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  1. Awesome. The thing 1982 is my favorite movie, seen it so many times. Loved the thing on the og xbox wish they would remaster it. I'll definitely play this.
  2. May he rest in peace. You honored him by completing the game in his honor.
  3. Cyberpunk 2077
  4. The biggest thing I had was my screen would freeze after reading shards. Could go into my menu and click on stuff. Just screen was frozen. Reset my ps4 so many times. Id wait for more patches. Glad it's over.
  5. If she has no ass, then I'll pass. Games these days...
  6. This is the reason why I cant stand online trophies, once the online servers go down, you're screwed out of platinum.
  7. It's old and outdated. It will die. Such is life.
  8. Yes. Looks legit.
  9. Tired of dlc being cut from main game and being sold In a "season pass" that cost more then the main game.
  10. This thread is about to go south real fast... Form your own option and dont let others form it for you.
  11. Sorry about your luck.
  12. Always back up your saves. Trust no one.
  13. Platinum in gta V
  14. Glad it helped. Happened to me plenty of times.
  15. When I happens to me I turn my ps4 off then go online and change my password. Then I turn it back on and sign in with new password. Fixes it for me.