nioh 2 v 1.24 update adds support for cross-save management. You can select this function from the “SYSTEM” option on the title screen. Save data from the PS4 version can be uploaded, then downloaded to the PS5 version allowing you to continue playing. It is also possible to to transfer from the PS5 version to the PS4 version. You need to have the same PSN account to download and upload the save data. Trophies are handled differently in the PS5 and PS4 versions. Some trophies that have already been earned (those that are difficult to earn again) will be automatically acquired when the save data is loaded. PS5 version cross-matching support: The PS5 version does not allow matching by Friends. To play with a specific user, please use a password. Nothing is confirmed about Nioh 1 at the moment. I hope we get cross-gen save transfers and co-op matchmaking support. Source: https://themakoreactor.com/news/nioh-2-version-1-24-update-patch-notes-download-size-cross-save-ps4-ps5-trophy-unlocks/21701/
  9. There's still a week between now and the game's release date...
  10. I got the PS+ Challengers Edition version and upgraded to the Deluxe edition with $15. I want to play the Fire and Darkness Expansion to get those trophies, but apparently I have to play the entire campaign to access the dlc, even though I was given a fully leveled up character. Question - Can you fight the 5 dlc bosses in dreamstones similar to the main campaign bosses?
  11. Yes it's possible. There's 2 valorplate cores that always spawn in the same place in Azure Enclaves in Dreamstones that I farmed 15 times. If you want, add me on PSN and I'll show you how it's done.
  12. Someone needs to test this out
  13. Please ignore it, I got the platinum just now. It's a visual bug that the chest is closed but the rot was collected; as you can also see, there are mushrooms all around the chest .
  14. I think I might have found the glitched 24th rot?
  15. There's a 1.005 now on PS5
  16. I'm gonna suggest a game that I completed 100% just today, it's called F.I.S.T. do try it out, I think it's a very good metroidvania.
  17. I just completed 20 waves in Cage Fear, got the trophy for completing 12 waves and exiting on the map, but not the trophy for surviving 20 waves. Is this expected behavior since Caged Fear is a DLC map or did the trophy just glitch for me?
  18. It's like the GOTY/Complete editions vs base edition akin to The Witcher 3. No as of today's announcement, you need to first buy the Director's Cut which costs $20 and comes bundled with the Iki expansion. You can't only buy the expansion.
  19. The fact that you cannot buy the DLC alone without the need for purchasing the DC first (which is for the most part the same game I already own) is concerning, both for Sony's practices and for the dlc itself being very short and not completely worth to stand on its own to be charged a price.
  20. Need confirmation on two queries - 1. I see there are 3 stacks for the PS5 version but just the one for the PS4 version. Does this mean there's some sort of conversion of uploaded saves to match the store region you bought the game off from and pop 1 plat or does it auto pop all stacks? Afaik, it should pop just one plat but then this is the first time I am seeing something like this. 2. I think in Spiderman Remastered you got the plat on PS5 based on the trophies you got for the PS4 version and not just the progression of the uploaded save file (correct me if I am wrong). Does FF7R pop trophies based on the uploaded save file progression or does it tie in with your profile?
  21. Just because it's your favorite game, doesn't mean it's unnecessary. You always have the option to not transfer your saves, options are always good :-).
  22. Yes it's confirmed to run at native 4k and 60fps on PS5. For the Series X, it even supports 120fps but I suppose PS5 doesn't support higher refresh rates above 60fps for backwards compatibility games, since these are PS4 games.
  23. This is the first line in the article. "Their Souls franchise" Dark Souls is owned by Bandai Namco not Sony. I call it fake, don't need to read further.
  24. That was the whole point, people judging the difficulty of a game based on a trophy list when it was clearly expected to be a challenging game from the previews.
  25. If they put a save system where it auto deletes when you die, and when you reload the last save - I think it does the business of keeping to the genre and also prevents save scumming a little bit since the items you get as drops is very randomized so you're not guaranteed a good run even after doing a save at a point.