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  1. I think my Triple Point Game will be Persona 5 Royal. That's still coming out later this year, right? šŸ˜Ž My double point games will be Omega Quintet and Darkest Dungeon, both of which are sitting in my physical backlog pile (12 games -- all RPGs) at the moment. What can I say, I'm apparantly a glutton for punishment. Quick question: How do bonus multipliers for games work when there are more than one of them that apply? For example, I've got Omega Quintet as a Double Point game that also qualifies for a Let's Play Bonus. So is it x2 for Double Point and x2 for Let's Play for x4, or does it reduce to +100% for Double Point and +100% for Let's Play for a total of 200% (or x3)? Just trying to figure out if there's a way to layer things enough to get some ginormous bonuses for a single title. Depending on how you want to do the math, there may be ways to make one game worth six or eight or ten.
  2. I want in this year. Please award me one of the Wonka Chocolate Golden TIckets spots in your event.
  3. 1 star/8 star is plausible, but highly unlikely -- I can think of a way to legitimately pop those two around the same time, though it's one that makes very little sense to anybody playing this game in a fashion that resembles "normal". When you combine it with the other batch of trophies that popped at the same time, that strongly suggests the usage of a downloaded save file given the pattern of what else popped right around that time. Which, alas, is something we've seen time and time again on this site.
  4. Joe Namath didn't deserve it, either. Two wrongs don't make a right. As for 18-1? I think there were a lot of other players who were impactful in that being a thing. Should we just induct the whole team into the Hall of Fame for that feat? Maybe everybody who was employed by the Giants that year, whether player or executive or coach or even something tangential like the guy who cleaned the bathrooms in their stadium? There's far too much mediocrity in the Hall of Fame already.
  5. He's the epitome of the Hall of Very Good. The Hall of "I lasted a really long time and accumulated statistics without ever being one of the best at my position at any given time during my playing days". The Hall of "Nobody would give a damn if my name were John Smith". The Hall of "I played a Glory Boy position, so everybody thinks more of me". Alas, he'll probably be a Hall of Famer in a few years and at the expense of more deserving players.
  6. If you've cross-saved, shouldn't you have earlier timestamps from other consoles that would look more legitimate than a list that effectively auto-pops in a minute and change?
  7. If I were a betting man, I'd be throwing money at the Over.
  8. Yes and no. He'd be a convenient guy to serve as an interim coach for the remainder of the season. But if Joe Judge fizzles quickly -- and the history of guys like Crennel, McDaniels, Mangini, Patricia, et cetera, et cetera makes me think he will -- chances are Giants' ownership is going to clean house entirely and that includes the GM. And there'd be outcry to find completely new voices from outside the organization to run everything, from GM on down.
  9. Green Bay over San Francisco. Kansas City over Tennessee. Home teams are roughly 56-60% in this round of the playoffs. So while I think the 49ers are the better team and more likely to win, I'll never pick both home teams in this round. I'm rooting for San Francisco. I think they've got a very good chance of winning. But I stick to my rules. Then again, look at my record thus far. And see how well that has worked out.
  10. Yeah, that "game bug" is called save file usage. It's not the only game where this "bug" has happened, either. Enjoy the additional flag reports I've submitted for other games where I'm certain you've used another save file.
  11. Regarding upgrades, upgrade all the way to S -- or at least the highest rank you can unlock -- and then enhance everything at once. There's a noticeable difference in the stats of an item that is enhanced all at once as opposed to it being done in small pieces, especially at higher ranks. Regarding moe kill, that depends on what you need. The heart line will give you the most shampuru, but the money line gives you all of an enemy's drops.
  12. Someone is going to draft him high. Maybe not Top Five high as he might have been prior to his injury, but somebody is going to figure that they're going to get a very good player at a "discount" because of said injury. And I figure one of two things will be the case for the team that does so -- and maybe even moves up from later in the 1st round to do it. It could be a team that intends to tank 2020 away, in which case spending a 1st round pick on a guy who isn't going to contribute won't be such a bad thing. Or it will be a team that has a pretty fair guy in place right now but is seeking their QB of the future. Heaven knows who might fall into that first category. But I could see a lot of teams that fall into the second category. I mentioned Detroit (Stafford).... but I could also throw New England (Brady), New Orleans (Brees), Pittsburgh (Roethlisberger), Green Bay (Rodgers), and Minnesota (Cousins) into that category if they wanted to make the long-term play now with the idea that Tagliavoa wouldn't have to rush into anything but could take all the time he needs to properly heal/rehab his injury and then to learn behind the starter. Probably the plan that Baltimore had for Lamar Jackson before Joe Flacco's suckiness caught up to everybody. The big problem with this idea is that it works against the stated purposes of having a Draft in the first place, for the worst teams to get first dibs at (who they perceive to be) the best talent. I understand that you'd prefer the best prospects to not get their teeth kicked in on bad teams, but inverting the top end of the draft like this is only going to perpetuate the cycle of misery for a number of teams while helping a bunch of clubs that are already pretty good. I commend you for the thorough outline of a new paradigm. And it would serve to keep teams from tanking. But I don't think it's fair to the really bad teams and I think it works against the notions of parity as they currently exist.
