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  1. I root for a team that hasn't reached the Super Bowl in my lifetime, and I was born while the (arabic) numbers for the Super Bowl were still in the single digits. I agree, a cancerous locker room can destroy a team. But I also think it frequently takes more than one player to wreck an entire locker room -- there are circumstances where one bad apple really can spoil an otherwise good bunch, especially if that "bad apple" is a premiere player, but I believe you usually need more than one bad guy for it to be a problem. I also believe that certain locker rooms and coaching regimes can mitigate what would otherwise be a bad apple and reduce him to a non-issue. I wouldn't bring Leonard Fournette into a troubled team, but I think there are a number of teams out there that could handle him and any of these issues that already exist.
  2. This is the National Football League. An awful lot of their players have issues of one sort or another. If you're going to insist that all your team's players are choir boys with pristine records, you're probably not going to have a very talented team and you're probably not going to win very many games. That doesn't mean you want to assemble those Cincinnati teams of a decade or two ago whose combined rap sheets were longer than my arm, or try to imitate the NBA's Portland "Jail Blazers" crew from a similar time frame (to pull a reference from another sport), but Leonard Fournette hasn't gone so far as to disqualify him from playing for my team at the right price. Not yet, anyhow. But he's only been in the League for two years, so there's plenty of time for him to change my mind on that aspect of things.
  3. If I were the Eagles and I thought that Nick Foles was going to void the last year of his contract to enter into Free Agency, I probably would. If only to get something for nothing. 😜
  4. You obviously have at least one more game hidden to account for the additional "missing" trophies. Not that it should matter for the sake of this particular discussion. Do you have another flagged game on your profile at present? That's what typically blocks one from appearing on the leaderboards: either you have a flagged game that is NOT hidden, or you have at least three separate games flagged.
  5. It's about damned time we got a release window. Thankfully for me, I've got enough in my backlog pile to tide me over until then. And I could probably say the same if it were "Fall 2020", maybe even "Fall 2021". 😎
  6. Yes, message him through PSN and have that chat with him. I mentioned this thread to him this morning, so he probably shouldn't be too surprised if you poke him.
  7. This week's raid captain is stronger than most week's raid captains -- his boost is simply better. You probably won't have nearly as much success at higher enemy levels during most raid boss events.
  8. The guild I'm in does it every few months as our more active players build up the cash reserves to make it happen. I'm not the guild leader, but if you speak with the man in charge -- @de_digibeet -- he could probably give you a general idea of the timeframe for when we'll next do it and perhaps find a spot for you in our guild if you want to work towards that and some of the other trophies you don't have just yet.
  9. Yeah, this switcheroo caught me off-guard as well. I figure it has to be one of two things for this to have changed, especially this quickly: Gase blew away Mike McCagnan and the backup Owner in his interviews. Mike McCarthy wanted too much money and/or too much power. If it was the latter, McCagnan isn't giving up his power and Ownership has already stated that the Coach and the GM are co-equals, each reporting to Ownership. My reaction? Eh, whatever. I'm not wild about Adam Gase, although he's supposedly a "quarterback whisperer" and that's supposed to be important at this point in time. I wasn't crazy about Mike McCarthy because he's a chickenshit coach who never met a kicking situation he didn't like and the Jets just had one of those. At least it's a hire with previous NFL head coaching experience, something the Jets haven't had since Bill Parcells (unless you want the one-day tenure of Belichick's second stint as Jets HC to count, not that BB's first tenure in the job was particularly long or noteworthy). And it's a hire with an offensive background, something the Jets haven't had since Pete Carroll was fired and Ray Kotite hired. And there's talk that Gregg Williams may be coming in to coach up the defense. I agree with the opinions expressed above: good coach, terrible person. But after years of misery as a Jets fan, I can live with that if the results are there.
  10. Doing enough damage to trigger the trophy is easy. Doing enough damage to unlock the good/better rewards is a guild-wide effort. You probably need to find some active players to guild up with unless you've got a really good lineup for the current week's event and probably some willingness to spend diamonds (or real money) to get enough event sigils to do enough damage. Something like one player doing 18k damage is possible. It's difficult, it's time-consuming, and it's very unlikely, but there are players who have done it. It's just easier to have a bunch of friends help carry the load.
  11. Looks like another really obnoxious trophy set to stick into my backlog. The very bottom of my physical backlog "pyramid", where the game probably won't see the light of day until 2021 (give or take). But it'll probably feel like it was "worth it" if/when I get 'er done.
  12. My condolences to Tampa. Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles to pair with Jameis the Rapist? That's not a tale that's going to end well for any of those parties or their General Manager. Though I suppose it could be worse.... like the New York Giants of 2017 worse, with 37-year old Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese. That was a horror show all its own.
  13. Joe Flacco isn't going to be a Baltimore Raven in roughly two months from now. Lamar Jackson is their future, for better or for worse. Baltimore may as well have let Jackson get the experience and reps on the big stage if they have any hopes for some repeat attempts at the big prize in the next few years.
  14. One of the rule changes is that teams can't overload one side with the majority of their players. It's a "safety issue", but it also serves to make it more difficult to recover an onside kick because you don't have the bodies to block the defending team and also have an extra player (or two) to recover a well-placed onside kick. In short, if the other team is playing for the potential of an onside kick, it becomes very hard for the kicking team to recover because they simply cannot flood the zone anymore.
  15. I'd like to think that Marvin Lewis is done as a Head Coach given his crappy resume, but he's only 60 and could get another chance -- particularly from a team that's worried about the Rooney Rule and public perception. His skin color shouldn't matter, but it does to far too many teams. As for endorsing Hue Jackson? Again, I think the Rooney Rule could play here.... but I'm not inclined to take seriously a guy who had zero playoff wins in nearly two decades giving a thumbs-up for a guy who coached for nearly three seasons and averaged something like one win per 16 games. Neither the guy who was a spectacular failure in "money" games, nor the guy who was a spectacular failure, period. But from what I've read, Hue Jackson has a chance because Cincinnati may want to stay "in house". But that's an issue for their ownership.