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  1. You need to see the True Ending while all affinities are maxxed. Those afterstories are part of the epilogue that plays after beating the game.
  2. I found the opposite when I did this: I could get the Tier 15 Shampuru in large enough quantities through a storyline run to justify the handful of hours it took to repeat the story (and all the scriped postgame fights) from scratch. It's tedious, but so too is the entire Shampuru grind. And doing it this way had a second advantage, at least to me. Farming shampuru was a lot easier in the story and the scripted postgame as opposed to the high-tier Mugen Fields. And once I had completed that part of the grind, it was easier to Moe Charm enemies in those high-tier Mugen Fields because of the extra oomph behind Chou-Chou, and to use that to get the rest of the lesser Shampuru I had yet to maxx out.
  3. Which isn't the case here. Because if it was, you'd be flagged as soon as the site started tracking you. Let me summarize what I said last night in the dispute thread that spawned this sub-thread: The original flag report is your indictment. The CRT crew reviewing that flag report is your trial -- a trial that more closely mimics Grand Jury proceedings (if we're using the American judicial system as our "model") than anything else -- but that's where "guilt" or "innocence" gets determined and the CRT crew is your judge (and/or jury). Disputing a flag is an appeal of a guilty verdict. And if we're going to carry the American judicial system metaphor forward through this, the burden of proof has now shifted to the appealing party to demonstrate that the original verdict was rendered incorrectly.
  4. Except that you have it wrong. It's not guilty until proven innocent. If you want to compare this to judicial parlance, the first act is somebody writing up a flag report and submitting it to the CRT. Consider that an indictment. Then the CRT reviews the case and passes judgment. It may as well be a "trial in absentia", but I believe they effort to make a fair judgment and err on the side of not letting the flag stick if they have doubts. One problem with this, of course, is that you have no idea you were charged and tried if the flag gets thrown out. But it's not a perfect system. This dispute? It's not your trial. It's your appeal of the guilty verdict handed down by the CRT crew. So if we're going to carry this judicial metaphor a little further, the onus has shifted to the flagged party to demonstrate something to overturn the flag, the same way a party that appeals a verdict has to convince the higher court that there's a reason to throw out the previous verdict.
  5. 4) Cosmic Star Heroine 100 (base) + 67 (trophies) - 30.88 (platinum rarity) = 136.12 4) Cosmic Star Heroine 100 (base) + 67 (trophies) - 30.88 (platinum rarity) = 136.12
  6. It's been a very, VERY long time since I played this. And I did this BT on Galaxy (at 2 wings) because I did the entire Platinum in three cycles and not four. (And did Faize's BTs on Universe.) But my recollection is thus: You reach a point where EQ's Rush Gauge stops dropping, even when she's in Rush mode. The notes I have stuffed in a drawer somewhere said this is the checkpoint to keep in mind. That after you reach this point, you should beat on EQ for about another 30 seconds before you idle everybody and go solely at EQ with Lymle. That so long as you get to this stage with sufficient time remaining, you ought to be alright and Lymle can finish things off from there. If you're fighting her on Earth difficulty, you probably want to be even more cautious with the timing. That once you reach the checkpoint I mention in the previous paragraph, you either want to switch to Lymle-only immediately or you only want to beat on her for a far shorter period of time. As not to risk killing her and wasting the attempt entirely.
  7. 3) Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force 100 (base) + 70 (trophies) - 11.94 (rarity) = 158.06
  8. The strength of Janikowski's leg was a game-changer for a long time. Oakland could do things (or seriously think about them) that other teams couldn't reasonably consider because they had that particular option. We've seen how teams change their play-calling in certain areas of the field depending on game situation and what kind of kicker they have. Or even their punter -- recall that in addition to drafting Janikowski in the 1st round, the Raiders selected Shane Lechler in the 4th round that year and he was also top-of-the-League good at his position for a long while. Justin Tucker has been very reliable for close to a decade, and there's significant value in that. But Sebastian Janikowski has (had?) a ridiculously powerful leg and that's an even rarer creature. They're both elite kickers and one could argue for either or both to be in the Hall of Fame, not that the HoF cares much for special teams players over the glory boy positions. But if I had to pick one, I'm taking Janikowski every day of the week and twice on Sundays because he was more unique and more of a game-changer. But they're both worthy. .... While I'm thinking about it, on another topic.... the NFL seems hell-bent on releasing their schedule this week. We know Kansas City is going to host the Thursday night season opener. But food for thought: Does anybody care to wager against Tampa-New Orleans being one of the prime-time games for the first weekend, more likely than not the NBC game on Sunday night? Not sure which site the League would offer up for that contest, but Brady-Brees is the sort of overhype that the networks love to have and Fox can't use their nullification rights to hold on to both matchups. (They can block one from being moved, but only one.) I also suspect the Vegas home opener will be the back half of the ESPN doubleheader on Week 1 Monday night, but that's small potatoes.