  13. I use my Gems on the Raidboss and Invasion events (Monday), plus the Bounty and new Delve cycles (Friday), and to purchase copies of pets that I need to get up to Level 20 for kingdom stars when I happen upon the appropriate events. I usually purchase the Bounty troop all the way up to Mythic -- that's the point where I get enough sigils to knock out all 20 prize gates -- but the Siegebreaker and Godslayer units usually only get to Legendary with what I end up buying. I use Glory to purchase the new units every Monday -- enough copies to ascend the new troop to Mythic. Until I reached a point where I had enough Arcane-level Traitstones to fully trait everything, I would spend a fair amount of excess glory on buying those as well. (It's a lot easier to farm those in the new Explore mode introduced in 4.7, though I've hit the saturation point even before that.) I make a point of buying 10 Event Keys from the appropriate package in the Glory store every week as it's a reliable way to gradually accumulate those (1800 glory per week). I've used huge amounts of Glory to purchase those chests when a new Mythic troop releases if I don't get it through the Gem Keys and Glory Keys I've saved up in between those cycles. If I can keep up with Mythic troops that way, it reduces what I'll eventually have to craft in the Soulforge.
  14. They probably figure that the presence of Matthew Stafford will allow them to slow-walk Tua's rehab for as long as it genuinely takes for him to fully recover. Mind you, that also probably means that Tua will be a gift for the next coach/GM and not the current regime. But you can't have everything....
  15. I believe that when a flag report is filed, so too is a copy of the timestamps as they exist at that time. That even if the player in question goes back and the trophies are "more spaced out", the cheater removal team has access to the timestamps as they were and can readily determine that there were ex post facto revisions.
  16. My condolences to all Giants fans. Your team is the latest to attempt to reverse their fortunes by hiring from the Belichick Tree of assistant coaches. And after the "success" of guys like Mangini, McDaniels, Patricia, et cetera, is that really a fruitful idea?
  17. I could see the Giants bringing in Marvin Lewis because of the Rooney Rule requirements, but I haven't really heard much chatter in the local area about him being a serious possibility.
  18. Teams fire coaches without a permanent replacement in place all the time. Especially in the off-season when you don't have an urgent need for the guy immediately. And Garrett technically wasn't fired. His contract was up the middle of next week -- January 14th if I recall correctly. They chose not to give him a fresh deal to remain the Head Coach.
  19. Well, here come next week's picks from the guy who thought the Saints would win in Green Bay and the Patriots would win in Kansas City. šŸ˜œ Baltimore over Tennessee. Houston over Kansas City. (Just a hunch.) Seattle over Green Bay. San Francisco over Minnesota.
  20. For everybody who had Saints-Patriots in the Super Bowl, I hope you didn't place any actual bets on that outcome. With real money, anyhow.
  21. Maybe if it were Cleveland. Because of all the teams searching for a Head Coach right now, they're the only ones who I think are desperate to be really playoff competitive "right now" who also would view Tom Brady as an upgrade over their current guy. And because Cleveland is a hot enough mess that they'd probably entertain the notion and to hell with the incumbent.
  22. And wasn't Jacksonville that team everybody crowned two years ago after they upset the big, bad Steelers in Pittsburgh and nearly beat the Patriots in Foxboro? History doesn't repeat itself, but it frequently rhymes.
  23. LimitedRunGames did a physical version a while back, although they no longer have copies.
  24. It's a "bare bones" sort of title. You'll get a strategy-RPG sort of game, but it's relatively short and easy and doesn't include any number of things you'd expect such a game to have.
  25. You work your way through progressively more difficult Mugen Fields as if you were peeling an onion. You don't go from 1 million to 1 billion in one shot, but you do hit each "price point" in between. As you encounter new enemies with new drops, you'll accumulate new recipes in the shop to craft ever-stronger equipment. Use all that money you're farming to upgrade said equipment all the way to max in one shot -- you get better results than if you do it in smaller chunks. You'll want to Moe Charm as many enemies as possible. Not just because it's easier than trying to whomp things whose statistics are probably going to rise more quickly than you can handle in an attempt to beat them in conventional fashion, but because it also helps with the Shampuru grind. To that end, it can be very helpful if you run Mugen Fields with both Syrma and Chou-Chou in your active party because that gives you two characters to pose with. (I didn't, but I seldom attack these games in a fashion that optimizes time spent.)