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  1. Sam Darnold looks a hell of a lot better when he has a quality supporting cast, eh? And when he has a Charmin-soft schedule to use it against. I like him, and I've said as much in numerous posts inside this thread. But I'm not convinced that Carolina is "for real" when they've played perhaps the two worst teams in the NFL and a Saints team that just might not be very good themselves.
  2. I thought Junior Hochuli and his crew did a very good job during the Jets game.... except for the really quick whistle on the second play from scrimmage when they ruled the Patriots receiver had ceased forward progress and thus nullified a clear turnover. I think the game turned right there, because the Jets would have had the ball in really good field position and instead we know how the game went. But the officiating was good, and Hochuli was very verbose in explaining the more complicated rulings. I know we condemn the officiating like all the damned time, but I feel we ought to give them credit where it's due. And it was pretty much due today -- Junior Hochuli and his crew can do my team's games any time they'd like. I thought the Jets actually played reasonably well, better than the score suggested. They were able to run the football pretty much all day, and their defense did about as well as you could ask from a unit that spent most of the first half on the field and kept getting put out in bad positions because the quarterback hasn't learned how to read an NFL defense just yet and simply forces things like he did last year in college against the likes of West Bumfuck State. But it's going to be a long season and the flurries of poor decisions and interceptions is why I didn't want to draft Zack Wilson in the first place. (And said as much in February and March and April of this year.) They don't dare play DeShaun Watson. They would get cremated in the court of public opinion if they did. Heck, if this were most of the other major sports, the Commissioner probably would have stepped in and suspended Watson "while the investigation is ongoing" already. Houston is waiting for one of two things. Either for a team to pay their ridiculous asking price for the guy, something that isn't happening. Or for Watson to get convicted of sexual battery (or to settle the accusations out of court) and for the NFL to drop the ban-hammer on him, thus permitting the Texans to void his guarantees, cut him, and go after his previous signing bonuses. There's zero chance that Houston will play him and put all that at risk.
  3. The Giants have spent a couple of years deluding themselves into thinking they're a capable team rather than one that needs to commit to a significant overhaul. Being in an atrocious division last season when they were 5-10 and still in a position to win a division title in Week 17 only exacerbated this. And this is the "soft" portion of their schedule, because it's heavily back-loaded with the better teams. I'm not a Giants fan. I actually oscillate between not giving much of a damn about them and actively rooting for them to fail. And regardless of which pole I'm at on any given day, I have to think this is a team heading for a GM firing sooner rather than later, which probably leads to a Head Coach firing and drafting a new QB next season and starting all over again.
  4. 8) Demon Gaze II 100 + 69 (trophies) - 21.04 (rarity) = 147.96 Bonus / call-out: 147.96 x 3 = 443.88 (thanks @Warpedsavior !) Quick, straightforward, (mostly) easy.
  5. I believe Archaelogical Sites have been added into in the base game code, which is why that one trophy is achievable. But the rest of the stuff tied to those trophies is part of the DLC itself, and that DLC pack has yet to release; that's why you don't see any achievers for the other stuff. You cannot find the two Precursor chains, you cannot find stuff from the story pack tied to another trophy in that batch, you cannot find relics (or dig sites) in the quantity required for Arcana and Artificer even playing on the largest galaxy possible on console. The console versions and DLCs have lagged behind their PC equivalents for quite some time. This is one area where this is particularly noticeable at this time.
  6. I believe that Ancient Relics has yet to release on console but is scheduled to do so later this year. The trophies are listed, but not everything in Expansion Pack Four has come to console just yet; just to PC. I don't believe that the five trophies still sitting at 0% are attainable without the DLC. As such, I wouldn't be shocked if anybody who has those trophies on PS4 attained them by less-than-legitimate reasons.
  7. 7) Hand of Fate 100 + 70 (base game trophies) - 2.21 = 167.79 Wild Cards DLC = 12 Winter Update DLC = 5 Grand Total: 167.79 + 12 + 5 = 184.79 Enjoyable, but difficult in parts -- one of the other sites rates this as an 8/10 difficulty platinum and it's one of the few times I've seen a rating that high for a game that I've played that I'm not inclined to argue with. (A lot of 8/10 platinums are simply grindy and time-consuming, IMO.) Fighting the RNG was hellacious at times. But the game was a clever concept and something that kept me (mostly) riveted even if I wanted to reach into the TV and strangle the narrator fifteen times per day. I see that @Psy-Tychist has also been playing this game in recent days, so I hope our noble event leader is also enjoying this title.