  9. Yes, that's your corresponding surface kingdom.
  10. I haven't really made a legitimate attempt at Amanithrax with a faction team at high levels just yet. So I can't really speak to how easy/hard it is. Though most of the suggestions I've seen for making the attempt suggest using a Mushroom Man as your tank and perhaps an Explodistool to reset the board if you don't have better plays. But there's this to make it harder: Amanithrax requires you to fight four battles plus the beginning and end rooms and at least one of them is going to be Level 400. Mind you, Deep Hive requires at least two in that middle stage, and three if you're going to circle around the Tier V (level 450) rooms -- and I did exactly that in my run. But they'll be easier fights and circling around probably means you're getting a boon room or two out of the bargain. Amanithrax may not be bad. I'd probably try Deep Hive first, or Crypt Keepers if you want to take your chances with RNG blessing you.
  11. For the Exalted trophy? Pick one of the easy/easier Delves and do that. Feed the hoard to the necessary/appropriate levels, push it to 500 using a sound team -- depending on the colors of the delve and what the delve is going to try and do to you, that team will change -- and then knock it out with a faction team. Pushing the associated overworld kingdom to at least Power Level 14 (for the 50% hoard stat bonus) also helps. If I were to nominate a single delve for this, I'd probably suggest The Deep Hive these days. It's very winnable with a faction team (Scarab Knight to tank, 3x Queen Beetrix behind it) without an immense hoard -- the strategy is to get the team looping and feeding itself: I did it at Hoard 124 (plus the bonus from the overworld kingdom power). As for a non-faction team to grind it all the way up, I went with Stonehammer / Hero (Yasmine's Pride) / Yao Guai / Lord Ember. You don't want to try and grind it out in one Tuesday if you have other options. Not only is it very expensive in terms of gem purchases to get enough sigils, but it's tedious and time consuming to the extreme. As for doing all 9 matches in a delve and whether or not that's a good idea? That depends on your objectives when running the delve. If you're focused on leveling the things up to grind renown, you're better off making a beeline to the boss room, perhaps taking a (brief) side trip to skip around a particularly onerous room when you have path alternatives or taking a (brief) side trip if there's a boon room just off your direct path that you find very helpful. More battles means more chances to have something go pear-shaped. On the other hand, if you're using a delve run to grind shards (or glory or gold or ingots), you want to hit as many rooms as possible. But you probably also want to do those delves at minimal levels so you can nuke them in short order and move on.
  12. There are other games on this profile that have trophies in wrong/impossible orders. I've flagged what I can, but I suspect there's more out there.
  13. Let me say this about the trophy for earning 30k renown (total): It's a number that looks intimidating when viewed as one raw, massive total. But less so when you think about how many delves there are these days. The 20th delve released this morning on PS4 (and X-Box, and PC/Mobile) and there will be 34 delves roughly one year from now. So you're looking at 1500 renown per delve now and less than 1000 renown per delve if you give it a year. And that's a far less intimidating and difficult number to reach than thoughts that you have to get 2000+ renown per delve to make it to that benchmark. I know it's pretty easy for me to say this. I'm an endgame player, I have more than 42k total renown without having yet touched the new delve and I've fully completed five separate delves (to the maximum 2500 renown). But I was pointing out to one of the newer players in my guild -- a guy who stepped away from Gems of War for a couple of years before returning -- it's not really as bad as it seems. And there are a couple of delves that aren't spectacularly difficult to do with a full team of native units even at level 500 if you've fully ascended and traited the units and have an okay-ish hoard, though some RNG good fortune might be required. (Mind you, I've also fully completed one faction where a spectacular amount of hoard is required and luck on top of that as well.) So for the newer/lesser players, I'd look at that trophy as a lengthy journey and not something to try and punch out in short order, much as the "fully elite 100 troops" trophy is also a lengthy journey. And to attack that in small(er) chunks over time.
  14. I suppose it depends on what you buy. Some of the premium options are real time-savers and give you significantly more resources or allow you to earn a multiple of what you otherwise could in the same amount of time. Some of the premium options are complete crap. There are a few things that CANNOT be acquired normally but are available for real money, but none of it is game-breaking. tl;dr? It'll smooth the road for you, but it won't chaffeur you down said road. If I were to offer advice to a brand-new player who was really intent on getting most/all of the trophies, I'd tell him two things. First, it requires a large amount of time and sustained effort. Second, to find an active guild (or family of guilds) as to have a lot of other people helping out with things like guild tasks and events because that can get you a LOT of rewards without having to put in as much work -- said active guilds will probably requiest a fair amount of participation on your end as well, but the benefits probably outweigh the costs if you meet their requirements.
  15. None, if you're willing to put in the time and effort. It would still take a fair amount of both, but there has never been a money requirement if you're willing to put in sweat equity. It's like so many of the other gacha games out there on mobile devices and other "free to play/pay to win" games. You can fork over real money if you want the boosters, but you can do pretty much everything without it. It might take more time and more effort than buying your way to success, but the only thing stopping you from doing it all for free is you.