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  1. I think we're going to find out just how good a coach Urban Meyer really is. Similar to a lot of the "elite" college coaches, he's seldom had to coach against a team that could match the amount of talent and the amount of depth he could bring to the table. The best teams in college football frequently self-perpetuate that status because their success allows them to recruit better which in turn prolongs their success. But my thought is thus: Jacksonville better have a succession plan in mind for the guy. Because he could fall into that basket of guys who don't seem so magical when they don't have that talent/depth advantage. Or because his health will break down again and he'll have to step away after two or three years. And this for a franchise that has already fired three coaches in a handful of seasons with their current ownership. I'm not shocked that Urban Meyer landed in Jacksonville, what with the Florida connections and Trevor Lawrence. I've told my friends and co-workers as much for a couple of weeks that I wouldn't be surprised by that move. But I don't believe it's going to turn out as well as a lot of people would like it to. And if he has significant say in personnel matters? Yikes.
  2. I'm about as pleased as I can be. Obviously, the coach is just one of many things that need overhauling with the Jets, but Saleh was pretty much at the top of my list when considering the makeup of the candidate pool. Now comes the hard part, such as reviving the fortunes of a franchise that hasn't been to a Super Bowl since before man first walked on the moon.
  3. The Jets have that amount of draft capital and the cap space to accomodate Watson's contract. But that's the sort of trade that would go against pretty much everything GM Joe Douglas has said about his philosophy of team-building. And it's a trade I wouldn't make if I had to include the #2 pick with it because I don't think Watson is worth that high a trade price and his contract on top of that -- it would be too hard to build a good team around him without all those assets. I'm okay with the Jets trading out of the #2 spot if they don't drop too far. If they were to swap say with Atlanta (at #4) so the Falcons could get a quarterback to replace Matt Ryan, they'd still be able to get a really good player and probably a pretty nice incentive asset on top of that. DeShaun Watson is pretty much stuck where he is. I think his only options are to play out his contract as it is written, or to hold his breath until he's blue in the face a la Le'Veon Bell -- namely, refuse to report and sit out the season hoping to force Houston's hand. The old rule was "players play, coaches coach, (general) managers manage (generally)". Unless Watson wants to retire and purchase a chunk of the franchise, he needs to get back to his part of the equation and let the rest worry about itself. Because he ain't getting $40 million/year doing anything else on God's Green Earth.
  4. My opinion is that the call-out bonus ought simply to be discarded as left as a one-time idea that was better on the drawing board than in implementation. The people who are most likely to do whatever game is called out for them are probably the same people who already will play a fair number of games and have an advantage that way.
  5. I pray the Jets don't pick up Doug Pederson. He has a connection with Jets' GM Joe Douglass, but I just don't see it being a fit. For that matter, I pray the Jets don't pick up Eric Bienemy, either. Of the guys who have interviewed, the two I like are Bills OC Brian Daboll and 49ers DC Robert Saleh. But the Jets aren't a terribly attractive job right now, and I suspect their idiot interim owner is more worried about things like "diversity" than he is a good football coach. Which has me frightened that the interview with Marvin Lewis was a sign that he's a serious contender.
  6. I'm up for a second go-round at this competition. Though I'm pretty certain I won't do nearly so well in the sequel: my backlog pile has shrunk by a dramatic amount, and I do want to try and get back to some incomplete (non-RPG) games on my trophy list to try and finish them up. I'll figure out my double and triple score games later, once I have an idea of what I might be playing in the next year.
  7. There are other games that look dicey, too, that suggest the usage of external save files. I've flagged one that I'm pretty well convinced has to be such, but left one that I'm not 100% certain about because I can think of a legal way to do things in the order and timeframe that the trophies suggest. But I suspect there's enough from the other perusers and contributors here to finish the deal.
  8. Drew Brees is going to retire after the season and start playing television pundit. Part of it is an age and skill decline thing, but it's also because New Orleans is already $100 million over the cap for next season and there isn't a reasonable way for Mickey Loomis to kick that can any further down the road. This incarnation of the Saints is done, and it wouldn't shock me to see Sean Payton find an escape hatch as well.