  8. I'll take the "under", thank you very much. I suspect we'll be talking about this after the first week of regular season games: either a game will be decided by a taunting call, or we'll have had a game where the follow-through was uneven enough that one side gained a clear advantage over the other. In the case of the latter, it'll be some "superstar" who wasn't called for it on one side while some scrub on the other was.
  9. I've finished the main game for Hand of Fate, but I still have about half the DLC trophies to go. So I won't tabulate my score for that title until that's done, likely in a couple of days. I can attack the remaining trophies at a sane pace because I'm not smashing into a time limit for bonus points (for once) -- it's an old game and I'm well beyond the time I'd have had to meet for a Speed Bonus. I'm not expecting the platinum rarity to move very much at this point; if it does, oh well.
  10. Even without considering the safety net of repeated NG+, nothing is missable. Some of the trophies are very grindy, moreso if you don't purchase the premium DLC (as I did not), but you can't put yourself in a position to miss a non-plot trophy through your (in)actions. For the endings, here's something to keep in mind: The game makes two levels of checks. There's one check when you complete the game that is made prior to the credits -- this check will award you the trophy for a specific ending if that's the one you reached and had yet to earn the trophy tied to it. There's a second check after the credits where the game checks to see if you have all of the endings, and the way the game does this is to go through your current saved-game files and see if you've got the icon that indicates beating an ending for each ending in question. (The game does not determine if you've beaten all the endings by checking the trophies for individual endings. Not to mention that there are only five endings trophies even though there are six endings.) The way to work the second checksum to minimize your extra work is to save after the credits run, even if you aren't going to NG+ off that game but are instead going to go back and use a branch point save for the purposes of farming endings. Not only save, but save each ending in a separate slot -- the game gives you 20, so you have plenty of extra -- so that when you hit the sixth and final ending you have separate "after the credits" saves for the other five and the game acknowledges you beating everything. There are plenty of concise, well-written guides about where and when to set your branch point saves to minimize your replay. So I don't believe there's a need to repeat it in this space.
  11. The platinum gets grindy. The game itself has something of a learning curve; it gets easier as you learn the systems and how to exploit them, at least until you hit the mid-to-late-game difficulty spikes. I enjoyed this game tremendously when it came out; I enjoyed this game a healthy amount when it was re-released on PS4.
  12. Good thing for the Panthers that they aren't playing a Rex Ryan coached team this season. Ryan would probably claim the guy on waivers and make him a captain for the Carolina game.
  13. I would argue on behalf of Okami being an action RPG as well; it certainly has most of the elements we typically associate with the label. It's probably closer than a couple of titles that do count for this competition based on the criteria from other sites calling it such.
  14. The platinum trophy for Mugen Souls Z isn't anywhere near as time-consuming as the platinum trophy for the original Mugen Souls. The story isn't quite "history repeats itself", but there are enough similarities that you'd feel like you had seen it before. It's largely the same game as the original, however.
  15. Every enemy being replaced by a Gnome is the intention. What wasn't the intention, and what has therefore already been changed is that the four Gnomes who drop verses are much more rare during an active Gnome-a-Palooza, because the first day of this current Vault weekend demonstrated it was possible to get enough verses during that time to set up ongoing/perpetual Gnome-a-Palooza and that wasn't the intent. Because perpetual GaP would distort the in-game economy in ways that the developers probably don't want it to. But the basic premise you suggest is correct: Running Gnome-a-Palooza on a Vault weekend -- this one or any future occasion -- is probably the best way to go about getting Epic Vault Keys. Because the drop rate for Vault Keys and Epic Vault Keys are a lot higher during a Vault weekend, something like 10x the normal. I just did my first GaP a short while ago and got 14 Vault Keys (but no Epics, alas) in 15 minutes, not counting the handful of "pity" Vault Key awards for slaughtering Gnomes. Which is pretty much the one resource I really "need" more than anything else a Gnome will drop.