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  1. I'd consider this a better argument if this wasn't a F2P title. You can play this title and do everything without spending a cent and/or doing anything to support the developer; to me, the idea that they shouldn't be permitted to do things to monetize the game and make back their expenses such as running the servers is unfair. You can believe what they offer is overpriced and not really much of a help -- I do -- but they aren't a charity and shouldn't be obliged to behave as one. If you believe the developers are "wrong", don't support their title, don't purchase the "extras", and don't play the game. But it's not like you have to fork out a chunk of change ahead of time as one has to with something like 99% of other titles and then the developers are nickel-and-diming you forevermore or getting you addicted so they can keep selling you product like a drug dealer.
  2. I've been a Jets fan for more than 40 years. I have scars on top of scars on top of scars, some of which existed prior to Tom Brady being a drippy run-off in his daddy's pants. I just think the guy is an ass, and I'd prefer not to listen to him. Then again, I watch so little NFL football these days with the League's politics that it probably doesn't matter.
  3. I understand that the networks feel the need to keep topping up on recently retired players -- usually stars -- to provide "expert commentary" and the like. But who wants to listen to that insufferable ass all the time? Could he please go away? Preferably quietly? And if he won't, won't somebody take the common fan into consideration by kidnapping him, gagging him, and stuffing him into the trunk of an old Buick somewhere?
  4. I'm a hockey fan, perhaps significantly more than I am an NFL fan these days because there's much more of an international feel to the NHL and less American virtue signalling from the player base. And while it's a much longer schedule than the NFL, the NHL is going down this path as well. There were a lot of games this past season locked behind the ESPN+ paywall with the NHL's new television deal. Roughly 10% of the schedule was exclusive to NHL+, even superseding the local television broadcast rights; if you didn't have ESPN+, you simply couldn't watch the games. I don't subscribe to that service, because I won't give Disney/ESPN my money. But even with that, what I heard from fellow fans of my favorite team is that the ESPN+ broadcasts fell somewhere between "meh" and awful. I don't see how this is going to help the Leagues any. Losing eyeballs from people who can't (or won't) pay for premium streaming services is going to hurt the bottom line. And if people do pay and they get a shitty product, they'll be less likely to pay in the future. I understand that the streaming companies are trying to build a subscriber base, but entertainment in this world is too fragmented for this to be an effective long-term strategy. Especially with the amount of that entertainment that is available for free as an alternative.
  5. According to the "roadmap" that the developers laid out earlier this year, there's a new kingdom releasing in July, likely the middle of the next campaign. So if you don't have the time or resources to do 20k miles this week, there's always two months from now. 20k miles requires at least 2 x Tier 7 purchases to get enough sigils to make it there. Depending on your "luck" with things like Valravens and getting screwed in the occasional battle, it may take 3 x Tier 7 purchases. At least, that was the experience of my guildmates during the previous Journey event.
  6. The scuttlebutt prior to the Draft was that the QB class stunk. The surprise should be that teams didn't panic and reach for guys, that some teams who could have looked to grab a potential replacement QB didn't -- e.g., the Giants who also chose not to exercise Daniel Jones' option this week. There are also a whole bunch of teams who drafted a QB in Round 1 the previous two years, so that's a chunk of the potential market that had zero interest in such a guy.
  7. I never played anything past beating the final boss, so I have absolutely no clue if there even is post-game. Let alone what is or is not available during that phase if it exists. As for enabling the DLCs? I'd wait until you have a good grasp of the game and its' mechanics. I'd probably also wait until I had a decent cadre of higher-level heroes and a fairly well-developed town, because the DLC quests and the boss battles aren't easy. This especially goes for the Crimson Court which adds some very annoying additional mechanics on top of everything else you have to cope with. Furthermore, if you're following the guide, I'd only enable the DLCs during the lower difficulty run (and not add it at all when playing on Stygian / Darkest).
  8. My recall is thus: Base scoring is related to the size of the quad -- i.e., how many tiles it covers. Then there's a multiplier that increases with each new quad you lay on the field, increasing until it hits the ceiling and re-setting to x1 when the baseline clears fragments. There's one trophy for maxx'ing out the multiplier; other than that, the scoring isn't really necessary as things relate to trophies. You have to keep a certain pace going in the non-Practice modes because of the running clock; you'll earn extra time based on board coverage -- and maybe your score as well; it's been two years and I simply don't remember. Filling the board takes a level of skill and practice and working around what you've already done in a level. One thing that really helped me was when I finally discovered the ability to view the underlying board without the pieces and fragments overlaying the grid. (I forget which button that was.) Because you're ultimately aiming for 100% completion, at least in Standard mode, and being able to see underneath the clutter on the board to where you need to focus is helpful. Especially as you get a very limited amount of time to try and 100% complete a board once you hit 90% -- at 90% you get the "level complete" message and three more passes of the beatline to try and get to 100% coverage before you advance to the next stage. In Standard Mode, you only have to cover a tile once with a quad for it to register and stick; Standard Mode won't destroy your coverage the way Sharp and Strike Modes will. Which can also make it a viable strategy to allow the beat line to clear your fragments every so often if those fragments are difficult to work with insofar as forming more quads. 100% can be the tough part with the limitations and with the combination of odd-shaped pieces and odd-shaped boards -- especially on the later stages of a given track. Practice Mode is a pretty good way to get a handle on this, at least the pieces, because things will be slower and you can simply work on learning the pieces and how they interact with one another and tight spaces and board edges/corners and all that. If ultimately aiming for 500%, you'll want to practice how to quickly knock out compact areas such as those corners or 4x4 nooks interspersed in the later boards and leave the larger, more open areas for after that. (If you look at the Psychonaut videos embedded above and fast forward to the latter sections of that challenge, you'll see what I mean by those "nooks".) It's challenging and there's even a little bit of luck involved insofar as getting the pieces you need to knock out certain little areas. And it can be aggravating because you have to start at the first board of a track every time you make an attempt and then 100% coverage each of the five boards -- mess up even one and you have to start from scratch.
