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  1. I have to give bad news: Tomorrow I am going to be going into intense dental surgery to replace my teeth. Yeah, sue me, I should have been spanked for drinking soda. Anyways, once my set of false teeth(which are temporaries until my actual false teeth are in) are in, I am restricted from doing a lot of things, including doing anything that requires me to think or get stressed for two weeks due to the huge horse pill of anesthesia they'll have to pump into my blood so I go comatose and don't feel any pain during their ripping out of my natural teeth and shoving four iron rods into my jaw after drilling holes in them. So... I am probably going to have to pack up my PS4 and give it to my parents and stick with the less stressful Pokemon series until I get my permanents in 2021. Which is probably for the best. I managed to eek out an EZPZ last night but I am basically burned out on trophy hunting right now. I'll probably shift my gaming focus away from trophies for the rest of the year and focus on Pokemon(Crown Tundra DLC will drop in a month minimum, even though no new trailers for Crown Tundra have shown up) and maybe my old MMO standby, Wizard101, since KingsIsle has added some new features which might make going through the story from Level 1 again more interesting as long as I spend money on booster packs carefully. Since I may retire from trophy hunting in the future, I can not with good conscience continue to monitor this thread, so I want to ask if @Kristycism and @gruffiiti, who have been helping me out with the database of participants, will take over the event and decide if or when they want to end it. I will probably drop out of these forums soon and not come back for a long time, if at all. If so, I might be under another moniker, but considering how people reacted last time I switched accounts, I'm sure that would be unwise. As such, I am also removing myself from the list of participants and the event. They are free to edit the categories if they want, I know a lot of people didn't like the Ultra Challenge for #GAMEWITHME. It's been nice reading your posts and I wish all of you luck in completing your list. Happy trails.
  2. So much for being exclusive to XBOX. Not even going to try. I heard horror stories and seen speedruns and I can't even get a drop of the skill those guys have.
  3. Ultra Hat Dimension, probably my last on this term. I am burning out, so I am going to do a new policy for future endeavors - only five games at a time and 90% of them will be EZPZ, only one game will be a meaty grind. That way I can focus on that one game and not worry too much about having 100 100-hour games to plat.
  4. Might not finish my list this year and will probably swap again - they announced the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI(Dragon Quest XI S) will be ported to the PS4 two days before my birthday, so I'm hoping to convince my parents to get it for my birthday. Kind of makes the original DQXI not so fun anymore.
  5. After completing Paper Mario and the Origami King and seeing all of the cafes, I think this is a very appropriate name and expect it to be composed of Snifits. Good luck on you all.
  6. You can't stop the clock but you can buy more time for coins. There are also accessories that give you extra starting time. On other news, I re-bought the game for my regular Switch so I could play this game in docked mode, making the motion controls much easier to handle and the bosses I fought so far were a lot easier to defeat when I could use the joy cons freely. And I am going to get 100% in each area before advancing if it is possible. I already got 100% in all of the Blue Streamer areas. (The Red Streamer areas include Toad Town and I can't 100% that until I beat the game and get a 'post-game.' Yes, this game has a post-game.
  7. Yes, the music is really awesome. Already at the final streamer and man, the bosses are no joke. Miyamoto thinks that Mario is for kids and yet his Mario games are ruthlessly unforgiving. Anyone who has tried to 100% Super Mario Sunshine can attest to that. The bosses require a huge amount of strategy to find their weak spots. I had to reset on two bosses because I couldn't figure out how to beat them fast enough and guides aren't coming yet so it was hit or miss. Still, I like it enough that I am going to repurchase it on my older Switch and play it in docked moed because I bought the game on my Switch Lite (which doesn't have docked mode) and motion controls on a portable handheld mode really stink like hot garlic. 😡 Hey, I know that Sticker Star is so bad it deserves to be buried in a landfill like ET the game, but I might play that too just to see if I can survive it and get 100%. At least my conditions for playing it will only be bad in I'll play it after all my teeth are pulled and replaced with false teeth so I'll be in pain for two weeks. Anything to get my mind off the pain.
  8. Anyone want to discuss Nintendo's newest game for the Switch? Just beat the first major boss and got to the next area. Got 100% Toads in most areas, but the Toad Bell and Radar aren't really helping me much.
  9. Most people would tell you to go with a non-attacking moveset like Toxic, Mean Look, Wish and Taunt because Umbreon has sucky attack stats and there are better dark types like Weavile. But if you want to attack with Umbreon, I agree that Payback is better because your speed is so bad you'll get hit most of the time.
  10. I had high hopes that I could expand my list past T, but unfortunately the game I got "U" for, Ultra Hat Dimension, won't sync to my account so I can't added it to the tracker. I got an error when trying to sync it up. I read that the error I got means that the game's trophies are on the servers yet, which is completely stupid. PSN, if you are going to release a game for your players, make sure you have the trophy list on your dang servers first! 😡 And yes, I earned all the trophies for that game but cannot add them to my trophy cabinet because the servers don't have the trophies yet. Also saw a new game called Zero Strain added to the site but, of course, the list came out two days before the game does so I can't buy it. *sigh* I might just give up.
  11. I just earned my most recent platinum, Ultra Hat Dimension. Unfortunately, you probably haven't heard of it because the game isn't out yet. For some reason I bought and played through it, but the PS4 won't sync my trophies because it gave me an error I found out means "This game's trophies aren't available on our servers yet, please wait until we get off our lazy butts and add this game to our collection." I was very very miffed. 😡 Word to the wise: If the game's trophy list isn't on PSNProfiles yet, DO NOT PLAY IT.
  12. Glad to see people knocking out their lists! Great job, guys! I'll try to get something done this month now that I finally got all of the Pokemon stuff completed for the Crown Tundra this fall. I need something to distract me from dental surgery... EDIT: Nevermind, Paper Mario and the Origami King just got onto my Switch so now I'm going to play that 24/7. The humor is hilarious.
  13. It's gonna be a long time before I get back into trophy hunting - I'm busy re-playing Pokemon Black 2 to migrate my Pokemon over to Sword and Shield and that game is the mascot for grinding. Also doing a little side project. So I might not get into the remaining games for a while, probably not until I get my dental surgery on August 6. My congratulations on everyone sticking with it and getting those platinums.
  14. Well, if it's similar to a Quantum Dream game, I guess you could count it. I never play those games, the characters are too realistic for me and Erica is supposed to be a horror-type story? Ugh, no thank you! (I admit it, I am scared of horror games. )
  15. So, GameFly was supposed to send me for my next rental Arcade Spirits, another visual novel with multiple romance endings... but somehow that got lost in the mail so they sent the next game on my Q, Okami HD. The reason I wanted to try this game was because famous Let's Player Chuggaaconroy, who I am a big fan of, did a Let's Play of the Nintendo Wii version of the original Okami so I thought I'd just try this out. The pic is my recent most trophy, just got finished with Hana Valley. I was scared the game would confuse me, but surprisingly I've had only a little struggle with the Celestial Brush(accidentally summoned the sun instead of using Bloom) so I guess that the only hard part will be finding all of those animals to feed, lolz. Highly recommend it, it's a neat game. Which means I will probably not be doing any game on my event list for a long time.