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  1. The officiating has been atrocious this playoff season. And it's having a huge impact on things because we're talking about calls that swing games and series. And it's a shame, because there's been some very entertaining hockey otherwise. But that gets overshadowed by the blind mice wearing stripes and blowing whistles. (Or not.)
  2. Near as I can tell, they've taken the two "new" characters from Scarlet and ported them backwards into Fortune. If I had to guess, it's a semi-desperate try to get those people who own Fortune to buy the two new characters and give them an infusion of cash. I'm not happy that my 100% completion has downgraded to 89%, but I'm not going to fork over money for two new characters at this point to remedy that. I was done with this title a long time ago, and I'd only come back for the new characters were said new characters free. They're not, so I'm sticking with my current grind-fests and backlog.
  3. Catherine isn't a glitch, at least not one I've ever heard about. It certainly looks like usage of somebody else's save game when you get the trophy for unlocking all endings between when you unlocked your first ending and your second ending -- the latter triggering 17+ minutes after "see all endings" -- and the remainder of the ending trophies remain unearned. Please don't waste our time with this (cow manure). You cheated, you got caught; case closed.
  4. My friends and colleagues who are Giants fans are miserable this morning. They were okay with their team picking a Quarterback in the 1st round, just not that guy. And most of them preferred the pass rusher at #6 and a QB a little lower down in the round. But hey.... how bad could it be drafting a Duke QB to play for the Giants? And maybe they should have picked another QB at 17th or 30th just to be safe? 😎
  5. Did I miss the part where Brett Favre came out of retirement and signed with Pittsburgh? 😎 #4 was the original; Ben Roethlisberger is simply the second iteration.
  6. As a New Jersey Devils fan, I was on the "wrong side" of that sort of call back in the 2012 Finals. And I'll say to Vegas fans now what I said to my fellow Devils fans seven years ago: Don't blame the officials, because they'll occasionally mess up a call and that's simply the way things go. Blame your Penalty Kill, because it's their job to not crap the ice and blow you a game/series in that sort of spot. Like the Maple Leafs playing Game 7 in Boston back in 2013, you had a three-goal lead roughly midway through the third period. There's no good excuse for coughing that up no matter how culpable outside parties might be. Hold the fucking lead and win the fucking game.
  7. Why are you wasting our time spamming all these disputes when you're clearly a cheater (according to the rules of this Leaderboard)?
  8. You've got huge numbers of platinum trophies earned in mere seconds. Why are you wasting our time with this crap?
  9. It's been a very long time since I played this, but I suppose it's plausible to cream Last Rebellion in that short a timeframe if you know what you're doing and you have a list of enemies in front of you complete with the order you should attack their body parts for maximum carnage in minimal time. It's really fast -- an order of magnitude more quickly than anybody else has (legitimately) earned the platinum -- but I hesitate to say that this has to have been done by nefarious means. There's doubt in my mind in the absence of evidence that TC has cheated other games.
  10. The Jets play 15 games in the Eastern Time Zone this season. And I can probably drive to all of their road games if I wanted to do so in a not-ridiculous amount of time, perhaps excepting Miami and Jacksonville. And even those wouldn't be too egregious. Even better, the Jets are done with the Patriots pretty early in the season. Which makes it a lot easier to pull off a late surge to make the playoffs if that's on the table. Which it might, because the last time the Jets had a first-year Head Coach finish with fewer than 9 wins, said Head Coach was Rich Kotite.
  11. It's very possibly because he got the trophy for winning his first Grand Prix Cup at the same time as he got the trophy for winning all of the Grand Prix Cups. That's what jumps out at me when I sort his list for that game by timestamp.
  12. You can tell us "it wasn't intentional" until you're blue in the face; it simply doesn't matter because intent isn't part of the equation. Either your trophy order and timeframes are plausible under the leaderboard rules or they are not. And in this case, your trophy order is impossible and the flag is going to stick. Pretty much the only way you've got a chance to get it lifted is to go to that friend's house and sync your trophies off of his console to fix those things. If you can do that, and the timestamps are plausible, the flag will likely be lifted. If it's not possible, you're out of luck.
  13. There aren't very many people at level 1250. I'm not too far past there myself and I put in some time pretty much every single day (and have for a couple of years now); I don't believe anybody else in my guild has reached that threshhold and some of them are every bit as active. This most recent batch of trophies are pretty much freebies to players who have been in the game for a while and I suspect won't be too terribly onerous for relative newcomers. It's the gold trophy for maximizing renown in a single faction that's going to be the major stumbling block for everybody.
  14. You can do everything on your own if you're really intent on doing it that way. But having a guild that's at least semi-active can help you accumulate additional resources through a number of different avenues and that can speed things along. In addition, having a semi-active guild that you can chat with can be a real help with answering questions or trouble-shooting your problem areas and your teams, et cetera. I've been in a guild for a long time that formed through this website. I'm not the guild boss, but if you talk to @de_digibeet either through messages here or on PSN, he can probably find you a spot in our guild if you're looking for one to join and you're at least semi-active.
  15. There is one pure kicker (Jan Stenerud) and one pure punter (Ray Guy) in the NFL Hall of Fame. There are two other "mostly kickers" in the NFL Hall of Fame: Lou Groza was an offensive lineman for a long time, and George Blanda played a fair amount of quarterback in addition to his kicking duties. Adam Vinatieri is going to have trouble getting into the Hall of Fame; I see no reasonable chance how he's first ballot barring a groundswell of support and a massive media campaign to sway the voters in question. As for Janikowski, I think his chances are very slim even as good as he is, because the way the voting is handled simply doesn't help players at "non glory" positions.