  9. 15) Revenant Saga: 100 + 68 (trophies) - 25.00 (rarity) = 143.00 More cookie-cutter Kemco goodness. Although, the ass-hat who came up with some of these trophies ought to be drawn and quartered. Because the grinding necessary for some of the trophies and some of the post-game shit is a longer haul than the main storyline itself. And that gets aggravating after a while, especially things like having to walk in circles in a town for 45 minutes after everything else is done to knock out the necessary step count.
  10. Why is what the Eagles did so wrong, but nobody says boo about teams like Pittsburgh doing the exact same thing? Some history: Rex Ryan was a rookie Head Coach with the Jets in 2009 when NBC flexed Bengals-Jets into the Sunday Night slot for Week 17 of the season. Cincinnati had already clinched their division; the Jets were in a "win and you're in, lose and you're out" situation. The Bengals sent their practice squad to Giants Stadium (final game in the history of that building) that night and get crushed by a 37-0 final because they didn't care and the Jets did. (The Jets would go to Cincinnati the next week and beat the Bengals, then to San Diego to beat the Chargers, only to lose to Peyton Manning and the Colts in the AFC Title Game; the 14-2 Colts -- who lost their final two regular season games -- would lose to the 13-3 Saints -- who lost their final three -- in the Super Bowl.) After that particular debacle, the NFL changed the scheduling matrix so that Week 17 was all Divisional play. The idea being that rivalries would be important enough for teams to not mail in a Week 17 game they felt was meaningless even if there were playoff implications. That's worked really well. Because the NFL didn't do anything other than change the schedule; if there were consequences for mailing it in and those consequences were enforced by the League and had some teeth, maybe things like this wouldn't happen.
  11. There are going to be a lot of mediocre veterans available, which probably serves to water down the trade prices more than they already would be for guys like Jimmy G, Carson Wentz, Sam Darnold (I'm assuming a new Head Coach is going to want his own guy), et cetera. I could see San Francisco drafting a guy in the 1st round and cutting bait on Garappolo. I'm not as high on Sam Darnold as I used to be, but I'm scared to death that the Jets are going to use the #2 pick on a QB -- more likely than not Justin Fields. After Trevor Lawrence, I don't think any of the guys who could go in the 1st round are very good and I don't really want any of them on my team. Maybe if the Jets could snatch one up with Seattle's pick, because that's going to be very late in the round, but I want no part of Justin Fields and the other guys don't really do anything for me.
  12. Will anybody be the least bit surprised when the Saints get a Sunday game in the Wild Card round as to grant New Orleans the possibility that Alvin Kamara will be available to them? As for Browns-Steelers? Are the Browns going to have the personnel to win the game, even against Pittsburgh's reserves? And a cautionary note for the Steelers: It frequently does not end well for teams that effectively "throw" a Week 17 matchup while resting guys for the Playoffs if they have to turn around and face the same team the following week. Browns at Steelers (and also Dolphins at Bills) is a very real possibility for the Wild Card round; while I understand not wanting guys to get injured, Week 17 is also an excellent opportunity to send the Browns home for the season and I believe Pittsburgh ought to take advantage of that. Especially as the Steelers haven't been playing well for several weeks.
  13. More cookie-cutter Kemco craziness. 14) Antiquia Lost 100 + 70 (trophies) - 39.17 (rarity) = 130.83
  14. That bunch of games where platinums were earned in less than a minute, with every trophy 0-1 seconds after the previous one? That's a lousy (and very obvious) CFW hack job, and those almost certainly aren't going to be lifted. I've submitted a flag report for the one title I have in common with your list of sub-minute games. I'll leave it to others who can to hit the rest.
  15. I was wondering why the point spread was Cleveland -7 when I checked it this morning. I know the odds aren't in their favor, but I guess Pittsburgh isn't worried about going to Buffalo in the Divisional Round as opposed to hosting the Bills. I don't believe Cleveland is a "shoo-in" because Pittsburgh is still a pretty good team even without Big Ben. And because Cleveland crapped the bed a few days ago against a team that just isn't very good. Although if both Cleveland and the Rams miss the Playoffs, that's probably worth a giggle. I don't believe Buffalo is going to rest starters. They might pull them early, especially if the game is out of reach one way or the other, but they've got the inside track to the #2 seed and that may mean something. Even if New York State decides not to allow them fans at playoff games after all.