  9. Never played Lumines (or even heard of it), so I can't answer to that. But everything related to trophies should be able to be done with one player, one controller, one console. That's how I went about it. I don't believe so. .... A healthy chunk of the trophy list is pretty easy. But there are things that take a fair amount of skill (and maybe some good twitch reflexes as well) to get right. You can learn it, because practice and repetition can help you internalize it. But I think there's good reason why the platinum rarity is as low as it is.
  10. Are all those rooms on the Lost Forest map the same color when you open them up in-game? If so, that suggests you're missing a room -- likely a small one given the 97% completion -- rather than having one room incomplete. I recall that particular dungeon being a pain in the backside given all those wonky one-way paths and the like. And the place where I found maps when I played through this title a year or so ago no longer seems to have the maps active. (Not to mention that my web browser doesn't even want to go to the page unless I force it because "security reasons".) As for the missing chest in the Emerald Reactor? Unfortunately, the game doesn't give you any indication where within a dungeon the missing pod might be. All I can suggest is for you to go through each room very carefully and look for stuff. It's bound to be somewhere, and it's all too easy to have simply overlooked one at some point. Often because it's in a spot where you can't get to it the first time(s) you enter a room but rather have to take a "back way" into the room to get to the pod. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  11. I've got a heatlhy pile of the CH platinums: Cross Edge Fairy Fencer F Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Omega Quintet Agarest: Generations of War Zero Agarest: Generations of War Agarest: Generations of War 2 Dark Rose Valkyrie Mugen Souls Mugen Souls Z If my math is correct, that's 10 platinums and eligibility for "The Fencer Beyond God". I also qualify for the following Emblems: The Ender of Generations of War, Vile God's Bane, The Undisputed Dragon God.
  12. I guess I could go for some recognition here: 12 guides published -- 11 regular, 1 DLC 1 guide with 50k+ views, 7 other guides at 10k+ views I'm well north of 100k total views. No, but there's a category on the front page of this entitled " You Have Helped to Maintain a Published Guide not Authored by You ". You could qualify for that.
  13. My condolences to all Buccaneers fans on the new state of your Coaching Staff. It's been a heck of a run the past two years, but it's over now.
  14. I'm very much against this rules change. How about teams try and win a game in regulation instead of waiting for an Overtime Participation Trophy? How about Buffalo make a stop at the end of regulation there? It's not like there was much doubt about what the Chiefs were going to try and do. How about Buffalo do something other than let the Chiefs slice up their defense in OT? I'm (mostly) okay with the rule that a team is guaranteed a possession unless there's a TD or a safety on the opening possession of OT. But the new rule is a bridge too far for me.
  15. Do you recall the hullaballoo from the laughably light punishment the NFL levied on Ray Rice roughly a decade ago? The NFL is too hypersensitive to that sort of backlash, something would be increased by an order of magnitude for a light punishment of Deshaun Watson in these days of #metoo. So I figure there's a better chance that the Giants and Jets meet in the Super Bowl next season than there is that Deshaun Watson gets off with no suspension at all. The trick is how the NFL is going to finesse it. The structure of Watson's new deal with Cleveland having only a $1 million base salary next season is effectively a way for the Browns and Watson to minimize the punishment by minimizing how much money he can lose. The optics of Watson signing a $230 million contract and only getting fined a couple hundred thousand just won't fly, so the NFL is going to have to find a creative way to hit the player with a larger number and without triggering appeals, protests, legal remedies, et cetera. So my guess is that the situation is going to be walked as slowly as possible, perhaps with the NFL making statements about "letting the process play out in its entirety" with the hope that Watson and his attorney try to wait out his accusers and get them to go away (or to settle for laughably small amounts). And only after most of that process has played out would the League step in and try to levy a suspension, one that would apply to games played during one of those $46 million base salary seasons. The NFL has to suspend Deshaun Watson; failure to do so will result in protests and the like that dwarf the self-inflicted damage the League put on itself with all the empty seats and revenue losses when there were large numbers of players kneeling for the national anthem. Only those protests and boycotts will probably come from the opposite political extreme or even from across the entire political spectrum. Which would put the NFL in a tough spot where they've offended everybody and recently enough that there may not be very many lifelines in the offering.