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  1. The only way this works in the favor of said college QB is if they choose to return to school for another season instead of declaring for the draft, assuming they are an underclassman and still have eligibility. The draft is tailored in such a way that the financial consequences are mildly catastrophic if a player simply wants to pout and sit out for an entire year; not only does he lose a lot of money and not only does his reputation take a significant hit, but it doesn't get him declared a free agent. All it does is relegate him to the draft again the next year, likely to be selected a lot lower and to lose a ton of money while being known as a malcontent. Even then, said prospect is taking a huge risk that his draft stock won't plummet in his "gap year" because he gets hurt or is ineffective or whatever. Peyton Manning got away with this one, much to the chagrin of Jets fans, but there are other guys who have tried this sort of thing and not had it work out very well. And if the Cleveland Browns wind up with two picks in the Top 5, it's a very real possibility that they take the QB they want/need with Houston's pick and use their own on a non-QB who they deem to be the "best player available".
  2. Houston doesn't need to bother looking to the draft: Cleveland already owns their 1st and 2nd round picks.
  3. Fox had Green Bay and Carolina, not CBS. There's been a little bit of cross-pollenation with the networks exchanging some games this season, but I doubt that Fox wanted to let go of Rodgers/Newton given the lackluster remainder of their early schedule. The Jets fought hard, and they still lost. Which is pretty much what I was hoping would happen for the majority of the season. Given what they were down in terms of personnel, not the worst outcome in the world.... although I suspect we might see Christian Hackenberg against the Patriots if Petty isn't any better next week. Anybody want a tarnished, somewhat used and diminished Mo Wilkerson? He'd probably be cheap for next season, because I bet the Jets cut him this off-season and swallow the guaranteed money for next year as not to be on the hook for guaranteed money in 2019. (It's a vesting option.) His play hasn't been wonderful for two years, and he's turning into a locker room problem. Gee..... where have I heard that one before?
  4. Oops! Good catch -- I completely missed that one. As if we needed more reasons to believe this particular list was suspect.
  5. More quirky RPGs are always nice to have around.
  6. I agree with you regarding Namath's HOF case (or lack thereof). And why Eli is (probably) going to get into the HOF. As for the interception rate? I'd put it in the following context: there were a lot more INTs back then, particularly when measured as a rate statistic. Among other things, the rules changes that heavily favor the passing game and the offense have changed it so there aren't nearly as many INTs anymore. And so that there are significantly more passing TDs because offenses have evolved that way. So if a QB today put up Namath-esque numbers when it came to TDs and picks, he wouldn't last very long because he'd look a lot worse compared to his contemporaries. To me, Eli Manning belongs in the "Hall of Very Good". Retire his number if you're the Giants and stick him in the Ring of Honor, but there are a lot of contemporary QBs who are better than him without having to make much of a case. Personally, I feel Eli Manning is the third best QB in his own draft class. I'd actually apply the (in)famous Potter Stewart quote about pornography to Hall of Famers: You'll know it when you see it.
  7. Find all the blueprints may be plausible if one equipped a whole bunch of runes that increase the difficulty. It also may not -- I don't recall just how much one can manipulate that particular mechanic with runes. But I'm inclined to shade that as "unlikely but legally possible" rather than "outright cheated". And the same goes for the 20 hours trophy: it's possible to have that one pop first even if it seems like a bass-ackwards way to play around with the game for the rest of us. But some of the other stuff is outright cheated, so these "grey area" trophies shouldn't even be the tipping point one way or the other.
  8. Let me expand upon this in case somebody doesn't understand: It's almost always impossible to distinguish from the outside whether one is using his own save data or somebody else's save data. As such, neither practice is acceptable to the leaderboards here -- if one was permissible and the other was not, everybody would claim to be doing it the legal way.
  9. I thought I saw it somewhere that if you take Blake Bortles' stats and convert them into rate numbers and put them alongside Eli Manning's stats as converted into rate numbers, the two look startlingly similar. And if that's really the case, Jacksonville already has their QB who could take them on a magical playoff run alongside a dominant defense because that's exactly what Eli Manning did twice in his career. Of course, if that's really the case, it also should completely deflate Eli Manning's Hall of Fame argument. Because nobody is arguing that Blake Bortles is a HoFer or even particularly good.
  10. My edit covered some of this, but the rest is plausible. Unlikely, perhaps a side effect of downloading a save game from somewhere, but it's in the realm of possibility for some of those things to be done legitimately even if it seems an ass-backwards way to do things.
  11. Bibliophilia looks suspicious. Per another site's guide -- which I'll use as a surrogate for my memory because it's been quite a while since I played through this game -- it unlocks when you read the journal entry on the way to the final boss. If that is 100% accurate -- and I don't see why it wouldn't be -- it shouldn't be unlockable at that point in the sequence of trophies the player HAS unlocked because three of the four trophies for defeating the lesser bosses are still unpopped. And you can't get to the final boss without beating the four lesser bosses first. I haven't submitted a formal flag report, because it's one trophy that's an issue here. But there's definitely an argument to be made that there's something squirrely here, whether it's save-game transfer from one console to another without sync'ing trophies or whether it's direct download of a save-game file that's far more advanced than whatever the player had accomplished on his own. EDIT: Zoophilia looks suspicious, too, based on its unlock time relative to Pyrophobia. The two are way too close together for that to be natural. And if I'm using unlock intervals to flag stuff, Disposophobia/Gymnophobia looks like the same deal, as perhaps does Gnosophilia/Cainotophilia. So yeah, this is probably a flag-worthy list.
  12. A nice win by Miami, if only because it helps the Jets and their draft position and effectively guaranteeing that Gang Green finishes last now. Because the Jets are probably going to lose out (@New Orleans, LA Chargers, @New England).
  13. It's the NFL.. Everything is hard, not to mention that virtually everything defies logic and common sense, too.
  14. The NFL can flex games around the schedule at this time of year. Obviously, we all know about how NBC has the right to grab any Sunday-scheduled games for Sunday Night other than those that CBS and Fox have protected in advance. But games can also be flexed from the 4:00 EST window to the 1:00 EST window and vice versa. It's actually one of the theories being floated around these parts as to a reason why the Giants fired everybody this week, that Giants/Cowboys was moved up from 4:25 to 1:00 because Big Blue has been such a train wreck. Not that it's the only reason, or even a big one, but simply another tally mark in the column.
  15. I've said this before and I guess I'll say it again here: It would be damn nice if the players would step up and do some of their own policing and agitating for player safety in light of these sorts of hits. That is, if they really give a damn about things like player safety and don't simply whine about it to their friendly, neighborhood reporter because it gets them column inches and Twitter re-tweets. Yes, the League has a fair share of blame over this kind of issue, but the players are the ones actually going after one another WWE style. And then appealing the suspensions when they (not often enough) come down from the League Office without a peep from other players about how maybe they shouldn't do that shit.