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  1. I wouldn't really want Mike McCarthy with the Jets, either. Sure, he'd probably do some good for Sam Darnold, but the Jets already have a chickenshit coach who has seldom met a 4th down he can't wait to call out the kicking team for.
  2. Didn't Green Bay change General Managers in the last year or so? If that's the case, I wouldn't be shocked if Mike McCarthy were fired, playoffs or no, because the new guy always wants to bring in his own coach and net get tied to his predecessor's choice. I also wouldn't be shocked if McCarthy promptly landed on his feet, were Green Bay to cut him loose. Lots of teams with young QBs will look at him to develop their guy -- e.g., Cleveland and the Jets -- so he probably won't be out of work long unless he wants to be.
  3. I wish the Jets were playing a road game today so that somebody could push Todd Bowles off the post-game flight, preferably at 30,000 feet. But that's just me. As for his getting fired? I think it'll be after the season unless the backup owner wants to fire him this week. Because the General Manager doesn't have the power to fire Bowles with the way the Jets' hierarchy is at present. The players haven't given up. They just have a passive, lackluster coach and very little talent. You should know better than to pick a bad team's defense with the hopes that they'll stymie a worse offense. I understand the thought behind doing so, but to me it was always a case of taking a huge risk by doing that. Especially when you consider that the Jets are very "feast or famine" with generating turnovers and sacks and haven't done much of either in a month now.
  4. Why don't you tell us which specific games you're disputing the flags for, what reasons were given for the individual flags, and why you're disputing those flags. What you've given us here isn't particularly informational and doesn't really help us with your "dispute".
  5. He didn't want to be a camp body this year. He was rather particular about the sort of contract he wanted until he no longer had an option. And if he isn't 100% healthy or very close to it, no team is going to sign him as a "camp body" for risk that they'll be on the hook for his entire salary when he comes up "injured" again.
  6. Nobody is going to sign him for next season coming off an injury like that. He was having great difficulty landing a job before now; why would teams be interested in throwing real money at him when he won't have played for more than a year, when he will be coming back off a serious injury, when his performance sucked for some time prior to this, and when he doesn't have a sparkling reputation in the first place?
  7. His entire profile is a mess, with timestamps bouncing all over the place. Sure, it's in the realm of possibility that it could be a couple of consoles sharing one PSN profile, but it's more likely that there are nefarious activities afoot. Tales of Symphonia is particularly bad. His trophies for Rainbow Moon are a catastrophe as well. I can't speak to anything beyond that, because those are the only games on that profile that I've played.... but patterns such as that don't pre-dispose me to believe him.
  8. Didn't they rest most of their key players in Week 17 last season even though their seeding wasn't locked in?
  9. Just picked up three games (Blue Reflection, Tales of Berseria, Exist Archive) for myself. The three -- including shipping -- is the same cost as buying one through the PSN Store or two from local GameStops, the latter option requiring me to do a fair amount of running/driving around because there aren't very many copies near me even with the vast number of locations in my general area. These three are likely to go into my backlog pile -- something that sadly hasn't really dwindled recently -- but physical copies are good and inexpensive physical copies are very good. Happy holidays to me. 😎
  10. You forgot one: Bye Week over GIants.
  11. He needs to report by November 13th in order to play at all this season. And that's probably when he'll show up, because I think issues arise with his potential free agency if he sits the entire year out. Mind you, he's already given up a spectacular amount of money. And it may be worthwhile for the Steelers to explore through the League what his franchise/transition tag numbers will look like for next season with all the money he's forfeited. Because those tags allegedly are (at least in part) based upon how much he earned this year and that number is shrinking by the week. I just wonder how many teams will either ignore him entirely if he's an Unrestricted Free Agent, will lowball him because of all the drama he's created this year with his actions, or won't offer him any term and hope to use him on a "one year/make good" sort of deal. His actions/attitude rub me the wrong way, but I'd be willing to go the "one year/make good" route with him as a Jets fan for next year because Sam Darnold badly needs help and there's only so much the Jets can do through the draft -- especially without a 2nd round pick next year.
  12. The New York Football Giants beat the Houston Texans earlier this season. In Houston. Not saying that "Cleveland over Kansas City" is going to happen, but it's still a possibility. Far stranger shit has happened.
  13. The level 1000 trophy is grindy, but there are plenty of ways to cut down the necessary work for it if you put in some time and have a guild that can help you out. On the other hand, the trophy for reaching the maximum possible renown in a single faction is brutal. Which is probably why PSN still has it at 0.0% several weeks after its' release, because it's just that hard.
  14. Regarding the Giants, there are two very good reasons why they are inept on offensive and have been for more than two years: their offensive line is putrid, and they've got a lousy quarterback. Some of it is undoubtedly intermingled, as the offensive line being unable to protect the guys behind it has probably accelerated the downfall of Eli Manning, but Manning has always had a far gaudier reputation than his play deserved. For years, he got away with simply chucking balls up for grabs when he was getting swarmed and having receivers win the 50/50 battles. That's no longer necessarily happening, and he's also taking an increasing number of sacks. The interceptions were always an issue, but they can be glossed over by a lot of people when the team is winning. Insofar as throwing the dice on a two-point conversion to win as opposed to an extra point and (potential) overtime? If you're the lesser team in a matchup, and your goal is to win, you almost always want to to pick the option that increases the variance in outcomes and potentially shortens a game. Because a superior team is far more likely to defeat an inferior team if you give them more time and more opportunities to do so. It would be like flipping a coin that is unevenly weighted so that it lands in heads 60% of the time and tails 40% of the time: You can get short(er) runs where tails still comes up far more frequently, but over a huge number of flips you're very likely to see a preponderence of heads. So if you're flipping that coin and betting on tails, it's a series of wagers you want to keep going for a short period of time. And a coach is always going to find a crutch, such as "that's what the chart said". Because that allows him to pass off the blame elsewhere and try to keep his job when those gambles don't work, even if he went for it because "it was a gut decision".
  15. I can't speak to the Titans because I seldom even have the opportunity to watch them and evaluate what they may or may not be doing. As for the Giants? Ignore how they were marching up and down the field in the 4th quarter because Atlanta was trading yardage and some points for time -- that's something you can afford to do when you're up two touchdowns at that point in the game. The Giants simply don't score a whole lot in the way of points and they haven't under their last three Head Coaches (if you count last year's interim guy in the mix). They've got a bad quarterback and a lousy offensive line, which makes all their weapons at the "skill positions" less relevant. Their special teams aren't particularly "special". Their defense is prone to not making the timely stop. They're precisely the sort of team that should be going for two points and the win instead of the tie because they have trouble sustaining drives and scoring points against defenses that are playing at full gear. Their defense often gets shredded, and they find new and interesting ways to lose on a weekly basis. And their playcalling can be a mild disaster. Your argument seems to say to me that only good teams that are confident in themselves should go for two in that spot and try to win the game immediately. But it's precisely those teams that can take the extra point and play for overtime because they're good enough and confident enough to win in extra time. Whereas teams that aren't so good and confident probably should gamble it all on a single throw of the dice, especially if they have a play design that they're confident in. Because a 50/50 chance (or something close) is probably better than risking something disastrous happening in the closing seconds and/or playing extra time with a team that's better than them.