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  1. That was Mike White's "Cincinnati moment" from last season. Everybody remembers how he threw for 400+ yards and 3 TDs and conveniently forgets the two interceptions that game that put the Jets in an early hole they only dug out of when Joe Burrow responded to a Jets TD by throwing a pick the very next play deep in his own territory. Or conveniently forgets the rest of Mike White's season: a relief appearance against New England where the offense did nothing and White threw two picks, a start four days after Cincy in Indianapolis where he got injured in the 1st quarter, a start ten days after that in Buffalo where he threw four interceptions and got pulled, or the game the next week in Miami when the Jets started Joe Flacco instead. Let's be honest here: Chicago is a bad team to begin with, they were down their starting QB and two starting DBs and lost a third early in the game. The Vikings won't be that level of pushover, and the Bills after them have to be licking their chops. White does certain things well, but teams that watch the videotape will find the adjustments to limit what he does. There's a reason why White has been a journeyman backup. I still think Zack Wilson will be back under center by the middle of December.
  2. I think this is the problem, or at least the public face of the problem. But if NFL Head Coaches benched every player who said something stupid and didn't take responsibility, there'd be roughly six players left in the League. Mike White is going to be a freaking disaster back there. Everybody focuses on the great day he had last season against the Bengals, and they like to ignore the other three games in which Mike White appeared and was every bit a catastrophe as you can imagine. There was his relief appearance at Foxboro after Wilson got hurt, when the Jets lost 54-13 and Mike White threw a couple of picks. There was the Thursday night after the Cincy game when the Jets got run over and White left the game injured. Then there was a game against Buffalo 10 days later when White threw four interceptions and got benched. Then there was a game in Miami after that when the Jets went to Joe Flacco. Add to that how the Cincinnati "masterpiece" wasn't really. He dinked and dunked all day because the Bengals refused to adjust; even so, White threw two early interceptions that let the Bengals run out to a lead, one they only coughed up when Joe Burrow threw a 4th quarter pick to gift-wrap what turned out to be the go-ahead TD. .... Mike White is more accurate than Zach Wilson, and that's an important thing given how often Wilson is off-target on relatively easy throws. (Though Denzel Mims being the one to point it out when Mims could land an endorsement from Butterfingers with all his drops is laughable.) And White is more mobile than Joe Flacco, who opposition teams would simply blitz to death with the Jets' offensive line -- or at least the right side of same -- being the mess that it is. But this is the same old Jets, doing all sorts of inane (excrement) to sabotage themselves. And they're headed towards being 6-7 when they face the Lions a week before Christmas.
  3. The Jets are shrieking "hold my beer!" on that one. Yes, it would be an insult to putrid offenses everywhere to call the Jets' offensive performance in Foxboro "putrid", but to throw all of the blame at Zach Wilson the way it seems to be happening, from the butterfingered WRs to the Head Coach now suggesting that Joe Flacco (LOL) or Mike White (double-LOL) are going to start on Sunday against the Bears? Yes, Wilson wasn't very good. His accuracy is an ongoing concern, although I'm willing to give him some benefit of the doubt because the winds were brutal. But neither was the offensive line, which was jumbled for the umpteenth time this season when their (most recent) starting Right Guard couldn't go on Sunday, thus having Zach Wilson running for his life most of the afternoon. Nor were the Wide Receivers; if Denzel Mims is going to bitch and moan about the offense, try setting a better tone for the day as opposed to dropping a perfect throw on the first play from scrimmage. Nor was the playcalling, because the Jets (once again) got too pass-happy and ignored the usually-successful part of their playbook when they run the football, both in ordinary fashion and with various gadget plays to get other guys involved. It was a team failing, but it appears that most of the parties have gotten together and decided to scapegoat one guy.
  4. I chose to ignore the competition this year even though I still follow this thread. I spent a couple of months replaying some old RPGs when the urge struck me, and I've spent a fair amount of the remainder playing non-RPGs. After two years of cramming RPGs, my backlog was a little lopsided away from those.... and honestly, I haven't enjoyed how this competition has distorted the way I play games at times (and which games I play). And given the way the rest of my year has gone (in Real Life), it's probably for the better that I've done things this way.
