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  1. Star Ocean 5 is strictly linear -- there are no "branching story paths". It may have been something that the developers were considering for the game but never implemented.
  2. If I had a dollar for every one of these disputes where the OP claims some variant on "my hard drive crashed" wherein s/he remembered to back up his/her save files to the Cloud or via USB but didn't sync trophies, I could take a week off from work and spend on a lavish vacation. I don't see how the dispute on Catherine is going to be (or should be) successful. Because the pattern of trophies looks identical to someone who simply put the game aside for a long time and then downloaded a save file -- or a series of them -- with all the endings done that simply needed to be loaded up in turn and popped one after another. And even if they are the disputer's own save files, it's still not something that's permissible according to the rules of this website and what they deem "acceptable".
  3. If the NFL is going to have its' financial bubble burst, it's going to happen when the television rights come back up for re-negotiation. If the ratings continue to dwindle and the number of empty seats at stadiums continues to rise, there's no way the NFL is going to get the sort of money from the networks that they're accustomed to. Heck, even if that stuff doesn't happen, ESPN may not be an option because Disney is drowning in losses (and apparantly girding up to take on Netflix in the overall content market, which takes a lot of money). That being said? I think Kirk Cousins may be able to start a trend for the high-end players, at least for a while. Cousins got a fully guaranteed deal. I think some other guys can do the same if they're willing to leave some money on the table. And I think that trend can last until a team gets burnt by a spectacular backfire on such a deal, either because the player is always injured or because he doesn't perform anywhere near to his contract value (relative to the NFL, not the real world). It won't be a ton of players, and it won't be journeymen, but I don't think the Cousins deal is going to be the anomaly. And while I have this space and it's on my mind, I'd like to congratulate the Denver Broncos for signing the next Brock Osweiler. I'm forever leery of guys who have that one superb outlier season right before they become a free agent, and Case Keenum fits that to a "T".
  4. Kirk Cousins is going to get grossly overpaid -- he's not an elite QB, but he's going to get paid at the top of the market because he's a free agent. I'm praying that he picks Arizona or Minnesota because while the Jets can pay him, they can't put the pieces around him for him to be really successful out of the gate. And he'll get crushed in New York if he's getting $30 million/season and the team isn't any better than it has been for a while. Minnesota makes more sense for Cousins because the rest of the team is already there. Maybe only for a year or two before salary cap constraints tear apart that group to some degree, but he can keep them competitive. On the other hand, I don't think Drew Brees makes as much sense for the Vikings as a long-term play. Sure, Brees only has a year or two left and could help Minnesota win, but once he's done the Vikings will be in a position where they need to find a good QB again and won't have many options. And given the year-to-year variance around the NFL, it's a high-risk/high-reward bet to go to Drew Brees. Though now I'm starting to worry that the Jets are going to have to trade up to get a QB at the top of the draft. Sure, Cleveland only needs to take one guy, the Giants say they aren't going to draft a QB early, the Colts don't need to, and the Broncos may not need to at this point.... but somebody is going to trade up. And Buffalo is positioning themselves to be one of those teams.
  5. You raise someone's level cap when you can easily and efficiently get from Level 1 to whatever their current cap is. Especially once you start doing reincarnation and Peon Fusion to upgrade characters in bulk. I never used the Soaps and Shampoos or played around with them very much. So I don't know if they affect something else and I simply sold them as they accumulated as not to have them cluttering up my inventory.
  6. Funny thing: Of all the QBs being touted as 1st-round picks and potential franchise guys, the only one I want the Jets to draft is Josh Allen. Josh Rosen is a walking concussion to me, and that's a problem in today's NFL -- especially with the Jets not having the offensive line to adequately protect a guy right now. I'm not really sold on Sam Darnold. And Baker Mayfield screams "Johnny Manziel 2.0" to me, which would be an awful thing to have around the distractions of NYC. Yeah, Allen has his issues such as accuracy. But I like the rest of his game and his measurables seem like they should translate to NFL success, especially if someone can fix the accuracy stuff. So he's the one guy I'm comfortable with the Jets taking at #6 or even moving up to snag. .... As for Big Blue? If they take anything other than a QB at #2, they're dooming themselves to a decade of mediocrity. Because this is their best chance to get a franchise QB to replace the zombified remains of Eli Manning, and unless you think Davis Webb can be that guy there isn't another path for them to get one. And without that great QB, it's hard to win in today's NFL. Not to mention that they don't have the infrastructure to support a good RB even if you believe one should be taken that high, because the Giants' offensive line might be the worst one in the sport and they're about to lose their two best linesmen to Free Agency. If the Giants are going to stay in their draft slot and not take a QB, they need to take that mammoth Offensive Guard and start rebuilding their line.
