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  1. It's unfortunate, but I don't see how this is a different situation from when developers end online service for games with trophies in that realm. It's also not like the developer here didn't give warning when they had to pull the tables. They did; and while it's unfortunate that those tables are no longer available without somebody to lend them to you, it is what it is.
  2. Adam Gase isn't going to get fired tomorrow. Or the next day. But another putrid performance on Thursday night and talk radio (plus perhaps a banner trailing a bi-plane) can probably talk the Idiot Interim Owner into shoving the guy overboard while the Jets have ten days off. I wouldn't do it this soon, but Gase isn't doing himself any favors.
  3. 10) Resonance of Fate 4k/HD Edition 100 (base game) + 66 (trophies) - 7.41 (platinum rarity) = 158.49
  4. If the Jets are floundering about like they are now when it comes to the Bye Week, I don't believe they'll have much of a choice. There will be a LOT of public pressure to "do something" and right now the Jets' offense is a complete catastrophe. It's ineffective, the play-calling is horrendous, and Adam Gase simply doesn't seem to understand how to put the pieces he does have in positions to succeed. GM Joe Banner has job security. He could justify blowing up the offense this off-season and drafting a QB and hitting the reset button on that thing.
  5. Adam Gase says "hold my beer sippy cup!" Detroit has their bye week rather early -- Week 5. So I don't think Matt Patricia is a good candidate to get bumped off at that rather opportune window and therefore probably makes it at least 12 or 13 games into the season. Atlanta has their bye during Week 10. The Jets have their bye during Week 11 (and might have to beat Miami in Week 10 just to reach it at 1-9). So I suppose Dan Quinn has a slight lead, but nothing that Adam Gase can't overcome with his expertise.
  6. There are so many other things the NFL is doing right now that both me a lot more than this. I don't like the artificial noise, and I recall teams being penalized for employing it themselves in the past, but it's so far down the list of things that I'd change about the NFL right now that it's nothing to me.
  7. He's a tremendous talent. He's also going to be as big a pain in the ass as Earl Thomas was, or that Richard Sherman could be, et cetera, et cetera. Because his ego and his mouth are as sizable as his talent. And if the Seahawks don't make him the highest-paid safety in the history of the NFL -- this at a time when the Salary Cap is going to decline 15% or so next season -- everybody is going to hear all about it. .... As for the Jets? That game wasn't remotely as close as the final score indicated. Buffalo with two missed chip-shot field goals, one Josh Allen fumble in the Red Zone, one Josh Allen fumble just outside the Red Zone. The Jets with 10 points off drives at the end of each half when they were playing hurry-up against a soft defense, and 7 points more on a long catch-and-run after a missed tackle. Their offense was completely out-of-sync, and their defense couldn't stop Josh Allen (although they did suffocate Buffalo's running backs, which is something.... I guess). If the Jets don't improve themselves significantly, Adam Gase won't make it to the end of the season. I know there are talent issues, but there are systemic issues and play-calling issues that make everything worse. He could get pushed overboard during the Bye Week in mid-November and I don't think very many Jets fans would shed a tear.
  8. If you get far enough into the event, he has a chance to appear in the mythic-level event battles. But that requires a minimum of 30 event victories first, and the Gargantaur battle has a 1-in-6 chance to spawn, and a Valraven can (and will at times) overwrite Gargantaur. If you play Explore mode, he's 50/50 to appear in the Mythic Boss Battle in Grosh'Nak. Your best chance is almost certainly in PvP. A lot of players have included Gargantaur on their teams this week for just this purpose.
  9. The key is a very low percentage drop. If the developers boost the percentage of said drop during the next Vault weekend (September 11-13), this shouldn't be too much of an issue. But otherwise it's something you're not likely to see unless you grind a LOT of Explore mode and even then the odds are strongly against you. Of the 16 people that PSNP has recorded as having achieved this particular trophy, I recognize one name from my guild. And there's probably close to a dozen of us who play a significant amount of Gems these days plus another dozen or so who play much more casually. I don't like the percentages, but I suppose it could be worse: it could be another of those "Geoff" trophies.
  10. A quick glance at both Cross Edge and WKC2 tells me that both games are properly flagged -- the pattern of auto-popped trophies strongly suggests somebody who downloaded a save game file and used it to speed things up for himself. I don't believe this dispute is going to go anywhere.
  11. If it's Jerry -- and he's probably who I'd wager on -- I'm curious as to what the structure of that contract is going to be. After his acrimonious departures from Seattle and Baltimore, I imagine teams would want to build in some level of protection for themselves against another blow-up. Talent may have an awfully long shelf life in the NFL, but Earl Thomas is probably starting to approach "too much trouble to be worth it" territory after two of these incidents less than 24 months apart.
  12. I think the NFL has to try and get some attendance inside the stadiums, if only for financial purposes. The salary cap is already going to be whacked with a meat cleaver this off-season; it's not as bad as it would be for the other Big 4 North American sports (MLB, NBA, NHL) because they're less gate-driven, but there's still a healthy amount of revenue tied to the sale and use of tickets. Take that away, and even the projections I've seen about how much the cap will decline might seem like overexuberant optimism. The NFL is probably a little bit fortunate that it's the time of Coronavirus, at least from an optics perspective, because the significantly reduced attendance based on that will likely mask what would have been some level of empty seats related to fans who dislike the League's turn back into social justice issues. But I wonder how many fans won't bother tuning into games on television, either, because they don't want their entertainment mixed with politics and celebrity preaching. And I further wonder how that will affect the television contract situation if the ratings fall off to any significant degree and how that in turn could further diminish the salary cap. There are intelligent ways to go about trying to have some capacity. Not that I trust anybody who might qualify as a Powers That Be these days to be intelligent enough to figure it out.
  13. If it's essentially the same game just ported to the new console, probably not. Because a lot of PS3 games that were simply released as well on the PS4 (or Vita) didn't get separate trophy lists. A publisher typically has to put in some amount of work re-mastering or something, to differentiate the two versions of the game if they're going to want a separate trophy list. If they don't, if they simply do a little bit of work so they can cash grab for a new generation? That doesn't merit anything.
  14. I'd go with Endless runs. You can generally find 3rd-form enemies between Floors 21 and 30, so that's where I'd focus.
  15. 9) Wild Arms 3 100 + 65 (trophies) - 7.79 (rarity) = 157.21 Another disappointing trip down Nostalgia Lane. I should know better, but I probably won't practice it -- I'm waiting for Atlus to take my money on the Nocturne remake after all.