  5. You really only have three ways to amp your stats. If you haven't maxxed out what you can get from spending Rainbow Pearls, that can get you some. Then there's the equipment improvement system; you can make a point of finding the best materials that boost HP when added into your equipment and do that. There's also a passive skill that doubles your HP which can either be innate on equipment (or added by crafting) or come from a spell; if you can access that at this point in the game it's far better to put it on your equipment so it doesn't wear off at an inopportune time.
  6. I don't believe we can really judge the Vikings just yet. It's easy to pick on them because their schedule has sucked so far, but that's not their fault: they can only play the teams that the schedule-maker sets in front of them. We'll learn a lot about them in the next month because their next four games look daunting; perhaps at that time we'll have a better idea if they're actually a good team or if they're a mirage from a bad schedule and a terrible division.
  7. It's curious to me because he has no meaningful coaching experience that I know of. But he was a longtime Colt and teams can frequently buy themselves some goodwill by repatriating fan favorites. He's been very good, but that goes without saying for anybody who has been paying attention this season. But it has also helped tremendously that the Jets have ex-Seahawk D.J. Reed across from him; Reed has also been terrific this season. And is it too soon to ask if Jets-Seahawks on New Year's Day is perhaps the most unexpected late-season game that could mean a huge amount to both sides and the rest of the playoff picture? At least based on preseason expectations? I guess we'll find out in two weeks. The Jets have an extra week to prepare, but so does Bill Belichick. Which likely means "advantage Patriots".
  8. Nobody should be that surprised that the Jets got spanked yesterday, actual final score aside. They went back to doing all of the stupid shit that has been losing them games for a while now: Zach Wilson with craptacular decision making, e.g., the 2nd pick where he should have sailed the ball over the heads of the guys on the bench instead of merely trying to hit the white area? Yup. Zach Wilson with craptacular mechanics, constantly throwing off his back foot or in other ways where he doesn't step into a pass and follow through? Thus constantly being off-target with his throws? Yup. Zach Wilson focusing far too much on a small number of receivers and letting the others languish out there playing with themselves? (24 of 34 passes classified as close enough to a receiver to be a target going to three guys; no wonder Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore are complaining to reporters about being unused in this offense.) Yup. Terrible, imbalanced playcalling? 44 called pass plays (attempts + sacks + QB scrambles for positive yards) vs. 14 runs? I know losing Breece Hall was a big hit, but try and run the football even if it's just to set up some play-action. Completely unnecessary "roughing the passer" penalty on the defense, once again John Franklin-Myers? It only wiped out a defensive TD that would have made it 17-3, maybe would have gotten Mac Jones pulled from the game for good measure. And would have allowed the Jets to settle into a smashmouth second half the way they beat Denver and Green Bay and Miami. Zach Wilson isn't going to get benched for this. It wouldn't do a whole lot of good, because Joe Flacco is a statue who can accumulate stats but not win football games and Mike White is a scrub who turned back into a pumpkin after everybody figured out what he did to Cincinnati. Wilson needs to be better, but it's a team effort that lost them this game.
  9. That division sucks so much, I still think Tampa has to be the favorite to win it and host a playoff game. Even if it happens with them at 7-10. Despite Tom Brady being 850 years old and suffering from rigormortis, despite Tampa having one of the worst Head Coaches in the 21st century, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Though I can't say I blame him for wanting to get away from that shrieking harpy of a (soon to be ex) wife of his.
  10. My apologies for the necro, but I have a question. My intent is to use this suggestion to set up my galaxy to do this particular trophy. (And maybe Humble Pie as well, if I can get that one to work as well.) So I spent close to an hour this morning starting new game after new game with the paradigm above. I finally gave up for the time being because I can't get the Fallen Empire to spawn with a Colossus. I usually see an initial position where the FE has 2-3 fleets of ~95k power. Many of those positions also include a single Titan ship. But I've yet to see a Colossus spawn. Am I doing something wrong, or is it simply that rare a spawn? And thus requiring me to fight the RNG for lengthy periods of time hoping for that one lucky thing, the way I'll eventually have to for the Galaton, the Infinite Creation trophy, the Zroni precursor chain, et cetera?
