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  1. People hack the silliest things all the time. People have been caught hacking the silliest and stupidest things all the time here. It may not make sense to a lot of people, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get done.
  2. MSZ is a breeze compared to the original Mugen Souls. Not just easier, but a hell of a lot quicker. Mind you, I understand the notion that you'd just as soon play other stuff for a while after finishing one grind, but you have done most of the work if both were to be your ultimate goal. If you chose to do that, could I reprise my role as "observer and Official Mocker of all those struggling to get through the platinum(s)" for that LP as well? 😎 Because I have the platinum for both parts of White Knight Chronicles -- ironically, I'd have gotten each platinum a few days earlier had storms not swept through my part of the United States and knocked out my power just prior to finishing up each grind -- and I even dragged a friend through a lot of the grunt work for the WKC1 plat on top of that.
  3. It won't rank me up, or get me anywhere near ranking me up, but I've finished my sixth Platinum in this series: Final Fantasy Type-0 Compelling story (if a bit lengthy in the vein of a Visual Novel at times), decent gameplay.... at least if the craptacular Real-Time Strategy parts are taken out. Sorry, but RTS isn't very high up on my list of "things I like to do" -- it's somewhere around "jury duty" and "going to the DMV to stand in line all morning" -- and having to do so many RTS parts was a downer for me. Probably also the last Final Fantasy I'll play for a good, long while. None of the re-masters I've yet to do (7/9/12) interest me, nor do XV or World of Final Fantasy. /shrugs
  4. Probably, but someone currently playing the game ought to double-check just to be safe.
  5. If your Peon Ball overloads, it frequently nukes your entire party. And there are a number of ways to ramp up the overload gauge that make this a real threat, two of the prominent ones being (1) party members dying or (2) turning on the mode that asks you to have your Peons perform specific tasks and then not following instructions. Fortunately, there are also ways to bring that percentage back down if you need to, the most prominent being Moe Charming enemy units (excepting charming everything at once to end a battle -- the battle ends before it calculates a reduction in the overload percentage). Along the lines of that latter, you should be able to bring the overload percentage all the way down to 0% if you frenzy one enemy and then Moe Charm the Big Crystal. At least, I recall it working that way.
  6. This reasoning sounds to me as if it tries to paint people in a complete black-or-white fashion with no room for grey areas. That someone is either completely honest and upstanding all of the time, or they're an unrepentant liar and sinner no matter what. People who are notorious in their actions may occasionally do something on the up-and-up. People who are relatively fastidious when it comes to being ethical may find it necessary at times to lie and/or cheat. Just because you've gotten 192 platinum trophies legitimate, it doesn't necessarily follow that you'll always get every single platinum trophy legitimate. You can do a bunch of difficult ones "the right way" and still cheat an easy one for whatever reason. And there are people who do.
  7. Regarding those endgame weapons, my thought is to say that they don't matter all that much. For Chou-Chou and Syrma (depending on which game/games you're playing), you probably want a weapon whose attack range you find suitable for controlling how much of the field you're trying to charm at once -- "too large" can be just as big a headache as "too small" if you're trying to focus your efforts on a particular enemy/crystal without sending everything else into Frenzy status -- but otherwise I'd be inclined to say that one should focus on survivability. Because other than for an explicit challenge/trophy or three, you're better off not even trying to kill stuff with raw attack damage after a point. You need your characters to have some level of survivability. You want your non-charmers to be able to do useful things such as push enemies where you want them to go, to revive the fallen, and otherwise to spread out and serve as a distraction for enemies so that Syrma and/or Chou-Chou can do their thing in (relative) peace. But the postgame of Mugen Souls isn't like the postgame of a lot of other RPG-type titles where the objective is to get the best equipment and massive stats and then to LOLstomp everything. Having the ultimate weapons is better than not having them, but it's not all that important in the bigger picture. In my opinion, anyhow.
  8. Because that's not quite the way the mechanic was designed. What really happens is that you are eligible for a reward after the successful completion of a quest. Any quest. Travel Quests work a little differently in this mechanic because you can successfully complete" one just by starting it and returning to base camp; this is quite possibly why 500 steps are required before a leader will give you something as a way to oblige you to actually put in some work on a quest. The Travel Quest method is the suggested way to go because of how it truncates the list of possible rewards in a fashion that makes Short Sights more likely to show up (even if "more likely" isn't remotely close to "likely"). Your idiot helpers should probably say something upon the conclusion of a quest. Asking them to do so after a specified number of steps might seem out-of-character given that you may very well have more stuff you need/want to do during a Travel Quest and probably wouldn't cut your excursion short just because someone is waiving a shiny bauble at you.
  9. You get random events every 40 steps (give or take a small number) if you're doing Travel Quests. Just count 13 "random events" and you've got 500+ even if the numerical bias is prone towards giving you events slightly more quickly than "every 40 steps".
  10. Each class has a handful of "patterns" insofar as the skills they learn. The game randomly picks one when you hire a new mercenary, and that's what determines which skills a particular character learns at particular levels. No single character learns all of the skills for his/her class. As such, there's no guarantee that the particular skill you're looking for is guaranteed to show up on a particular character of that glass. Ergo, why the Grimoire system exists and is meant to be used.
  11. Every new hire comes with a random Field Skill equipped. You can check which Field Skill a unit has prior to their hiring, and if none of them have the one(s) you're looking for, simply complete a mission of any sort and the available newbies will change. You can also teach Field Skills to other characters by using the appropriate Grimoire. Just be aware that doing so will overwrite their current Field Skill with the new one.
  12. No, nothing is explained in-game. You're required to see a number of scenes inside the Mugen Field to obtain the True Ending, many of which are only available in small(er) windows of time. This GameFAQs thread will cover what you need to know, i.e., where you need to go and when.
  13. What do you call all the re-makes and re-masters that have proliferated on the PS4 in recent years? 😎 .... Oh, wait. You probably meant the ability to play those games without having to fork over more money to Sony in the first place for a new copy. Nevermind....
  14. His first trophies for this game are in 2011. From a quick search on Google, the trophy patch came out in 2009. Just looking at his Trophy Log, he was earning trophies in other games a few weeks before he started earning them in NFS:U. Then there's 42 trophies popping pretty much at the same time when everything starts spawning in April 2011. I don't know the game and can't comment on the likelihood that his explanation is possible, but that's the sort of thing that looks suspicious.
  15. If all you want is the trophy, fight the offline Ur-Dragon for that. The online dragon is meant to be a "community" event, with an HP pool to match, and it isn't something you can solo. On the other hand, the offline dragon is pretty easy and most informed parties of decent strength stand a very good chance of taking that variant out in a single round without need to exit the Chamber of Lament and come back.