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  1. Actually decided to swap a game. I am never going to get Ni no Kuni 2 at this rate, so I left that game for the summer and am instead going with the Vita version of Tim Schafer's old classic. For the record, Tim Schafer has an Animal Crossing character. That's him on the right, with the bucktooth and green hair.
  2. So forgot to add this update but finally got the K title completed. KH3 wasn't as bad as I had thought but I did struggle with the bistro recipes, especially the tarte des truites or whatever they call it. I hate the Flantastic Seven and hope they burn into smelly slag. 😠 Still, the game was fun, especially with the EZ codes enabled. HP and MP Regen are so busted - I never had to die and (except for Cure magic and Links, which suck you into MP Charge immediately), I never ran out of magic. Fun times. Also got the Oathkeeper but it was too weak for too late. Not going to bother getting the Proof of Time Pasts or do the DLC trophies. I'm done. Also fixed the list so that obsolete text was removed. B will probably be next as I intend to get back into DQB2 soon. Still no idea on what to fill in for Symbol, I or Z.
  3. That is how it usually goes with big names like your friendly neighbor Spider-Man. There is no escaping the fandom and if Kingdom Hearts was able to get 10 games due to fan raving, think how many games the Web-Slinger will get since he's even more popular than Sora!
  4. Yeah, I know that. I know Persona 5 Royal has less trophies so it's not as difficult to platinum and you can even do it without having to go to a New Game+. I just need some more time. Also, I have a lot of games to get through and the next Shantae came is going to be coming out on PSN soon and I want to try it out. However, I know my lessons well and will wait for the trophy list. I expect I have to do another 100% speedrun, as that was the norm for Shantae games. If the other trophies are a pain in the keister, I'll look to it for the Switch instead. 😕
  5. "Annoying but shaggable?" Never thought I'd hear a term like THAT in my lifetime. (And yes, I know what shagging is, I read a riff on a bad Harry Potter slashfic with Ron slashing with Uncle Vernon to undo a deadly curse put on Harry that would have killed him two months otherwise.) I agree that some games don't deserve their rarity. Take Kingdom Hearts III, it's a popular game but it only has 21.5% of the people who... *recalls cooking minigame* nevermind, I see why nobody wants to platinum Kingdom Hearts III, which I just did recently. Congrats on the plat, though. I too would rate Kingdom Hearts 3 with 10/10 on everything but minigames, which would get a 4/10. Bistro is not as bad as Ice Cream Beat, however. (Yes, I will have to start Birth by Sleep Final Mix someday.) Oh, and not everyone has played that game you platted. I am not even touching it, mainly because I am not very fond of superhero franchises... fortunately that doesn't extend to the LEGO games but I prefer the LEGO Batman games to the LEGO Marvel games, and I have to platinum LEGO Marvel Avengers(and watch all the cutscenes once because you can't skip them the first time) to get the story mode done.
  6. Just some quick shouts before I go into my milestone: #111 - Buff Knight Advanced (finally got that grind done) #112 - Legend of the Skyfish (PS Vita) (controls are terrible, died six times on the final boss) #113 - Legend of the Skyfish (PS4) (better but going through the stages again on console was meh, deathless on the final boss #114 - The Secret Order: Shadow Breach (part of a bit Artifex Mundi series involving supernatural mysteries, wish they would port the other titles) #115: Kingdom Hearts III I betcha this is a great spot to find some trophies! So I finally got my first Kingdom Hearts title. Yes, it's the new one and is the easiest one to platinum, even more so now that the re:MIND DLC has some cheat codes in it to make grinding quicker. (Just don't expect to struggle against bosses if you decide to use Deadly Blow on them all. ) The Master Chef trophy was the last one because I had to reload my save a lot as I kept failing the egg mini-game. It's so touch-sensitive and you end up dropping the egg a lot. Also, the last food you'll make in the bistro minigame requires you to have one of each Flantastic fruit, which requires you to do well in the Flantastic Flan minigames. I love Kingdom Hearts exploration, but oh boy help me, because if I have to hear that Arandelle background music for much longer....!!!!
  7. COOK: Kingdom Hearts 3 (U) (20 pts.) DANCE: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix (U) [0% unstarted] CRAFT: Dragon Quest Builders 2 (U) [1% - 1 / 31] HANGOUT: Dreams (U) [0% unstarted] READ: A Winter's Daydream (N) (10 pts.) GETREADY: Dragon Quest XI (U) [4% - 3 / 59] SOLVE: Pic-A-Pix Classic 2 (U) (20 pts.) LEARN: Trials of Mana (U) (20 pts.) WATCH: LEGO MARVEL's Avengers (PS4) (N) [0% unstarted] BOND: Modern Tales: Age of Invention (N) (10 pts.) WORKOUT: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (N) [0% unstarted] FIGHT: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (N) [4% - 3 / 41] TRAVEL: Reverie (PS4) (N) (10 pts.) GAME: Dark Cloud 2 (U) [0% unstarted] Oh my goodness, seriously? I knew that the rest of the games on this list would take more than two days to complete but this was nuts! I lost the last update so I ended up with the original list I posted when I started up the event, which meant I had to re-edit it. *sigh* First, congrats to @ObsiEez for platting P5R! I am a bit iffy about Persona 5. I did playing Persona 4 Golden but I need a lot of motivation to go into Persona 5's universe considering that I don't really like time management games. The reason Persona 4 Golden worked was because it had a dialogue fast-forward option. *shrug* Maybe in a year or so when everything else dries up. I'm glad you enjoyed the game though, Obsi. Also congrats to @maiathewinners for another game done! And now I've joined the ranks by getting the KH3 plat. I had a few struggles with the cooking(which is why it's in #COOK) and I wanted to feed Rem-- I mean, LITTLE CHEF to my cat after Sora kept flubbing the egg cracking. I had to reload my save a lot because I wasn't going to go back to those stupid Flans to get more grapes and bananas! 😡😫 But I got the final trophy, made that tart of fruits and deleted the game. I might upload my save to a USB if I decide to commit and get the DLC trophies, as I already earned three of the EZ merits(all battle challenges, that Sky Walker is going to be a pain!) but the rehash Data Org fights are going to be a nightmare for me as I prefer to button-mash through combat. Anyways, I am going to cook dinner(I'm two hours behind meals ) and then take a nap before I do Dragon Quest Builders 2 for my #120. KH3 is #115. (Actually, I need to do four more games before I can get to #120... *yawn*)
  8. Ouch! Sorry to hear your PS4 is busted! I hope you can get one running soon, I know it sucks not being able to game. Also, to maiathewinners, congrats on the plat!