  7. Feel free. I'm not sitting on any proprietary information here; pretty much everything I've shared can either be easily discovered through trial-and-error and experimentation with the game, or it's available from various forums and wikis. So it's not like you're robbing me of any value by copying what I've said in this thread to your Guide.
  8. Many/most Items won't appear in the shop for purchase/manufacture until you've found the first component in its recipe at least once. The relationships for Item Captivate can be found here. Or if you want the short version: Ego and Bipolar pair. Sadist and Terse pair. Masochist and Graceful pair. Hyper and Ditz pair. Which means if the crystal/enemy is Ego, you use the Bipolar form to Item Captivate it, and if the crystal/enemy is Bipolar, you use the Ego form to Item Captivate it. And so on.
  9. A number of tougher enemies have Conditional Skills that block theft. I couldn't even begin to tell you which ones do and which ones don't, but it's something to keep in mind. If you want an item from a specific monster, your best bet is to use Item-type Captivation -- the yellow bar. If you Item Captivate someone, you're guaranteed his drop plus double the normal Shampuru drops. Mind you, this requires you to be able to Item Captivate the monster -- which can be very difficult for boss-type enemies such as Slumbering Bosses -- or to be able to do the same to the Big Crystal.
  10. I've never played this game and I'm not an expert, but.... That cluster of six trophies that popped on 25 January 2018 after you hadn't earned a single trophy in a year-and-a-half looks awfully sketchy to me. The cluster of three trophies ~90 minutes later also looks a little odd to me as well. Maybe it's plausible -- someone who has played this game could say -- but to the untrained observer it doesn't look good.
  11. The Peons you're raising as Fusion fodder -- either with one another or with your main characters -- go into your Sub team so that they can leech XP from your main team fighting. That's how you're going to level those Peons up, because you're not building those guys and gals to be suitable for the battlefield. Raise their level caps to keep them on par with your main team. Fusion doesn't reset anything; it simply grants stat boosts and affinities to the recipient as well as skills and conditional skills that the fodder naturally learns as part of its current class. There are two sets of correlations that you need to "memorize" (or write down) for captivation. Matching affinities is the best way to Moe Captivate stuff (pink hearts), e.g., Sadist form on Sadist enemies/crystals. There's another set of correlation pairs that are efficient for Item Charming: Ego-Bipolar, Hyper-Ditz, Graceful-Masochist, Sadist-Terse -- i.e., if you want to Item Charm a Graceful enemy/crystal, you would use the Masochist form to do so. Everything else is a bit of a mess, but you may find things that work better for Ditz and Terse and getting what you want than using Ditz/Terse given those two will lag behind everything else and that can make things problematic at times.
  12. There's no need to spend on level cap increases unless you're pushing up against that cap. Also, there's less need to spend on the level cap increases if you can't quickly and efficiently go from Level 1 to whatever your cap is. I mean, go ahead and do it if there's nothing else you have to spend the MP on at that point, but it's probably not that urgent. There's no point in spending on the level caps of any character you don't use and don't have in the "backup" team, either. One of the things that probably has influence over the level of enemies in the Mugen Field is probably where those level caps sit for characters in your active and backup parties. So you don't want to go overboard just for the sake of lifting those caps. As to what you should do? If you're going to aim for the Platinum, you gradually want to increase the bets you utilize for the Mugen Field, as to find stronger enemies and to get more advanced materials and Shampuru -- especially the latter, because that's still a grind even in MSZ. You just need to balance two things as you progress: If enemies are ROFLstomping you, you're in too tough a Mugen Field. Also, if your G-Castle can't handle the battles, you're begging to be ejected from the Mugen Field and to have your rewards truncated. Until you reach the ultimate equipment, you don't have to exhaustively pander to your current sets of equipment. By all means, spend some G Up to upgrade what you have, but there's no need to go all-out when you'll constantly be upgrading your gear by crafting new stuff with the new materials you find. If you're regularly activating the Damage Carnival, go ahead and upgrade it a notch. If you aren't, save it for later. There's a benefit to activating it, and that benefit is higher when the Damage Carnival is a higher level, but better to have it a little low and ring that bell all the time than to have it a little high and never reach it. The better way to farm XP/MP/G/G Up is simply to run Mugen Fields from start to finish, killing everything and letting the bonuses accumulate. Mixing in the odd Fever Time really helps with the cash; the rest pretty much comes on its own. A better way to farm piles of equipment for upgrade/matter conversion is to Item Charm the Big Crystal. Item Charming is also the most efficient way to get specific components from enemies, although characters with abilities that steal will also help. Moe Charming the Big Crystals is even better for accumulating large numbers of Shampuru, although you may have to go with Charming enemies individually when you run into Ditz/Terse crystals. The biggest chore of the Shampuru grind is accumulating the Special-type Shampuru that give points to Ditz/Terse. One way to farm some is to run through NG+, Charming the bosses (where possible) and the planet points as that will accumulate a quantity of the lower-tier Special types. Another is to Charm slumbering bosses in the Mugen Field and the optional bosses that you'll find at Rest Stops. Ditz/Terse will probably still lag behind everything else, but that's one way to try and keep it closer to even. The only real reason to go into NG+ is to farm those Special-type Shampuru and to re-fight the dopplegangers and the Sun Goddess and Moon God. And it's not something I would suggest, because it's not as quick and efficient as the process was in the original Mugen Souls (concerning the farming of Shampuru more easily found by fighting postgame bosses repeatedly instead of getting them through the Mugen Field). You're better off growing your power and keeping a Peon Fusion process running as a "background" thing and gradually turning up the difficulty in the Mugen Field. Bear in mind that you'll see different enemies on the Carnage Route than you would on the Normal/Whimsy route.
