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  1. Hey guys, I have new info about this. I cant confirm whether it works all the time or just worked for me. I couldnt get the trophy 'Together till the end' with 3 players, but 2 players worked well for me, you just have to keep shooting your friend's body while on the ground. Also, I experienced some crashes while playing on PS5. My friends and I tried to play crossplatform but PS5 versions crashed. Then, we all tried to play on PS4 and we completed Bozak without problems. Once we have completed Bozak, we tried to play again PS5 and PS4 (PS4 was the host) for 'Together till the end' and it worked. Good luck guys!
  2. Hey guys, I just want to know if someone has this problem too. I've been playing with some friends to get the trophy and the game keeps crashing. I'm playing on PS5.
  3. Hey, quick question. Currently Im on 96% on PS4. If I decide to go for the 100% on PS5, could I get the 100% in PS4 too just by logging in?
  4. If I had understood correctly, with the Deluxe Upgrade (15€) you will have access to the base game and the DLC (Fire and Darkness, which cost 9.99€ at the moment), right?. It seems like a pretty good deal if you want to get the 100% just like me.
  5. How can I play as Batgirl on those challenges? I dont have any option, just Azrael, Harley, Nightwing, Robin and Catwoman. Update: nevermind. I restart the game and it appears.
  6. The mode is now live for PC version. Probably we will have it on PS in the next days. Stay tunned!! Public Co-Op in FUT Friendlies tweet
  7. I can confirm that this method still works (12th October 2021). Thanks for the help @Inuty @motoboy76 and @DragonflySoldier!!
  8. R2 or L2? I've trying it with L2+O in Squad Battles but dont know if it is bugged there. I will try later on Rivals
  9. Hey guys, Do you guys know how can I score a Bicycle Kick to unlock VIP trophies (last stadium upgrade). I've tried many different ones but none of them counts.
  10. Hey! Can we play a co-op match in FIFA22 so I can get "Club Icon" trophy? Im looking for the platinum too, this trophy is quite a grind, I've already around 50 matches, but if you can help me with a single match that would be fantastic!



  11. Hey guys, I've been reading that there are two separated trophy list for the game. I would like to know if this version (Shadow of Mordor PS Hits) has the same trophy list as the GOTY, or if it is the one who came with the initial game. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply! I will put D2 aside for now. As you said... fingers crossed.
  13. Damn it! Horror's least is the last weapon I need for the badge and I was trying to get it all these days. About the bones I have now 9/16, the ones remaining are those from 3 ascendant and 4 from Throne. Apparently, I won't have problems with the seal as I have the Gambit one almost finished, but the badge is gonna be quite a problem. The ones that I have more progress in, are unobtainable because the weapons are attached to Shadowkeep dlc, xur, or cant be obtained as horror's least. Thanks for you post, I really appreciate that!
  14. Hey cjl, Thanks for your answer. Which triumph is bugged in the Cursebreaker seal? Also, I almost have the badges from Exotics: Red War, but there are a few weapons that I cannot buy from the Exotic Kiosk. For completing this, the only option I have is to hope that Xur bring them back right? The dark age arsenal triumph within Gambit seal, which weapons should I use? Because gambit ones are not dropping. I tried with night watch, bottom dollar and bad omens, as I read that those works for it.