  9. I turn 48 this year. I was born in December 1972, so yeah, I did watch a lot of the early cartoons. I was watching Nickelodeon back when it was a poor company and every weekday had Pinwheel, a twelve-hour skit fest with muppet-puppets and mini-cartoons for kids. They forgot that kids wouldn't be watching Pinwheel because they would be at school during the hours it aired. It was also where I enjoyed Reading Rainbow.
  10. Oh thanks! I am glad you set your own personal deadline. I don't want people to be burned out on an event. With people going back to work commutes (now that more info on The Virus is trickling in and precursors are taken to ensure people don't get sick - we'll probably be wearing masks outside of the house for many many months ) I know a few people will go back to their casual free gaming time of two hours or so a day so you do you. Thanks for the thanks. I tried to make sure this event was fun but doable. Also, if you are unsure of your score or standing, Kristycism's table should have all of your information so you can calculate it yourself. Uh huh, preach it! I had my doubts about playing Kingdom Hearts III with the DLC's EZ Codes, but they made the trophies go by. For the record, after walloping several early bosses with Deadly Blow, I took it off for the final battles and it was more exciting and suitable. The thought of [spoiler final boss] going down in one hit is silly. Thanks to those EZ codes, I managed to go from 0% to 91% trophy completion in KH3 in 20 hours. I just have to grind Sora to max level which will probably be done as I gather the materials for those last synthesis recipes, and gather a lot of bananas to make dessert for Little Chef because I failed the banana souffle six times. I want to know - should I just enable the Chef code and cheese those two recipes? I don't know if that would disable the Master Chef trophy as I heard that if you cook a dish you haven't learned with the code on, it automatically teaches it and you get the Excellent for it. I want to try to get the last two desserts legit but if I fail the egg game again I am going to just nope out of that. The egg minigame is the worst. Bytheby, did you know that Sora's voice in all three games was Haley Joel Osment, who surprisingly was the little kid in "The Sixth Sense", a movie I saw years ago in theaters. It was about a kid who could see ghosts of the dead. How that little kid who acted like a scared six year old played Sora was amazing and his voice changed the character in the games.
  11. I remember watching He-Man and She-Ra when I was younger, and yeah, after one of those episodes, I saw that She-Ra has a mature plot style. I remember when She-Ra was introduced at the end of a season of He-Man, where he ended up on Etheria and found his long-lost sister serving Skeletor's old master. Man, those were the days of old cartoons. I have a friend who is writing webcomics based off of Saturday Morning cartoons. He has one called Rebusquest where the hero has to collect pieces for rebuses every episode and solve the rebus to solve the episode's problem. One 'episode' had him and his sidekick(who was both allergic to peanuts and lactose intolerant but drinks peanut-butter milkshakes.
  12. There's no deadline. I knew that having a deadline would pressure people and I know some of you don't have as much free time as I do, so I didn't set an end date. You can stop participating whenever you feel like you've done enough or you are done if you complete all of the categories. I'm sorry your scheduling is working against you, you were one of the more active forum members. Good luck!
  13. Good work on your trophies, Cassy! I did some mucking around in Reddit and the KH3 Reddit says that the only EZ code that disables trophies is Gummi Ship Meister, which voids the requirements for Salvager. The Cooking Master voids the requirements for the Master Chef and Gourmand trophies, but someone said in Reddit that the trophies popped for them with the code on. Still, won't use that code because I feel like it's cheating. In fact, I won't use most of the codes like Deadly Blow and Everlink as they might make the game way too easy. After I get my next platinum, I will start playing KH3. (Just bought the Re:MIND DLC. Not going to earn any of the DLC trophies, learned the hard way from Shantae that DLC trophies can be annoying, and if the Costume Pack was any indication, the Limit Cut bosses are going to be worse. Yes, I button mash battles so I really have a hard time with battles forcing you to dodge a lot.)
  14. May I join? I've gotten my list already locked and loaded: Dragon Quest Builders (9%) Ni no Kuni Remastered (0%) LEGO MARVEL's Avengers (PS4) (0%) Evoland (8%) A Hat In Time (16%)
  15. Good work! I just finshed the platinum for Shantae: Half Genie Hero and managed to get the final trophy for a 100% speedrun, which was nervewracking. I like watching people do speedruns(big fan of Games Done Quick) but not so much doing them. Oh well, they said Shantae and the 7 Sirens is coming out the 28th. Keep up the hard work! You can do this!