  11. Eh, my complaints are as much about several decades of Jets' fandom as it is anything else. It's a coping mechanism, because the Jets don't abide prosperity very well and they've never done much of anything in my lifetime. Every time it looks like things are going well, the other shoe drops, so why should this season be any different? The Jets were great in 1982, but then came the strike wiping out half the season and the Dolphins deliberately leaving their field uncovered during a monsoon just prior to the AFC Championship Game to ensure the Jets couldn't run the ball. Or in 1986 when the Jets started 10-1 and the only game they won the rest of the way was the AFC Wild Card. (And then blowing a 10-point 4th quarter lead the next week because of a ticky-tack Roughing the Passer call.) Or in 1999 when they were set up to win the AFC after John Elway retired only for Vinny Testaverde to get knocked out for the season in the first quarter of the first game. Or the back-to-back AFC Championship Game appearances under Rex Ryan followed by the Butt Fumble. Putting themselves in a "win and you're in" game against a woeful Buffalo franchise during Todd Bowles' first season only to lay an egg against that same Rex Ryan. Et cetera. Just this season, the Jets have had four different players who were (at the time) starting at Right Tackle go onto Injured Reserve. We're barely one-third of the way through the NFL season. Even for an injury-prone sport, it almost seems like somebody has a very active voodoo doll working here.
  12. What this suggests to me is that coaching is a lot more about having the right personnel and a lot less about having X's and O's that you can dance to. That while there's some value in what a coach does, he's still largely a reflection of the personnel around him. .... And on another note? Yesterday demonstrated why Jets fans can't have nice things. They lost two more players for the season, including their 253rd Right Tackle. (No, just their 4th, although George Fant will probably be back after their bye week.) But I wonder how they'll get along without Breece Hall, because now the Jets probably need Zach Wilson to be more than a game manager but to try and affirmatively win some games. Which isn't going to be easy given the next three games read Belichick, Buffalo, at-Belichick.
  13. The number of event points necessary to secure that Orb of Power will probably be at a figure that will necessitate playing all your free sigils plus some level of spending on additional sigils. Meaning it's another sink for in-game currency. Also worth noting: If you don't spend your free sigils on a particular day, you don't get more the next day; according to the patch notes, at the daily reset, you will be filled to 3 sigils if you have fewer and won't receive more if you're sitting on 4+. So this will either require you to play the event every single day or to spend even more in-game currency to compensate.
  14. I think it's very possible that somebody will do so based on the "servers are closed; that trophy is impossible" justification. Your admitting now that the game is at 0% is going to be used as evidence in favor of the flag and how obtaining the (one) trophy in question should theoretically be impossible. Because the onus would then shift to you to demonstrate to the CRT's satisfaction that you started playing this game without earning any trophies prior to the server shutting down, and having done so without earning any other trophies. And just making the claim in these spaces that you hid the list because it was at 0% but that you really did start playing prior to server shutdown is likely to be a more difficult sell to that same CRT. Because unless you can provide some tangible evidence that you did start playing prior to the servers shutting down, there's a very real chance that the claims you made above will be dismissed as you flapping your gums and presenting a hypothesis without backing it up and anybody can do that. As you mentioned with the Army of Two dispute you cite, "it looks bad". And I suspect there's a very good chance your future Grand Kingdom dispute would go the same way for the same-ish reasons.
  15. The Packers definitely have issues. But the Jets are also (probably) better than a lot of people thought they would be, including me. Green Bay isn't elite, even if their record implies so the past couple of seasons. But a healthy Aaron Rodgers is probably enough to take them a long way in that division, even with an increasingly lackluster supporting cast. Watching today's game, I'm not convinced that he's 100%. And while NFL players continue to perform nicked up and while less than 100% all the time, a thumb injury probably is one of those things that can seriously impact his game.