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  1. We've seen a ton of mediocre 4th seeds beat some seemingly excellent 5th seeds in the current playoff format. Homefield means a lot. "Any given Sunday" accounts for a lot, too. I don't doubt that San Francisco/Seattle will be heavily favored to beat Dallas/Philadelphia, especially by the sports books who will set a spread to try and balance the wagering. But I also wouldn't be very quick to run out and put my hard-earned cash on that happening, even if I just bet the money line and don't have to monkey around with a point spread.
  2. Eli isn't mobile; heck, compared to most NFL QBs these days he's simply a sitting duck in the pocket because he doesn't have the speed or escapability that's expected in the position these days. So he takes a fair number of sacks, and he tends to throw balls up for grabs in the vicinity of his receivers. He's been like this for several years, no matter what the numbers say -- he's been pretty good in recent years at padding his stats late in games where his team is trailing (and often by a considerable margin). The Giants' problems go far beyond the quarterback position, but Eli Manning hasn't been this huge positive for quite some time. He's skated by for many years with that team and in this geogrpahic area based on his last name and those two Super Bowls, one of which he won when he (and the team) got hot at the right time, one of which was won largely by a great defense and pass rush and Manning being caretaker enough not to screw it up. And there are going to be a lot of semi-established guys on the market this summer, from guys who are genuinely free agents to guys who will get cut by their teams. There's going to be a large number of guys -- relatively speaking -- competing for not a huge number of jobs. Some of those jobs will be backup positions, some of those jobs might be "caretaker" guys for a team that drafts a guy that they don't want to throw to the wolves straightaway. And a lot of those teams are going to be awful. I just don't see a logical landing spot for Eli Manning. I'm not even sure the Giants bring him back next season even if he was content to be a backup and clipboard caddy and to be paid a salary commensurate with that.
  3. This is how I put it to my Giants' fans who are friends and co-workers: It's hardly surprising that now is the time the Giants are going back to Eli Manning. The team has been mathematically eliminated from one of the weakest divisions in the history of the current 32-team/8-division format and the calendar just turned to December. Ownership and management are getting shredded on talk radio, and there's talk of sweeping everything clean and starting over. Again. So of course they need some goodwill, and the way to get some of that goodwill back is to let Eli Manning start between now and the end of the season. Maybe Daniel Jones really has that injury they're talking about, and maybe it's fabricated bullshit to give everybody some cover. I figured that Eli Manning was likely to start the season finale because the Giants are at home Week 17. So that he could "go out on his own terms". They've just accelerated the schedule to distract from all their other issues. As for next season? I have my doubts that Eli Manning is going to play. Whether or not Dave Gettleman is still GM, I don't think the Giants are going to bring him back. There are plenty of other "veterans" who are going to be out on the market, most of whom are younger and better than Eli. And I suspect Eli Manning isn't going to go somewhere for a sinecure but would harbor delusions that he could be the "missing piece" for a team that would otherwise be a contender if they had viable QB play. Jacksonville might have been that place before this season and Nick Foles. Eli Manning is done. This is just the ending where he gets to ride off into the sunset instead of being pushed out of a slow-moving car along a desolate highway.
  4. Yeah, I think I agree with Matto_Isi here. The first priority ought to be winning your division and ensuring yourself a home game. The second priority is to win enough to get a bye and make it easier to advance deeper into the playoffs. Homefield advantage throughout is nice, especially for a team where homefield means something -- and if you're going to play teams for whom that also applies, such as the Saints -- but better to get the bye and go to New Orleans than to not get the bye at all.
  5. I hate to say "I told you so".... but I told you so. Predictable. What a crappy sports weekend for the teams I root for. This game, plus I dropped good coin to go to Devils-Rangers (NHL) yesterday and the Devils played worse yesterday than the Jets did today. And maybe the Jets can find a way to lose to the Dolphins again next weekend. Because why not?
  6. Once he moved on from Oakland, he was primarily a WR. In Cleveland, in Washington, in Buffalo, with the Jets.
  7. This is one of the big problems with the NFL schedule: Virtually every team playing on a Thursday night has played the Sunday before, with the exception of the Week 1 matchup and (these days) the matchup the week after Thanksgiving -- when they pluck two of the six teams that play on Thanksgiving and make them play the following Thursday. The players don't like it and haven't been shy about expressing such, and it's not good from the vantage point of player health and safety and getting better football. What the NFL ought to do is to have any team playing on a Thursday have a bye the weekend before, excepting the season-opening matchup. It means writing the schedule somewhat differently, including spreading out the byes and having a couple on Week 1, but I think it would make for better football and such, not to mention the ability to put some more compelling matchups on a Thursday night because now you could get rid of that ridiculous codicil in the scheduling rules that says teams cannot travel more than one time zone away for a Thursday night game. (Something that was put in after the Jets got Tebow'ed in Denver one year on a short week.) Heck, add another week to the schedule if necessary, make it 18 weeks with each team getting two bye weeks, and use the extra space to spread things out and all that. I know it's all about the money and that's why things are the way they are, but there are ways to finesse things to improve the rest of the product.
  8. Didn't a lot of people say exactly that some years back when St. Louis and Seattle met on Week 17's Sunday Night Football with the 4th seed on the line and both teams below .500? Only to watch the Saints get run over by Marshawn Lynch or something like that in the Wild Card Round? Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it, and find out it's not really what you wanted to begin with.