  13. When you're doing Peon-to-Peon fusion, I wouldn't worry about the levels of the Peons in question. What you're trying to do there is raising the affinities/growth rates for those Peons, so that those numbers -- NOT the base stats -- are high enough to give some benefit to your main characters when you eventually fuse one of those Peons to a main character. It doesn't matter if Peons have all the staying power and strength of limp spaghetti if you never trot them out onto the battlefield. When you're doing Peon-to-Main fusion, you want both characters at Level 9999. Not just because you'll see the greatest benefit in those affinity/growth rate numbers, but because that's how you see benefit to base stats as well. When you do fusions at lower levels, especially if you do repeated fusions at lower levels, there's a significant decay that gets built in and that's very harmful to creating more powerful main characters. If you're going to do a bunch of Peon-to-Main fusions with the idea of transferring Skills or Conditional Skills from the generics to your main characters, and you're insistent on doing it early on when you can't easily level characters to really high levels, do it before you start with Peon-to-Main fusions designed to increase base stats and affinities/growth rates. Because doing it afterwards will erase a lot of your hard work in building up the raw numbers on your Mains. There's still going to be a deleterious effect on things in an overall sense, but better to do it before you build things up than to see all that work washed away.
  14. When you're fusing Peon to Peon, levels won't really matter as much. If you're in the postgame, you'll have all the currency your heart desires and then some, so the rising costs of repeated fusions won't matter so much. The reason to wait for Peons to be higher levels is because the advancement of your affinity percentages is a lot higher when fusing at Level 9999 than it is at lower levels; think something like +20 (where the fodder has the higher affinity in a given stat) as opposed to somewhere between +1 and +10. When you're fusing fodder Peon to main character, you absolutely want both parties to be Level 9999. And this is because the original base stats decay if you use Fusion at lower levels, particularly if you do so repeatedly. It doesn't matter for Peon-Peon fusion because you're not using those characters in battle, but it will matter for your main characters if you're trying to make them powerful. If you go through a high-bet Mugen Field and kill/Charm everything, it's not hard to get your main characters (active party) to Level 9999 in one run. It might take 2-3 runs to get your reserves up there, but you're also running the Mugen Field for other reasons, such as gathering Shampuru. I did think about writing a guide when I completed this Platinum last year. But I decided I didn't feel like putting in that effort at that time and my Muse didn't nudge me, so I never got around to the idea and still don't feel any particular urge. (My Muse, she's a bit of an oddball in that way.) That being said, I'm willing to consult and assist on a guide if someone else is writing one, to lend my knowledge and semi-extensive guide-writing experience to such a project. I just don't feel like doing most of the required grunt work on it, because writing a not-terrible guide isn't a quick-and-dirty thing.
  15. It's simply my opinion that the time the DLC weapons save you in the main game will be lost un-learning bad habits and learning the proper ones in the postgame when it's no longer possible to simply roll over enemies with raw power. Probably with interest. Better that a player learns the battle systems early and loses a little time doing so, unless having to go through that "struggle" in the main game is the sort of thing that turns them off to the game entirely. At least in my opinion. As for team, I agree with you that Chou-Chou is a significant help in the postgame. But speaking from personal experience, it's not a requirement in the very least. It's more efficient and can save you time, but it doesn't really affect the difficulty. It helps with the grind, but not quite as much as you'd think. They are pretty much the same game. Heck, MSZ's story is largely the same as the original's story, and there's a lot of similarity between characters as well. But MSZ is a lot less grindy when it comes to the postgame and the trophies. Probably by a factor of 3, give or take. The original is a 500-600 hour platinum -- and a game that a number of people cheat given their trophy lists. MSZ can probably be done in 125-150 hours, although my save file is up around 185 or so. But I seldom do NISA/Compile Heart games in the "most optimal" fashion because that's not really how I enjoy playing those sorts of games.