  9. Not me. I thought the Jets had a real chance to win based on several factors -- West Coast team playing 1 PM EST, "trap game" for Oakland with KC coming up next week, Jets playing better -- but that was an old-fashioned ass-whipping today. The Bengals host the Jets next week.... and I'm very concerned about that as a Jets fan. Because I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if the Jets started buying into their recent hype and crapped the bed against a bad team. If Cincy had pulled off an upset against Pittsburgh this week, I'd be a lot less worried. But the Bengals are due for a win at some point and I fear the Jets are the "lucky" victims in waiting. As for Saints-Panthers? My local CBS affiliate gave me the end of that game once Jets-Raiders went final. I still had the game on for background noise while I was folding laundry, so I didn't shut it off until the two-minute warning. Somehow, I wasn't surprised that New Orleans won the game. Though I suppose I was mildly surprised that Carolina didn't score there because you expect compentent (and even semi-competent) teams to get something out of that field position. Especially after the gift Pass Interference call against New Orleans on replay. Plenty of that in Jets-Raiders, too. The Jets had a TD taken away when they called Offensive Pass Interference on the post-score review. They got a gift TD on the next drive because a phantom Roughing the Passer call wiped out a sack that would have made it 3rd-and-goal from the 20. And John Gruden was throwing red flags in desperation by the third quarter. I like Clete Blakeman, but I shouldn't see and hear him so much during a game. I like Gene Steratore, but he shouldn't seem to have almost as much speaking time as Trent Green and Greg Gumbel. (Okay, that last one was a BIT of an exaggerations, but still....)
  10. Anybody see those Tampa uniforms today? I only had to watch them when Fox cut to them for "game breaks", but ye gods.... my eyes are STILL burning from those things. As for Jets/Skins? Heavens to Betsy but the Redskins are terrible. Good for the Jets that they beat the living daylights out of a bad team, because that's what you're supposed to do, but I feel sorry for Washington.
  11. I'm not surprised, but I don't get the point from the NFL's perspective. Unless this is part of the settlement agreement to Kaepernick's grievance, why even go here? Why stage a workout and publicize it like that when it's unlikely Kaep gets signed? The guy has been out of the sport for three years, he's probably poison in a number of NFL markets, and he wasn't really all that amazing near the tail end of his actual playing time. I just don't see how this ends well for the National Football League. Then again, they've done plenty of other things recently that fall under the same umbrella. And this is why you don't sacrifice seasons hoping for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes, the pot of gold gets taken away before you even reach the end of the rainbow. And sometimes, you get an over-hyped, mediocre quarterback out of the bargain.
  12. For a team that has stunk for the greater part of the past several years, the Cleveland Browns are incredibly unlikable. They weren't doing well in that area before last night, because guys like Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham rub tons of people the wrong way, but Myles Garrett took it to a whole different level. It seems to me that if you are a sports franchise and you want to make America hate you, you ought to give them on-the-field reasons. The best "heels" are the guys you despise but have to begrudingly respect for their prowess, such as the New England Patriots. Not so much these guys. Thank you for pulling the appropriate NHL reference -- I hadn't gotten that far in my wool-gathering just yet. (But no thank you for the Godwin's Law violation.) I also wonder this: Had last night's game been in Pittsburgh and not Cleveland, might Myles Garrett have spent the night in jail? With an enterprising District Attorney (or assistant DA) in cahoots with a local judge turning the legal gearwork to make it happen?
  13. People appeal dumber things all the time. Myles Garrett is going to appeal whatever suspension gets thrown at him, the NFLPA will have his back, and we'll probably hear from all sorts of people about how Garrett was provoked and his response was somewhat justifiable. Sorry, but no. What Myles Garrett did there could be classified as aggravated assault -- or worse -- by a prosecutor under the criminal code. And what are we, three years old? "He started it!" doesn't work very well in nursery school, let alone with (alleged) adults who (should) know better. .... Myles Garrett should be done for the season and probably longer than that. It's not the lengthy rap sheet that Vontaze Burfict sports, but it's a singular incident of such severity that it warrants a punishment of similar magnitude. And maybe some investigation from the Cleveland P.D.
  14. Yeah, it's a dumb thing for him to say even if it's technically true. Let's try being better than 2-7 (2-4 in Sam's case) before we start with the flights of fancy. Then again, if we pulverized an athlete or celebrity every time they looked into a camera/microphone and said something stupid, we'd be punching people from dawn 'til dusk and spending most of the night catching up anyhow.
  15. Dan Quinn in Atlanta is "dead man walking". It's not a matter of "if" he is going to get fired, but when. They're 1-7 now, and they have the Saints twice and the Panthers twice in the next 29 days because they play New Orleans in one of those ridiculous Thursday night matchups. They're going to lose at least 12 games, because they also have San Francisco on their remaining schedule. I think the case to fire Adam Gase gets stronger by the week. He hand-picked his General Manager this summer, so that's a tally mark on his side of the ledger, but his job is going to hinge on "fixing" Sam Darnold to a significant extent over the remainder of the season. If he does that, he probably gets another year. If he doesn't, I think talk radio and the fan base can pressure the idiot interim Owner into a knee-jerk firing. And it really doesn't help Gase that there's a logical "interim head coach" on the staff in Gregg Williams, who I think has done a pretty respectable job making chicken salad from the chicken feces he was given. From this external viewpoint, I actually think Freddie Kitchens is reasonably safe for this season so long as he doesn't get a locker room revolt. If only because Cleveland is already viewed as something between a joke and a catastrophe and changing Head Coaches (again) is only going to further the impression of instability. tl;dr? I think Quinn is a certainty, Gase is "more likely than not" but falls short of a guarantee, and Kitchens will survive.